Invitation: Smart Urban Energy – Discover Otaniemi! 10.6.2021

To whom?
– Urban Energy Ecosystem actors
– To accelerate Urban Energy Ecosystems Services uptake
– Strengthen collaboration within and with Otaniemi innovation ecosystem

Join the event to discuss this hot topic together with industry experts, researchers, entrepreneurs and policy makers. In the event you will also hear some of the latest findings from novel Smart Energy research. The event is free of charge.

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Smart Urban Energy  Discover Otaniemi!
10.6.2021 at 14:00 – 17:00 (EEST)
Zoom & Howspace



  • Pasi Laitala, Director of Sustainable development at City of Espoo
  • Janne Laine, Vice President, Innovation, at Aalto University
  • Erja Turunen, Executive Vice President, Smart industry and energy systems at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
  • Jari Jokinen, CEO, Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK


  • CO2 emission reductions with sector coupling of electricity and district heat, Matti Lehtonen, Professor, Power Systems and High Voltage Engineering at Aalto University
  • Aalto Center for Autonomous Systems and Aalto Autonomous Car, Ville Kyrki, Associate Professor, Intelligent Mobile Machines, Aalto University
  • Practical tools to solve the last mile challenge of decarbonisation, Antti Arasto, Vice President, Industrial energy and hydrogen at VTT


  • Helena Sarén, Head of Smart Energy at Business Finland and Chairperson at Nordic Energy Research
  • Ecosystems: from Value Creation to Value Capture, Sari Kola, Entrepreneur and co-author of Ecosystem Handbook,


  • Aalto Works Bloc: low-carbon heating and cooling system, Antti Säynäjoki, Development Manager, Aalto University Campus & Real Estate
  • How to build sustainable and resilient energy networks, Simo Säynevirta, Vice President, Digital Lead, ABB
  • LuxTurrim5G ecosystem for Smart Urban Energy, Juha Salmelin, Ecosystem Leader at Nokia
  • Sustainable Energy Positive & Zero Carbon Communities (SPARCS): Elina Wanne, Development manager, Sustainability, City of Espoo


  • City of Espoo • Tampereen kaupungin kasvupalvelut • Oulu Startup Incubator Oy • EnergyVaasa • Lappeenranta Greenreality


  • Smart Otaniemi 2.0, hosted by Sanna Öörni, Co-Creation Manager at VTT and Tatu Koljonen, Executive in Residence at Aalto University
  • Sustainable City of Espoo – Building ecosystems together, hosted by Mari Päätalo, Development Manager, Sustainability, City of Espoo
  • Aalto EIT Services, hosted by EIT experts and project managers Zoltan Javor and Petri Allekotte
  • Aalto Startup Center’s Ecosystem, Marika Paakkala, Head of Aalto Startup Center 
  • TEK – Community of  Professionals, hosted by Jussi-Pekka Teini, Engineering Sustainability at Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK


  • Introduction by Samuel Cross, Manager for Energy, Aalto Networking Platform
  •  Clean Heat Otaniemi challenge
    • Books like it Hot! Tony Salomaa, M.Sc. student, Aalto University
    • SolarVenue – Heat in the moment, Doctoral student Tero Koivunen, M.Sc. Irina Safonova, and M.Sc. student Abhishek Dahiya, Aalto University
  • Helsinki Energy Challenge – Beyond Fossils, Tomi J. Lindroos, Senior scientist, VTT



FACILITATORS: Sami Kazi, VTT and Elina Wanne, City of Espoo

With this event, free of charge, we want to get you access to new knowledge, practical experiences, contacts and collaboration opportunities. Not to forget new creative insights it may trigger!

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The event is jointly organized by City of Espoo, 6Aika: Ecosystems of Growth-project, Business Espoo, Enter Espoo, Aalto University, Aalto Networking Platform, Aalto Startup Center, Aalto EIT Services, Aalto Design Factory, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Smart Otaniemi, Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK, Urban Mill Innovation Platform and CRESCENDO@CC project. Producer: Urban Mill Innovation Platform, Otaniemi, Betonimiehenkuja 3E, 02150 Espoo, Finland.

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Aalto University Properties improves services in Otaniemi centre with property transaction


On 2 June 2015, Aalto University Properties Ltd signed a deed of sale regarding the purchase of the property at Metallimiehenkuja 2–4 from Senate Properties. This summer, alteration work will take place at the property, with the goal of opening a student restaurant and different learning and event premises at Metallimiehenkuja 2 in the autumn.

