Saturday 13, a Teekkari Graduation Party in Mexican Way

It is a strange feeling to know that finally the effort of years is paying-off and your studies are officially over; to me, this means no more exams, studying, or homework… ever. As good as feeling as this is, the feeling of melancholy is inevitable. I studied the larger part of my degree at Design Factory and Startup Sauna, therefore celebrating my graduation at the neighbor’s was suitable; While I never spent nearly as much time at Urban Mill as I did the others, they are all somehow an alternative family within Otaniemi.

The party started a few days earlier when we started planning the event; we were expecting close to 70 people, 30 of which would join a family/adult dinner of which around 15 would join 40 friends at a later dance party. In the end, this was quite accurate, and we peaked at around an estimated 65 guests. The dinner party included Mexican food mixed with side-dishes, salads, appetizers, and some bubbly-wine which was prepared beforehand and served to the guests after a small toast from a few brave ones. The dance party focused more on music, lights, and a good atmosphere.

Among the guests were close family members, distant relatives, Mexican relatives, friends from my degree, from other degrees, from other schools, and from random origins. This mixture worked amazingly as we saw people from different origins mingling with each other. The food was widely appreciated and the dancefloor had people dancing Latin music, oldies, and house. It is necessary to mention that this party would not have been as big a success as it was without the help of Aalto Takeout who gladly lent us a set of party lights and a massive set of stereo speakers and subwoofer which gave us that punch we needed.

We had the possibility to reorganize the space as we wanted but we chose to keep most things as they were. The way the Urban Mill is distributed allows us to have many different little spaces for people to sit at which somehow give the feeling of a lounge bar with a somewhat industrial touch to it. The dance floor was set on the stage, lights shining from the floors above, and a large cloakroom set at the entrance, perfectly replicating a dance club.

Text by Rodrigo Prieto Padilla, who was celebrating his graduation. Photos by Reino Laukkanen.

The use of the facilities at student-friendly price was offered by Urban Mill and TEK’s Uusimaa Regional Office, which jointly develop and pilot new types of community space services in the Otaniemi area.

Read below Rodrigo’s 6 points for foreign students and graduates to get a job in Finland: Lue loppuun

FIBS General Assembly at Urban Mill

©2019 Hefan Xiao

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program first arrived in Finland in 1990, when it was integrated into the educational systems of two Finnish high schools: SYK (Helsingin Suomalainen Yhteiskoulu) and Mattlidens Gymnasium. The Finnish International Baccalaureate Society (FIBS) was established in 1994 to cater to the needs of IB students all over Finland.

Currently, our organization consists of over 2000 members, all of whom study in one of Finland’s 18 IB schools. As IB students tend to be the minority in their respective schools, our aim is to provide a welcoming community and a platform to allow fellow IB students a supportive space to share their individual opinions and to easily receive answers to any inquiries they may bear concerning the IB Diploma Program and related matters.

©2019 Hefan Xiao

One of our duties is to arrange events and projects where IB students can encounter each other face-to-face despite the geographical obstructions at place. One of our popular annual events includes the Think Ahead Seminar, where we invite several IB alumni to tell about their experiences in the IB, the benefits that the program brought them and their current situations in their respective universities, such as: Harvard, Oxford and Aalto. Currently, one of our most important projects is striving for more widespread recognition of the International Baccalaureate Certificate in both Finnish Universities as well as Schools of Applied Sciences.


©2019 Hefan Xiao

Urban Mill provided us an outstanding venue for our most recent project: our annual spring General Assembly accompanied by our new board’s initiation. The venue was extremely spacious and managed to house our own board and our event attendees e.g. representatives from SLL (Suomen Lukiolaisten Liitto) and students from IB schools from Espoo, Helsinki, Tampere, Lahti and Tikkurila to name a few. In our annual General Assembly, we split our session into many parts. We start off by going through and possibly updating our bylaws. Then, as we assign different members to different groups, each group updates the board on their activity. We also leave plenty of time for our guests to give their greetings and we appreciate any comments that they may offer. Lastly, we have the initiation of our new board as it changes every year.

