Invitation: Smart Urban Energy – Discover Otaniemi! 10.6.2021


To whom?
– Urban Energy Ecosystem actors
– To accelerate Urban Energy Ecosystems Services uptake
– Strengthen collaboration within and with Otaniemi innovation ecosystem

Join the event to discuss this hot topic together with industry experts, researchers, entrepreneurs and policy makers. In the event you will also hear some of the latest findings from novel Smart Energy research. The event is free of charge.

Register here:

Smart Urban Energy  Discover Otaniemi!
10.6.2021 at 14:00 – 17:00 (EEST)
Zoom & Howspace



  • Pasi Laitala, Director of Sustainable development at City of Espoo
  • Janne Laine, Vice President, Innovation, at Aalto University
  • Erja Turunen, Executive Vice President, Smart industry and energy systems at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
  • Jari Jokinen, CEO, Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK


  • CO2 emission reductions with sector coupling of electricity and district heat, Matti Lehtonen, Professor, Power Systems and High Voltage Engineering at Aalto University
  • Aalto Center for Autonomous Systems and Aalto Autonomous Car, Ville Kyrki, Associate Professor, Intelligent Mobile Machines, Aalto University
  • Practical tools to solve the last mile challenge of decarbonisation, Antti Arasto, Vice President, Industrial energy and hydrogen at VTT


  • Helena Sarén, Head of Smart Energy at Business Finland and Chairperson at Nordic Energy Research
  • Ecosystems: from Value Creation to Value Capture, Sari Kola, Entrepreneur and co-author of Ecosystem Handbook,


  • Aalto Works Bloc: low-carbon heating and cooling system, Antti Säynäjoki, Development Manager, Aalto University Campus & Real Estate
  • How to build sustainable and resilient energy networks, Simo Säynevirta, Vice President, Digital Lead, ABB
  • LuxTurrim5G ecosystem for Smart Urban Energy, Juha Salmelin, Ecosystem Leader at Nokia
  • Sustainable Energy Positive & Zero Carbon Communities (SPARCS): Elina Wanne, Development manager, Sustainability, City of Espoo


  • City of Espoo • Tampereen kaupungin kasvupalvelut • Oulu Startup Incubator Oy • EnergyVaasa • Lappeenranta Greenreality


  • Smart Otaniemi 2.0, hosted by Sanna Öörni, Co-Creation Manager at VTT and Tatu Koljonen, Executive in Residence at Aalto University
  • Sustainable City of Espoo – Building ecosystems together, hosted by Mari Päätalo, Development Manager, Sustainability, City of Espoo
  • Aalto EIT Services, hosted by EIT experts and project managers Zoltan Javor and Petri Allekotte
  • Aalto Startup Center’s Ecosystem, Marika Paakkala, Head of Aalto Startup Center 
  • TEK – Community of  Professionals, hosted by Jussi-Pekka Teini, Engineering Sustainability at Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK


  • Introduction by Samuel Cross, Manager for Energy, Aalto Networking Platform
  •  Clean Heat Otaniemi challenge
    • Books like it Hot! Tony Salomaa, M.Sc. student, Aalto University
    • SolarVenue – Heat in the moment, Doctoral student Tero Koivunen, M.Sc. Irina Safonova, and M.Sc. student Abhishek Dahiya, Aalto University
  • Helsinki Energy Challenge – Beyond Fossils, Tomi J. Lindroos, Senior scientist, VTT



FACILITATORS: Sami Kazi, VTT and Elina Wanne, City of Espoo

With this event, free of charge, we want to get you access to new knowledge, practical experiences, contacts and collaboration opportunities. Not to forget new creative insights it may trigger!

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Event page on Facebook:

The event is jointly organized by City of Espoo, 6Aika: Ecosystems of Growth-project, Business Espoo, Enter Espoo, Aalto University, Aalto Networking Platform, Aalto Startup Center, Aalto EIT Services, Aalto Design Factory, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Smart Otaniemi, Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK, Urban Mill Innovation Platform and CRESCENDO@CC project. Producer: Urban Mill Innovation Platform, Otaniemi, Betonimiehenkuja 3E, 02150 Espoo, Finland.