With the deal, the company wants to improve and diversify the basic and restaurant services in central Otaniemi, since a significant part of the services disappeared when the restaurants in Dipoli closed. The idea is also to serve the economics students who will relocate to Otaniemi next autumn by offering new learning and meeting places – “student hubs” – right in the middle of Otaniemi. The property deal supports the aims of Aalto University to improve services near the metro station, both in the short and long term.

Most recently, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has used Metallimiehenkuja 2 as its showroom and for organising events. Aalto University has an architectural workshop at Metallimiehenkuja 4, which will continue its operations in the building.

Additionally, Aalto University Properties and Senate Properties signed a deed of sale regarding the property at Otakaari 6. The property in question is known as Fortum’s power plant plot. At present, in addition to the power plant, the plot is also used for the “Deep Heat” project, a joint effort between St1 and Fortum. Otakaari 6 is considered a strategic acquisition from the point of view of the future development of the Puumies block.

For additional information, please contact:
Antti Tuomela, Managing Director, Aalto University Properties, tel. +358 40 719 4007

01 (2) 03 (5)
(Pictures Davidsson Tarkela Architects)

Out of Sight generates interest in Art and Design in Otaniemi area..

”Imagine a group of friends looking at a blank wall through their smartphones, discussing the art piece. It can start conversations with fellow metro users. Out of Sight is a virtual gallery on your metro station. Out of Sight generates interest in Art and Design in Otaniemi area and can present up and coming talents of Aalto.”

We are excited to present Out of Sight, an ongoing virtual reality gallery, where works of art from EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art, and Aalto University students are exhibited.

The exhibition runs from 22nd to 31st of May. Exhibition is part of Taidelinja, HKL’s culture festival, open to all.

How to see Out of Sight?

First of all you need to download the Arilyn app. You’ll find it in the App Store and in the Google Play store. Links can be found below. Great, now you have the tool to view the art pieces.

Now head up to the Metro station. You can pick any station in Helsinki but for the best experience, go to Kamppi or Central Railway Station. You’ve arrived to the station, now you can start looking for art!

One thing you need to know is where are the “targets” that transform into art with your Arilyn app. You’ll find images of all the targets here on our website. In addition we have put stickers on the floors of the stations. Find a target or a sticker and you’re almost ready.

When you’re in front of a target, open Arilyn and just point your camera towards the target. It will take a couple of seconds for Arilyn to work it’s magic. Congratulations! You’ve now found your first hidden treasure on the station. Now go look for the next one!

If you want to see Out of Sight in action before you go test it yourself, check the video above.

Check out the website at

Background info:

Espoon sivistystoimelle työkalupakki palvelumuotoiluun

– Aalto Service Club tiedottaa –


Tässä linkki Aalto yliopistossa tehtyyn opinnäytetyöhön. Se käsittelee palvelumuotoilua julkisen sektorin uudistamisessa.

Konkreettisena käytännön tuloksena syntynyt Palvelumuotoilun työkalupakki on sovellettavissa kaikille toimialoille.

Jarkko Kurrosen Aallto/ARTS opinnäytetyö:

Palvelumuotoilun työkalupakki :


Dr. Minna-Kaarina Forssén
Business Collaboration Manager
Aalto Service Factory
Aalto University

Tel.  +358 50 407 1430

Click to access Sivistystoimen_tyokalupakki_palvelumuotoiluun2.pdf

Aalto-yliopiston Otaniemen kampuskirjasto muuttaa väliaikaisiin tiloihin – Aalto University Otaniemi Campus Library is moving to temporary premises

Aalto-yliopiston Otaniemen kampuskirjasto muuttaa väliaikaisiin tiloihin osoitteeseen Otakaari 1 X

Aalto-yliopiston Otaniemen kampuskirjasto (Otaniementie 9) peruskorjataan.
Korjauksen ajaksi Otaniemen kampuskirjasto muuttaa toukokuussa 2015 osoitteeseen Otakaari 1 X ja sen nimeksi tulee Oppimiskeskus beta.
Tiedotamme kirjaston kiinnioloajasta tarkemmin lähempänä toukokuuta.
Oppimiskeskus beta avataan yleisölle kesällä 2015.
Oppimiskeskus betassa asiakkaille tarjotaan kaikki tutut kirjastopalvelut sekä uusia palveluja.
Myös Kauppakorkeakoulun kandiohjelman kirjastopalvelut löytyvät Oppimiskeskus betasta.
Sähköiset palvelut ovat käytettävissä 24/7:
Peruskorjauksen jälkeen uuteen Oppimiskeskukseen muuttavat myös Arabian ja Töölön kampuskirjastot sekä Arkkitehtuurin laitoksen kirjasto.