Aside from our student rights projects, our upcoming events include another possible get-together styled event for IB-students this spring as well as our renown IB-cruise, which is traditionally held in the autumn. All IB-students in Finland are warmly welcomed to our events, aside from the IB-cruise, which is reserved for IB1s and 2s only. We would like to invite anyone interested in our organisation or the International Baccalaureate programme to further explore our online presence through our fibs_ry Instagram account.

Written and edited by: Haohao Liu – Students Rights Representative and Matti Kaira – Chairman; Pictures by: Hefan Xiao – Event Manager

Welcome to Product Design Gala 2019 @ Aalto Design Factory & Urban Mill on May 17th!

It is perfect time to mark PdP Gala 2019 to your calendar!

PRODUCT DESIGN GALA | FRIDAY 17.5.19 9:00-17:00
Aalto Design Factory & Urban Mill
Betonimiehenkuja 5C & 3, Otaniemi, Espoo, Finland

For 22 years PdP has brought students of engineering, design, and business together to tackle industry problems and develop state of the art solutions to real’life challenges. At the Final Product Design Gala you’ll get to witness and experience these awesome products.

So come and fall in love with the results of our interdisciplinary Product Development Project teams in the Product Design Gala on 17.5.19 at Aalto Design Factory & Urban Mill!

The 12 student teams from Aalto University and our partner universities have been working hard for the last 9 months, to complete their design challenges given by industrial companies and other collaborating parties. In the public exhibition, you will have a chance to hear about the teams’ accomplishments and process, as well as to get familiar with the people themselves together with their amazing prototypes.

This year the teams are sponsored by the following companies: AALTO INDUSTRIES, FMC, HAAPANIEMEN TIETOTEKNIIKKA, KAVO KERR, KONE, OMNIA AI, NOSE ACADEMY, PEXRAY, RAPALA, SAAB, TRENOX, WÄRTSILÄ. In addition, the Aalto teams have been collaborating with students from the following universities: Yonsei University in South Korea, Pace University in New York, Jefferson University in Philadelphia, Porto Polytechnic in Portugal, Riga Technical University in Latvia, University of Tartu in Estonia, University of São Paulo in Brazil, Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Warsaw University of Technology in Poland and ISDI Parsons in Mumbai.


All you need is Love, Design, Business, and Engineering!

Learn to cook Spanish dishes like the Michelin stars chefs!

HoxTeamCompany from Mondragon Team Academy – LEINN (MTA) in collaboration with Basque Culinary Center (BCC), a world-leading academic institution, in the innovation and investigation of gastronomy and nutrition, created by Michelin-starred chefs, offers a live course and tasting in group of Spanish cuisine with all included.

You will learn how to cook yourself the local dishes, the history and secrets that hide such a rich gastronomical culture. Furthermore, you will taste the unique and traditional Spanish flavours. The lessons will be given live by video conference and supervised by Spanish specialists.

The course will be composed of three individual lessons:

  • 1st lesson 5th of February: Spanish paella
  • 2nd lesson 12th of February: Andalusian gazpacho and fried squid rings
  • 3rd lesson 19th of February: Rice with milk and Cod omelet

All the lessons will be from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

Get your tickets by clicking here!

The classes are arranged by HoxTeamCompany a young entrepeneur team from Spain collaborating with the world leading gastronomical university Basque Culinary Center.

The course is supported by Urban Mill and Sepon koulu (primary school)

30 Spanish students from Mondragon Team Academy (MTA) are forming on the degree of Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (LEINN). The students have their home base in Urban Mill in Espoo Innovation Garden during the weeks in Finland.

As part of their degree, they will be spending a month and a half in Finland, learning about the Finnish market and economy in order to create a bridge between both countries and have a social impact. As well as, in order to learn more about its educational methodology, innovation processes and entrepreneurship.

