Diskonttausta silliksen merkeissä Myllyllä – Tuotantotalouden Kilta Prodeko täytti 53 vuotta!

Prodekon vuosijuhlaa, Diskonttausta, juhlittiin 53:ttä kertaa lokakuisena viikonloppuna. Itse pääjuhlaa seuraavana päivänä olevaa silliaamiaista, ”sillistä”, vietettiin tänä vuonna Urban Millissä. Aamupäivällä ennen silliksen alkua fuksit, eli ensimmäisen vuoden opiskelijat, valmistelivat valtaisan määrän suolaisia ruokia, brownieita, smoothieta ja muita herkkuja. Lisäksi tilaan kannettiin kasapäin säkkituoleja ja pallomeri vieraiden rentoutumista varten. Tilan ulkopuolelle tuotiin saunalava paljuineen sekä yksi lisäpalju, joista nautittiin raikkaassa syysilmassa.


Juhlijoiden alkaessa saapua paikalle puolen päivän aikoihin oli ruoat ja löhöpaikat odottamassa. Päivän edetessä vieraat alkoivat yhä enemmän siirtyä ohjelmatarjontaan, johon kuului paljuilun lisäksi pöytäjalkapalloa ja kokonainen karaokehuone. Tilaa sai mukavasti jaettua siten, että eri aktiviteeteillemme löytyi omia tilojaan, mutta mikään ei tuntunut liian eristetyltä.

Suuret kiitokset Urban Millin henkilökunnalle!

Teksti ja kuvat: Henna Pirskanen & co., Tuotantotalouden Kilta Prodeko ry

ARTS student project: your unwanted pens needed (3 places to drop them off in Otaniemi) today on Friday 4.10.2019

Announcement by Aalto University ARTS student team:

Hello Everyone!

Do you have some pen(s) you are not using anymore? If yes, please donate to us!
We are a group of ARTS students working on a project related to ‘Emotional connection between human and objects’ in Critical Design Practice (CDP Course 2019) and WE NEED THOSE PENS YOU DON’T WANT ANYMORE.

We are setting up donation boxes around campus. Please feel free to drop by and donate your unwanted pen(s) 😀 Any kind of pens are welcome! (New, old, ballpoint pen, ink pen, broken pen, etc.)

You will find paper beside donation boxes, please write a brief goodbye message to your pen!

Donation boxes locations 

  1. Väre information desk
  2. Harald Herlin Learning Centre information desk
  3. Undergraduate Centre, Otakaari 1, information desk

Aalto student’s extraction experiment at Urban Mill – 70 kilograms of urban honey yielded!

Aalto Test Site is a student community started by the students at Aalto University. The aim of the community is to give a space for students to experiment with different projects. One of the projects that started this year is the beekeeping project, where students want to increase the presence of bees as pollinators in urban environments.

Urban Mill offered to be a part of the project by offering the use of their spaces for the students to the honey extraction. Since the beehives are in the Otaniemi campus, the Urban Mill was a great place for the students to do the honey extraction process. This also opened the opportunity for another student beekeeper to join the efforts to do the honey extraction at the same time.

The honey extraction workshop was opened to the community around it and it was joined by a total of 10 people. During the process, the participants learned how to uncap the capped honey frames, how to put the honey frames in the extractor and how to do the extracting. At the end of the day, the result of the workshop was 70 kilograms of honey extraction.

Read more about The Test Site: http://acs.aalto.fi/category/test-site/

Text: Art Maloku
Photos: Festa Isufi

Graffathon 2019 – Electronic art created during three day hackathon in Urban Mill

Intro audience

Graffathon is a weekend-long computer graphics hackathon, aiming to introduce graphics programming and demoscene culture in a beginner-friendly way. At Graffathon, the goal was to create a demo, i.e. a computer program that produces a non-interactive multimedia presentation.


Participants created demos in teams of one to four people. At the end of the event, the demos were shown on a big screen for everyone to enjoy. The event helped beginners to get started with some presentations and workshops, and organizers were available to help with coding.

Graffathon has been organized every summer since 2013, and this year was the second time it was held at Urban Mill. The venue suited the event very well, providing many spots for creative teamwork, and enough space for the demo show at the Stage. In total, there were 63 participants who created 28 demos – you can watch them on Youtube here!

Text by Marton Gunyho and photos by Konsta Hölttä.

Graffathon 2019 was arranged 7.-9.6.2019 by Digital Media Club of Aalto University DOT. It is an association targeted for students who are interested in computer graphics, demoscene, game development, programming and doing creative things with computers in general.

Most members of DOT are studying at Aalto, but some come from other schools in Helsinki area or have already graduated. For more information: http://dot.ayy.fi/in-english.html

Tapahtuman järjesti Digitaalisen median ammattiainekerho DOT ry: http://dot.ayy.fi/ 

Tilojen käytön opiskelijaystävälliseen hintaan tarjosivat Urban Mill ja TEKin Uudenmaan aluetoimisto, jotka yhdessä pilotoivat uudenlaisia yhteisötilapalveluja Otaniemen alueella.

Welcome to Product Design Gala @ Aalto Design Factory and Urban Mill on May 17th!

PRODUCT DESIGN GALA | FRIDAY 17.5.2019 9:00-17:00
Aalto Design Factory & Urban Mill
Betonimiehenkuja 5C & 3E, Otaniemi, Espoo, Finland


For 22 years PdP has brought students of engineering, design, and business together to tackle industry problems and develop state of the art solutions to real’life challenges. At the Final Product Design Gala you’ll get to witness and experience these awesome products.