 Kokoelmapäällikkö Sirkku Känsälä, puh. 050 316 1023
 Asiakaspalvelu- ja tilapäällikkö Matti Raatikainen, puh. 050 373 2233

 Tietoasiantuntija Miira Sarkki, puh. 040 353 8027

Sähköposti: <>

Moving information:

Aalto University Otaniemi Campus Library is moving to temporary premises at Otakaari 1 X

Aalto University Otaniemi Campus Library (Otaniementie 9) is due to undergo a renovation.
The Otaniemi Campus Library will relocate in May 2015 to Otakaari 1 X for the duration of the renovation and is to be retitled Learning Center beta.
Information on library closures will be made available closer to May.
Learning Center beta will be open to the public in the summer 2015.
Learning Center beta will provide its customers all the familiar library services in addition to new services.
School of Business library services for Bachelor degree students will also be housed at Learning Center beta.
Library is everywhere 24/7:
After the renovation Arabia and Töölö Campus Libraries and the Architecture Library will also move to the new Learning Center.

More information:
At Otaniemi:
 Collections Manager Sirkku Känsälä, tel. 050 316 1023
 Head of Public Services and Premises Matti Raatikainen, tel. 050 373 2233

At Töölö:
 Information Specialist Miira Sarkki, tel. 040 353 8027

Email: <>

Diversifying Forms of Living – Toyota Home


Increasing automation and modularity of living spaces are among the most important developments in housing design of the last few decades. Houses are changing into responsive entities, reacting and adapting to the needs of the inhabitants – as well as steering them towards a more sustainable form of living.
Diversifying Forms of Living is a Master level course on Housing Design, organised by The Aalto University Department of Architecture in collaboration with Nagoya Institute of Technology (NIT) and Toyota Home – a subsidiary of Toyota Corporation. Additional assistance in technical details were provided both by the Department of Building Engineering at Aalto University and NIT. Toyota Home is among the leading modular housing companies in Japan, offering a flexible modular framework with integrated home automation for single family homes.

The course gathered together students of both architecture and spatial design from various countries to design new conceptual approaches for the Toyota Home modular system. Teaching and tutoring were held at Urban Mill, as well as the final critique and exhibition of student work. The collaboration with both NIT and Toyota will continue in 2015 as the best designs will be refined further.

Student works exhibition is open at Urban Mill.

Otso Helenius, Architect
Aalto University, Department of Architecture:
Research assistant, Teacher
Aalto people profile:  <>
Skype & Google Hangouts: otso.helenius
Phone: +358 50 544 9174

Where Urban Mill comes from? Introducing Innovation Alley, Otaniemi and Espoo Innovation Garden

Innovation Alley: Design Factory – Startup Sauna – Urban Mill

Situated in the heart of Espoo Innovation Garden, Innovation Alley is the focal point of innovation buzz on Aalto University campus. Its core activities pivot around Aalto Design Factory, Startup Sauna and Urban Mill. Together these three co-working and co-creation platforms, and their common yards, form a networked physical, virtual and social Knowledge Triangle with its nodes focused on learning (main responsibility Design Factory), systemic innovation (main responsibility Urban Mill) and new business creation (main responsibility Startup Sauna).

These three multi-disciplinary communities of practice work daily and closely together. Activities are mainly self-organised and collaboration is facilitated through shared boundary objects. The human-centered innovation orchestration approaches in use challenge the traditional institution-centered practices. Innovation alley attracts yearly thousands of international visitors (e.g. scholars, businessmen and investors) and the exchange with its global co-location networks is intensive.

Aalto Design Factory (founded 2008) is an experimental co-creation platform for education, research and application of product design – where ‘design’ has a broad meaning. Design Factory aims to develop a passion-based student-centric learning culture for the Aalto University.

Startup Sauna (founded 2010) is a non-profit space, organization and community for startups and aspiring entrepreneurs in Northern and Eastern Europe and Russia. The aim is to implement a blooming startup ecosystem and a pay-it-forward culture into the region in order to make it the best place for startups.