Pack-Age Gala @ Aalto Design Factory on Friday 14.12.

Invitation from Aalto University:  Welcome to see Aalto’s talented students from Pack-Age minor presenting their package concepts and prototypes for the public on Friday 14.12.2018 at 13.00-18.00 at Aalto Design Factory Stage, Betonimiehenkuja 5C, Espoo.

Keynote presentations about innovative use of materials:
– Creative Anna Glansén (SE) Tomorrow Machine
– Professor Pirjo Kääriäinen, Aalto CHEMARTS
– Doctoral Candidate of Arts, Taneli Luotoniemi, Aalto Math&Arts

Event is open and free for everybody.

Event page in Facebook:

Preliminary schedule
13.00 Dean opening words
13.15 Markus what is P-A
13.30 Fiskars
14.00 Aalto EE
14.30 Foodhub
15.00 Luke

quick coffee and salty snacking

15.30 Anna Glansen
16.00 Pirjo Kääriäinen
16.30 Taneli Luotoniemi
17.00 stands, mingling & interviews
18.00 official party over

Call open to Crystal Flowers in Halls of Mirrors: Mathematics meets Art and Architecture up to 15th Dec !

Dear all,

please note the forthcoming  Crystal Flowers course (MS-E1000, 10cr) at Aalto Math&Arts ( ) starting in Jan 2019 !

During the course student groups will build a prominent, mathematically themed art exhibition targeted to a wide audience in collaboration with EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art.

Through the art projects students deepen their understanding of various geometric and topological phenomena, and find new interpretations of them.

The contents of the course set up an ideal foundation for digital technologies such as CAD, 3D printing, game design and VR.

Please also note that motivation letters are expected by Dec 15th through MyCourses !

More info :



Kristallikukkia peilisaleissa –kurssi – MS-E1000 Crystal Flowers in Halls of Mirrors: Mathematics meets Art and Architecture – on avoin kaikille kandiopiskelijoista tohtorikoulutettaviin, matematiikan ja tekniikan aloista taiteisiin ja kemiasta liiketoimintaan. Kurssille otetaan korkeintaan 50 opiskelijaa motivaatiokirjeiden perusteella, ja haku on auki 15.12. saakka. Kurssi on 10 opintopisteen suuruinen, ja se järjestetään joka toinen vuosi.

Kurssi on ainutlaatuinen mahdollisuus käsillä tekemiseen ja näyttelyn rakentamiseen moniosaavissa ryhmissä – tieteitä unohtamatta.

Maanmittarikillalle uusi hallitus vaalikokouksessa Urban Millillä

Aalto-yliopiston Maanmittarikilta järjesti vuosittaisen vaalikokouksensa Urban Millin tiloissa 12.11.2018. Urban Mill on jo muutaman vuoden ajan toiminut killan perinteisenä vaalikokouspaikkana, joten jälleen kerran kiitos henkilökunnalle, että saimme tulla paikalle!

Paikalla oli runsaasti maanmittareita, parhaimmillaan 60 henkilöä! Innokkaita hakijoita oli paljon ja neljän tunnin kokouksen jälkeen Maanmittarikillalle oli saatu valittua hallitus ja toimihenkilöt vuodelle 2019.

Ensi vuonna killan puheenjohtajana toimii Veera Lehto ja hänen apunaan on 11 muuta hallituksen jäsentä: Laura Tuomainen, Henri Miettinen, Nelli Nokkonen, Pinja Pirinen, Eetu Kaskela, Ville Alasalmi, Eeti Ahola, Eero Leinonen, Tuomas Hukkanen, Lotta Kuisma sekä Katariina Kasvinen. Onnittelut vielä kaikille valituille!

Teksti ja kuva: Maanmittarikilta / Meri Ahokas

Tilat tapahtumaan tarjosivat Urban Mill ja TEKin Uudenmaan aluetoimisto, jotka yhdessä pilotoivat uudenlaisia yhteisötilapalveluja Otaniemen alueella.