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Do you have an innovative idea within Sustainable nutrition – apply to Greenhouse idea accelerator program!

Announcement from our partner network

We are looking for ideas in a wide range within Sustainable nutrition:

Do you have fresh insight on sustainable nutrition to complement our expertise? An excellent idea for a new plant-based product? An unexplored solution for using manufacturing process side streams adding value to healthier products? Maybe a business model to change consumer behavior towards more sustainable way? Or maybe a breakthrough insight for oat or wholegrain? Or…

Apply now to Lantmännen Greenhouse idea accelerator program – application time is until March 31st!

Want to hear more and meet our Greenhouse crew? Join the digital info session in Teams:

  • 4.3.2021 at 9-10 CET or
  • 10.3.2021 at 11-12 CET

Send e-mail to to join the info!

The theme of this year’s Greenhouse program is Sustainable nutrition. How can we challenge the way we produce and eat food to resolve two of the world’s most urgent problems: climate change and increasing health issues?

The Greenhouse is Lantmännen’s accelerator focused on innovations within food and agriculture – from field to fork. We support up-and-coming entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs and help them turn their ideas into profitable and sustainable long-term businesses. The program consist of six digital workshops and project team work in May-June. All the Greenhouse workshops in 2021 will be digital, so you will be able join from anywhere in the world. The program culminates in Dragons’ Den with Lantmännen top management in September.

The program has been organized since 2014 with the total of 79 projects, and this year’s program being already the 11th. Participating in the program is free of charge. As an entrepreneur, you will keep all intellectual property rights to your ideas when you join The Greenhouse. In the program we are using Microsoft Teams as the collaboration platform, complemented with other digital tools. Recommended project team is 2-4 persons.

Learn more and apply In Lantmännen Greenhouse website:

Important dates and facts:

  • 31.3.: application period closes
  • 16.4.: project selection
  • May-June: six digital workshop days and project team work
  • 24.8. and 31.8.: preparing for Dragons’ Den
  • Beginning of September: Dragons’ Den with Lantmännen top management

The team behind the Greenhouse

Lantmännen’s Greenhouse is run by Nina Tuomikangas and Jakob Söderström. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or thoughts regarding the Greenhouse!

Nina Tuomikangas, Project Manager Innovation, Lantmännen R&D, +46 10 556 10 56,

Jakob Söderström, Innovation Manager, Lantmännen R&D, + 46 10 556 10 59,

Get furniture and useful supplies from Urban Mill’s Otaniemi recycling days!

When: 15.12.2020 12:00-18:00 and 16.12.2020 12:00-18:00
Where: Urban Mill Innovation Platform, Betonimiehenkuja 3 E, 02150 Espoo (Otaniemi)
Organizers: Urban Mill and Otaniemi Recycling Center

After nearly eight great years in our current location at the campus, Urban Mill is relocating to new location(s) within Otaniemi to serve you even better in the digitalizing world. We have since the summer been developing a new hybrid service concept serving the whole Otaniemi RDI ecosystem.

As we are moving from our current facilities at the end of the year, we have a lot of furniture, kitchenware, office supplies, books, equipment, various materials, decorations, etc. which we would like to recycle within the Otaniemi community: students, residents, startups, employees and other friends of our creative community.

Urban Mill’s Otaniemi recycling days will be held on Tue 15th and Wed 16th, December 2020. Our doors are open from 12.00 to 18.00 on both of the days.

You have now a great opportunity to find recycled furniture etc. for your home and office before Christmas. You can take the items you need for free or for a small price (only cash accepted).

NOTE! Although we have large facilities, we can take only a limited number of people inside at the same time due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Remember to keep masks and distances!


Urban Mill and Otaniemi Recycling Center

Get to know the Aalto Sustainable Business Club!

We recently organized our first event at Urban Mill this year – Get to know SBC – to expand the idea of Sustainable Businesses to more students. If you missed the event, here’s a short summary about what we do:

The Sustainable Business Club (SBC) is a vibrant community of students enthusiastic about sustainability. We were relaunched in the beginning of 2019 and currently have about 300 members. We organize various events, such as company excursions, panel discussions and movie nights. Our aim is to connect students with like-minded people as well as interesting organizations. We encourage multidisciplinarity, welcoming students from all fields with a passion for sustainability. Our aim is to make SBC more accessible, lead by example, and make sustainability more fun.

