Aalto University Sustainability report 2021 has been published

”Science, technology and arts play an important role in solving global sustainability problems. Aalto University’s strength is its strong multidisciplinary approach to humanity’s greatest challenges, such as environmental crises. Aalto’s new sustainability report highlights some of the key sustainability actions taken by Aalto University in 2021.

Aalto’s most substantial sustainability impact arises from multidisciplinary research, teaching, and sustainable development solutions that apply research results in practice.

‘The time window for solving the biggest environmental crises that humanity is facing is getting narrower. Aalto and other universities play a key role in solving these crises. We must join forces more efficiently than before across school, university and organisational boundaries’, says Jussi Impiö, Head of Sustainability Solutions at Aalto University.

Aalto’s sustainability report 2021 summarises the key sustainable development actions taken at Aalto in the areas of research, teaching and societal impact, and on campus.

A sustainable society is not the outcome of scientific discoveries and technological innovations alone. We also need stability and a well-functioning economy.

Science and arts help us understand the complex world around us and challenge our ways of thinking. Together, they create new knowledge and perspectives which we need more than ever to solve complex global challenges.

‘Innovations must be understandable and acceptable to people. Arts and design help us achieve this’, Impiö says.”

DOWNLOAD THE REPORT: www.aalto.fi/sites/g/files/flghsv161/files/2022-04/Vastuullisuusraportti%202021%20VALMIS.pdf

Why the Bioeconomy Needs Synthetic Biology – Synbio Powerhouse Ecosystem Annual Event 29.9.2021

From our partner network:

Synbio Powerhouse Ecosystem Annual Event:
Why the Bioeconomy needs Synthetic Biology
29.9.2021 at 13:00 – 16:30 (EET)

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Welcome to Synbio Powerhouse annual event 29.9.2021!

This year the Synbio Powerhouse annual seminar will explore the symbiosis of synthetic biology and the circular bioeconomy. Microbes are uniquely capable to utilise bio waste as feedstock. With the tools of synthetic biology we are able to engineer the microbes to efficiently convert the waste into useful products such as biomaterials, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Biotechnology can help us achieve a truly sustainable use of biomass derived from agriculture, forest or food industry. What could be done, what is needed and how should we move forward? Join us to discuss this hot topic together with industry experts, researchers and policy makers. In our event you will also hear some of the latest finding from novel synbio research.

What is possible, what is needed and how should we move forward – join us for a discussion with industry experts, researchers and policy makers. In this event you will also hear some of the latest findings from novel synbio research.

Preliminary program:
– Waste as feedstock
– Biosynthetic production
– Novel Synbio Research

This seminar is part of the official program of the European Biotech week 28.9-1.10.2021.

Welcome to Science Meets Practice – Seminar @ Urban Mill 12.10. 14:30-17:00

Are you interested in building bridges between science and practice?

Join this free seminar offering a forum for doctoral students, researchers and professors as well as for practitioners and other actors interested to develop collaboration between academic research and business.

The seminar is arranged by research groups from Aalto University’s School of Business, School of Engineering and School of Science in collaboration with Siili Solutions Oyj.


  • 14:30 COFFEE BREAK
  • 15:00 Siili Solutions Oyj presents showcase projects as well as methods and technologies used in them, illustrating what practitioners do in practice
    • Researchers developing software and organization in and for real business environment
    • Advanced analytics in business settings
    • Digitalization leading to significant business benefits
    • Big Data analytics and visualization in cloud environment
  • 15:40 Aalto University research groups present showcase research cases including applied techniques and infrastructures, illustrating what researchers do in practice
    • Aalto Information Management Research
    • Aalto Industrial Internet Campus
  • Free discussions with researchers and practitioners.

Download the whole agenda:agenda-science-meets-practice-otaniemi-12-10

For more information, contact Sami Laine: Doctoral Student, Department of Computer Science, Aalto University; Tribal Lead of CRM & MDM, Siili Solutions Oyj; Mobile: +358407607134; Email: sami.k.laine@aalto.fi, sami.laine@siili.com