Urban Mill (founded 2013) is a thematic focal point and open innovation platform service for global urban innovators. It is a co-working space, an innovation community, as well as a change orchestration tool for urban development. It aims to re-define the way in which people accomplish joint innovation work, and aims to make societal impact in a global urban context.


One alternative future, based on ideas collected from the Innovation Alley communities.

Otaniemi: Innovation – Business – Quality of Life.

Otaniemi, located in Espoo, Finland, is the largest technology hub in the Northern Europe, featuring a unique mix of top-level research organizations, academic institutions and technology businesses. Otaniemi is a community of over 32,000 people that includes 16,000 students and another 16,000 technology professionals.

110 different nationalities. Buzz. Serendipity.

If you are interested in visiting Otaniemi or if you’re looking for a suitable location to establish your hitech business in Scandinavia or Europe, look no further – Otaniemi is the place to be. Are you in Otaniemi yet? If not – allow us already in Otaniemi to help you get started and connected!

Otaniemi Marketing Ltd’s mission is to enhance Otaniemi’s competitiveness by supporting close collaboration between its key players and boosting its recognition and exposure around the world. For more information about Otaniemi and Otaniemi Marketing please check:

Espoo Innovation Garden: Innovation and adventurous experiences!

Espoo is a garden of innovation and adventurous experiences – Espoo Innovation Garden. This refers to an innovative operational model that encourages a culture of collaboration; it’s the Espoo way of thinking and acting. Espoo Innovation Garden shares and enriches the Espoo story.

Espoo Innovation Garden is a growing and developing city garden that offers diverse services in the area that includes Otaniemi, Keilaniemi and Tapiola. It’s the home of the largest innovation hub in Northern Europe with thriving international companies, the hottest start-up sauna on the planet, various cultural activities and sports clubs as well as a renowned community of scientists and researchers. Science, financial activities and arts all make the Garden flourish.

Several world class companies have their global HQ’s, local or regional HQ’s or R&D units in Espoo Innovation Garden. These include Rovio, Kone, Nokia, Samsung, Microsoft, Bayer, Aalto University, VTT Research, EIT ICT Labs.

A total of 5,000 researchers, 25 research and development organisations and a number of Finnish listed companies operate in the area. The fact that there are people of 110 different nationalities working in the area is a clear reflection of its international character. The active centre of science and finance is enriched by abundant offering of arts and cultural events.


Espoo’s success in the European Commission’s 2014 search for the European Capital of Innovation inspired our gardeners to continue to work with the Espoo soil to make it even more of a fertile ground for growth and innovation. Espoo managed to get onto the shortlist of six prominent cities from among 58 applicant cities.

Encounters – planned or random – between people are a source of innovation and new experiences. The garden will grow and flourish the more gardeners that tend to it. Everyone is welcome to do some gardening, make it bloom and create new innovation and experiences.

Making the dream garden come true

Espoo Innovation Garden’s aim is to bring together the various partners operating in the area and to encourage their collaboration and sense of community. We are making our dreams come true by nurturing the best companies, the best research and the best environment to work and live in. We want to prepare a seedbed for creating new jobs and a good strong living environment in collaboration with companies, communities and residents. Our aim is to develop both as a ground where innovation can grow and as a partner who makes innovation work.

We want to increase cooperation activities in order to create opportunities for success for the entire country as well as good life for the people living and working in the area. Our dream is to make the Innovation Garden bear fruit for the entire metropolitan area and all of Finland.

How to become a gardener?

People, companies and communities are the most important resources in our garden. Espoo Innovation Garden is an open network of residents, companies and communities. Anyone can become a gardener – science and research organisations, companies, cultural and sports organisations, city employees and residents. Anyone who lives in or likes Espoo is welcome.

Open course presentations at Aalto Design Factory on Thu 4.12. – please join!

Tervetuloa ensi torstaina 4.12. klo 9:30-10:30 katsomaan visualisointikurssin tuloksia Design Factorylle!

Kurssi toteutettiin projektina, jossa neljä opiskelijaryhmää osallistui kuvitteelliseen kilpailuun, jossa he suunnittelivat ja toteuttivat opaskartan Otaniemen alueesta ja teemakarttoja DF:n sisätiloista, käyttäjäryhmänä DF:lla työskentelevät ja vierailevat henkilöt. Tehtävään sisältyi myös vuorovaikutteisen digitoteutuksen ideointi.