The Get to know SBC event was a success, with people attending from various backgrounds. We spoke about the club, ideated about weird sustainable startups, brainstormed on new designs for the club, learnt about energy, and had a fun time getting to know each other with good vegan food.

As our location partner, Urban Mill – with its focus on innovation – is a perfect collaborator. With the speed at which the world is progressing, in both good and bad ways, we need to be able to innovate and realign our paths quicker than ever before. SBC is built from a need to innovate, and Urban Mill is building an ecosystem of innovators. We’re looking forward to strengthening our collaboration and creating greater value for everyone involved.

Get to know us better here:

And on social media:,

Text and photo: Aayush Kucheria & Co., SBC

Creative Otaniemi Talks – Watch the Urban Mill Espoo Day 28.8.2020 recordings

The recordings can be watched on YouTube:

1. Creative Otaniemi Talks on Espoo Day 2020 PART ONE – sustainability, creativity and co-creation

  • Opening, Kari Mikkelä, Executive Producer, Urban Mill Innovation Platform
  • Co-creative Communities and Ecosystems in Sustainable Espoo, Markku Markkula, Chair of the Board at City of Espoo
  • Aalto University Campus – Creative and Sustainable Landscapes, Aapo Pihkala, Project Manager, Campus Development, Aalto University
  • The Art of Co-creation, Matti Hämäläinen, Aalto alumni, Forum Virium Helsinki

2. Creative Otaniemi Talks on Espoo Day 2020 PART TWO: Opening session of EDU virtual Hackathon

  • Opening and Welcome
  • European Design Upgrade Intro
  • Country Perspectives
  • Design hack + objectives intro
  • Practicalities

Insinöörien ilmastopioneerit kutsuvat dialogiin korkeakoulutuksen kestävyyssisältöjen kehittämiseksi

Kutsu edelleenvälitettynä:

”Insinöörien ilmastorintamalla on ilo kutsua teidät dialogiin tekniikan alan korkeakoulutuksen kestävyyssisältöjen kehittämiseksi. Tämä viesti lienee kiinnostavin tekniikan alan parissa työskenteleville mutta toivottavasti herättää ajatuksia myös muiden alojen asiantuntijoille.

Insinöörien ilmastorintama on alkuvuodesta perustettu uusi ilmastoliike tekniikan alan korkeakoulutetuille. Haluamme auttaa alan ammattilaisia kanavoimaan omaa ammatillista osaamistaan ilmaston ja muiden ympäristöasioiden hyväksi. Teemme palveluita insinööreiltä insinööreille. Ensimmäinen tuotoksemme paneutuu tekniikan alan korkeakoulutukseen, jossa näemme kestävyysnäkökulmasta paljon kehittämistarpeita. Tarvitsemme systemaattisia muutoksia tekniikan alan korkeakoulutuksen ajatusmalleihin. Me voimme puhua vain oman alamme puolesta mutta toivomme esimerkkimme kannustavan muitakin aloja samanlaiseen aktivismiin (ja tilanne on muuten vähintään hälyttävä kun insinöörit turvautuvat aktivismiin).

Julkaisimme tänään klo 12 koulutuspoliittisen manifestimme. Avaamme manifestin kautta julkista keskustelua ja luomme korkeakoulujen johdolle julkista painetta tekniikan alan kestävyyssisältöjen kehittämiseksi. Valta ja sen myötä vastuu toimenpiteistä on lopulta korkeakoulujen johdolla, mutta emme aio jättää korkeakouluja näiden vaatimusten kanssa yksin. Manifestimme on kutsu jatkuvaan vuoropuheluun systeemisen muutoksen käynnistämisestä aina läpivientiin ja prosessin päätökseen saakka.