So come and fall in love with the results of our interdisciplinary Product Development Project teams in the Product Design Gala on 17.5.19 at Aalto Design Factory & Urban Mill!

The 12 student teams from Aalto University and our partner universities have been working hard for the last 9 months, to complete their design challenges given by industrial companies and other collaborating parties. In the public exhibition, you will have a chance to hear about the teams’ accomplishments and process, as well as to get familiar with the people themselves together with their amazing prototypes.

This year the teams are sponsored by the following companies: AALTO INDUSTRIES, FMC, HAAPANIEMEN TIETOTEKNIIKKA, KAVO KERR, KONE, OMNIA AI, NOSE ACADEMY, PEXRAY, RAPALA, SAAB, TRENOX, WÄRTSILÄ. In addition, the Aalto teams have been collaborating with students from the following universities: Yonsei University in South Korea, Pace University in New York, Jefferson University in Philadelphia, Porto Polytechnic in Portugal, Riga Technical University in Latvia, University of Tartu in Estonia, University of São Paulo in Brazil, Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Warsaw University of Technology in Poland and ISDI Parsons in Mumbai.


All you need is Love, Design, Business, and Engineering!

You can find more information about the teams and their solutions also from PdP Gala 2019 Mobile Service: tag.urbanmill.org/tag/16974

Aalto Explorer Opens the Oceans for Everyone to Explore

Aalto Explorer team members Henri Joona, Andrés Prieto, Manuel Rosales and Oskari Heikkilä. Photo by Annamari Tolonen/Aalto University.

Aalto University has published a fascinating story about Aalto Explorer which continues its underwater adventure through crowdfunding. The aim is to send a remote controlled underwater vehicle to the Baltic Sea in the summer.

Photo: Manuel Rosales/Aalto Explorer

“The vision of Aalto Explorer’s international team of over ten members is to develop a remote controlled and unmanned underwater vehicle, whose underwater journey can be monitored by people all around the world through a network application.“

The team operating in Urban Mill consists of the Aalto Industries company, students from the Aalto University Product Development Project (PdP) course, and other Aalto University students and alumni. The project has received a small amount of initial funding from a private investor, but the development team works mainly on a voluntary basis.

“The majority of the world’s seas have not been explored. Our goal is to allow people to see the beauty of the seas, learn new things and even find lost treasures. At the same time, we would like to draw attention to the state of the seas, says Aalto University master’s student Loi Tran, who is responsible for the project’s business concept.”

“Aalto Explorer originated in 2017 on the Aalto University Product Development Project (PdP) course as a student project, which was sponsored by the company Aalto Industries. A team of students from Aalto University and the Indian School of Design & Innovation built an underwater rover and its interface prototype.”

“The miracle of Otaniemi, inventor Oskari Heikkilä from Aalto Industries describes. I cannot think of another place where you could find a team of over ten experts to work on a voluntary basis aside their studies and jobs in order to create something entirely unprecedented. These people have a lot of courage.”

“The project’s continuation is planned to be financed by a crowdfunding campaign to be launched this summer. The objective is to raise one million euros. Aalto Explorer aims to embark on its journey in the Baltic Sea this year.”

Read the whole story on Aalto University’s web page:

In English: https://www.aalto.fi/news/aalto-explorer-wants-to-make-everyone-an-ocean-explorer

In Finnish: https://www.aalto.fi/fi/uutiset/aalto-explorer-haluaa-tehda-jokaisesta-merten-tutkimusmatkailijan

Saturday 13, a Teekkari Graduation Party in Mexican Way

It is a strange feeling to know that finally the effort of years is paying-off and your studies are officially over; to me, this means no more exams, studying, or homework… ever. As good as feeling as this is, the feeling of melancholy is inevitable. I studied the larger part of my degree at Design Factory and Startup Sauna, therefore celebrating my graduation at the neighbor’s was suitable; While I never spent nearly as much time at Urban Mill as I did the others, they are all somehow an alternative family within Otaniemi.

The party started a few days earlier when we started planning the event; we were expecting close to 70 people, 30 of which would join a family/adult dinner of which around 15 would join 40 friends at a later dance party. In the end, this was quite accurate, and we peaked at around an estimated 65 guests. The dinner party included Mexican food mixed with side-dishes, salads, appetizers, and some bubbly-wine which was prepared beforehand and served to the guests after a small toast from a few brave ones. The dance party focused more on music, lights, and a good atmosphere.

Among the guests were close family members, distant relatives, Mexican relatives, friends from my degree, from other degrees, from other schools, and from random origins. This mixture worked amazingly as we saw people from different origins mingling with each other. The food was widely appreciated and the dancefloor had people dancing Latin music, oldies, and house. It is necessary to mention that this party would not have been as big a success as it was without the help of Aalto Takeout who gladly lent us a set of party lights and a massive set of stereo speakers and subwoofer which gave us that punch we needed.

We had the possibility to reorganize the space as we wanted but we chose to keep most things as they were. The way the Urban Mill is distributed allows us to have many different little spaces for people to sit at which somehow give the feeling of a lounge bar with a somewhat industrial touch to it. The dance floor was set on the stage, lights shining from the floors above, and a large cloakroom set at the entrance, perfectly replicating a dance club.

Text by Rodrigo Prieto Padilla, who was celebrating his graduation. Photos by Reino Laukkanen.

The use of the facilities at student-friendly price was offered by Urban Mill and TEK’s Uusimaa Regional Office, which jointly develop and pilot new types of community space services in the Otaniemi area.

Read below Rodrigo’s 6 points for foreign students and graduates to get a job in Finland: Lue loppuun