Insinöörien ilmastorintaman aktiiveista löytyy paljon osaamista paitsi kestävyysteemoista, myös korkeakoulupolitiikasta. Tunnemme korkeakoulujen kokemat yhteiskunnalliset ristipaineet ja olemme empaattisia korkeakoulujen alati tiukentuvia vaatimuksia ja tiukkenevia resursseja kohtaan. Korkeakoulujen kestävyysreformi on kuitenkin väistämätön, kiireellinen ja sidosryhmien laajasti toivoma kehityssuunta. Pyrimme tapaamaan kaikkia tekniikan alaa opettavien korkeakoulujen johtajia ja toivomme löytävämme yhteistyössä kullekin korkeakoululle sopivia keinoja vaatimustemme edistämiseen tiukoista resursseista ja muista kiireistä huolimatta.

Kuten manifestin lopusta huomaatte, olemme saaneet kirjelmän tueksi varsin vaikutusvaltaisia organisaatioita ja henkilöitä. Emme siis ole huolemme kanssa yksin. Toivomme että myös te jaatte huolemme ja lähdette kanssamme tekemään kauan odotettua kestävyysvallankumousta tekniikan alan korkeakouluopintoihin. Alan opettajakunnan allekirjoituksia lisäämme listan jatkoksi mieluusti.

Vaikka pääsääntöisesti edistämme asiaa keskusteluilla korkeakoulujen johdon kanssa, niin teemme mieluusti yhteistyötä myös yksittäisten, aktiivisten alan opettajien kanssa. Meihin sopii olla yhteydessä matalalla kynnyksellä jos kiinnostus herää.


Insinöörien ilmastorintama

Best Wishes,

Jussi-Pekka Teini
Engineering Sustainability @teinij
+358 40 7059755″

Hacking at Otaniemi Innovation Alley on Espoo Day 29.8.2020

Experience moments in virtual EDU Hackathon Studio at Urban Mill

Espoo-päivän tapahtuma
Lauantai 29.8.2020 klo 13-15
Urban Mill, Betonimiehenkuja 3 E, 02150 Espoo

Koe kansainvälisen European Design Upgrade (EDU) -hankkeen virtuaalisen Hackathon for Creatives and Startups -tapahtuman inspiroiva ilmapiiri Urban Milliin Hackathonstudiossa. Pääset mm. seuraamaan isoilta näytöiltä miten designerit, suunnittelijat, taiteilijat ja yrittäjät laativat uusia konsepteja ja ideoita rajat ylittävissä kansainvälisissä tiimeissä. Tutustu samalla Urban Millin luovuutta ja innovaatioita ruokkiviin tiloihin ja palveluihin!

Hackathon-studio sijaitsee Urban Millin Cave-tilassa

The event is produced by Urban Mill Innovation Platform in collaboration with European Design Upgrade (EDU) programme co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

#espoopaiva #EDU #edupgrade #creativeeurope #urbanmill #kfund #creativebrussels #espoo #kiev #brussels #sdg #EU

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Creative Otaniemi Talks – Join Espoo Day Online Event 28.8.2020

Creative Otaniemi Talks
Friday 28.8.2020 12:00 – 14:00 EEST
Virtual Espoo day event in Zoom
Zoom Waiting room opens at 11:45
If Meeting ID is asked, type: 813 8247 3540
Inspirational talks about creativity & sustainability in Otaniemi, in the very heart of Espoo Innovation Garden. Join and find out what already happens and what will happen in the future!

Virtual presentations in Zoom by the City Espoo, Aalto University and creative designers followed by the opening session of the Hackathon for creatives and startups from Espoo, Kiev and Brussel.



  • Opening, Kari Mikkelä, Executive Producer, Urban Mill Innovation Platform
  • Co-creative Communities and Ecosystems in Sustainable Espoo, Markku Markkula, Chair of the Board at City of Espoo
  • Aalto University Campus – Creative and Sustainable Landscapes, Aapo Pihkala, Project Manager, Campus Development, Aalto University
  • The Art of Co-creation, Matti Hämäläinen, Aalto alumni


The event continues in EDU Zoom
-> go to:
Meeting ID: 942 6145 5031
Passcode: 053339

  • Opening and Welcome
  • European Design Upgrade Intro
  • Country Perspectives
  • Design hack + objectives intro
  • Practicalities


Additional information

Link to the event:

The event is produced by Urban Mill Innovation Platform in collaboration with the City of Espoo, Aalto University and European Design Upgrade (EDU) programme co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Photo: Unto Rautio

#espoopaiva #EDU #edupgrade #creativeeurope #urbanmill #kfund #creativebrussels #espoo #kiev #brussels #sdg #EU #aaltouniversity

From Espoo Innovation Garden: Finnish company launches a new solution to prolong the lifecycle of clothes

Lagoom startup team announces:

“The fashion industry is responsible for a significant amount of waste and exhausting resources. The fast-fashion phenomenon not only creates environmental damage and fair trade issues, but also a culture of overbuying and throw-away.

Right now we are working on a start-up – Lagoom App, a collaboration between Tavarapilvi Oy and gaIoTa Oy. We are a multidisciplinary team of people from different cultural backgrounds and professional expertise but we all share a commitment to sustainability. Our core team consists of Aalto University’s students who are passionate about innovation.

As a part of sustainable fashion solution we empower consumers to be more responsible and contribute more to a sustainable lifestyle, we created Lagoom App. is a completely new way of recycling clothes securely. The solution enables an easy and clever way of creating one’s own community, making managing, buying and selling clothes straightforward. ”Lagoom is the Tinder of second-hand clothes,” says founder Jaakko Isohanni.

To create impact, we ask for your support to spread the word to anyone who you think might be interested in our app. This will be a tremendous support to our project. We truly appreciate your support and are looking forward to hearing from you!

Please visit our website for further information or contact me via if you have any questions.

Best wishes,

Linh Nguyen
On behalf of the Lagoom Team”

Read Lagoom’s PRESS RELEASE:
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Business, culture and fun in Summer Celebration with Otaniemi startups, creatives and sustainability professionals on June 11

The first ever virtual Summer Celebration with Otaniemi startups, creatives and sustainability professionals was a refreshing dive into Espoo innovation ecosystem scene.

The event was arranged on June 11 in Zoom and broadcasted from Urban Mill, in the heart of Espoo Innovation Garden at Aalto University campus. It attracted 170 participants to learn and discuss about collaboration in the Otaniemi innovation ecosystem. The recording can be watched on Youtube:

The celebration began with a musical performance by Retuperän WBK, the legendary Fire Brigade Band of technology students from Aalto University.

This was followed by breakout sessions and discussions by the leaders of the City of Espoo, Aalto University, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK. These are the key institutional players shaping the success of Espoo Innovation Garden, already the biggest Innovation hub in the Northern Europe.

In 2018 the City of Espoo was nominated the most intelligent city in the world. Mayor Jukka Mäkelä emphasized that the point is not to be the most intelligent city but to be the most intelligent community.

“That means that we have to do it together with our citizens, but also it is very important for to the city of Espoo to collaborate with Aalto University, research centers like VTT and with the companies. Collaboration is the key word” he continued.

Keynote speakers were Jyri Engeström, Partner & Co-Founder at Yes VC and Patrick Shulist, Assistant Professor of Sustainability in Business in Aalto University.

Watch Jyri Engeströms presentation from here (pdf).

The celebration ended with artistic performances by aerial artist Ilona Jäntti and RWBK student orchestra.

The whole event was streamed on Start North’s Youtube channel for everybody to experience. You can watch the recording of the event from here:

Watch, listen and enjoy the artistic performances recorded in the event:

Virtual networking platform Deal Room was offered 11.-12.6.2020 for all participants to make virtual 1-1 meetings with other participants before and after the celebrations in Zoom. Over 200 persons registered to this platform, which was also the place where to register to the celebrations and for startups and innovation enablers to set up their virtual booths.

The event was organized by Urban Mill, the City of Espoo, Business Espoo, 6Aika Ecosystems of Growth project, EDU programme, Aalto Startup Center, VTT and Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK in collaboration with Start North, Innovation House Finland, Crazy Town and Otaniemi startup communities.

See the whole programme              See program flyer