Ehkä näitä karttoja voitaisiin näyttää myöhemmin Urban Cavessä, tai ehkä näiden pohjalta syntyy ideoita yhteistyöhön. Ensi syksynä kurssi joka tapauksessa toteutetaan uuden projektitehtävän ympärillä.

Terv. Paula

Are you interested in course developments at Aalto Design Factory?

On Thursday 4th of December, two interdisciplinary Master’s level courses will showcase their development efforts by organising open presentations at ADF (Betonimiehenkuja 5 C, Otaniemi) 9.30 onwards. Please join the following activities:

Visualization of Geographic Information: Come and see the ADF maps designed by students in four competing teams, and vote for the best proposal! For more information, see the attachment. The presentations and exhibition are held at ADF Puuhamaa at 9.30–10.30.

Combustion and Gasification Technology: Three competing teams of sellers are presenting their tenders for a fuel conversion project, in which biomass will substitute some of the fuels used in a fossil-fuel-fired power plant. After the presentations the buyers will choose the winner. The presentations are held at ADF Studio at 11.00.

For more information, please contact Maria ( <> ).

Aalto-yliopiston Radical Design Week – Kaupunki palveluna -seminaari 20.–21.11.2014

Aalto-yliopisto avasi 20.11. palvelukeskeisen logiikan mahdollisuuksiin keskittyvän seminaarin Espoon Otaniemessä. Päivän lopuksi järjestettiin Tongji Loungen avajaiset.

Radical Design Week – Kaupunki palveluna -seminaarissa haetaan 20.–21.11. malleja, joilla kaupungistumisen haasteita ratkaistaan palvelukeskeisen logiikan avulla. Tavoitteena on määrittää tulevaisuuden kaupunkisuunnitteluun, arkkitehtuuriin ja muotoiluun uusia työtapoja, joissa korostuu vuorovaikutus asiakkaiden kanssa.

Palvelukeskeisen logiikan esimerkkinä Aalto-yliopiston Otaniemen kampuksen tiloissa avataan seminaarin yhteydessä Tongji Lounge. Se on kiinalaisen Tongji-yliopiston näyteikkuna Suomessa ja portti Kiinaan Aalto-yliopistolle ja sen kumppaneille.

Seminaarissa tarkastellaan palvelukeskeisen ajattelun kautta, miten työnteko, oppiminen, terveydenhoito ja asuminen ovat muuttumassa, ja miten se vaikuttaa kaupungistumiseen. Keskeistä on arvon luominen elinympäristöille yhdessä ihmisten, käyttäjien, kanssa. Palvelukeskeisen logiikan kautta avautuu uusia kestävän kaupungistumisen markkinoita, ja se tarjoaa uuden tavan ratkaista jo tunnistettuja kaupungistumisen haasteita.

Seminaari on jatkoa Aalto-yliopiston lokakuussa Shanghaissa järjestämälle Radical Design Week – City on Demand -seminaarille. Shanghain seminaarin tuloksena tunnistettiin uusi kaupungistumisen malli, jossa tuotelähtöisestä ajattelusta voidaan siirtyä palvelukeskeiseen. Mallin keskiössä on asiakkaiden osallisuus ja elinympäristöjen suunnittelussa yhdessä tuotettu arvo.

Kehitystyötä tehdään yhteistyössä Tongji-yliopiston sekä suomalaisten ja kiinalaisten kumppaneiden kanssa, ja sen tavoitteena on tuottaa kustannustehokkaampia, tuottavampia ja ihmiskeskeisempiä elinympäristöjä. Hanke on osa Aalto-yliopiston laajaa, parempia elinympäristöjä luovaa Living+ -ohjelmaa sekä Energizing Urban Ecosystems (EUE) RYM-hanketta.

Radical Design Week – Kaupunki palveluna -seminaari 20.–21.11. klo 9.00–15.00 TUAS-talo, Otaniementie 17, Otaniemi, Espoo. Tongji Loungen avajaiset 20.11. klo 13.00–15.00


Professori Jarmo Suominen, Aalto-yliopisto, 044 304 9465,
Projektipäällikkö Krista Kinnunen, Aalto-yliopisto, 050 385 4555,

Urban Mill Open Innovation Platform Orchestration Model

Urban Mill Orchestration model was presented and discussed at ”Aalto – Nonaka Workshop: Ba & Flow in Regional Innovation Ecosystems” at Design Factory 22.8.2014.

Workshop was organized by EUE programme members in collaboration with Professor Ikurijo Nonaka and CKIR at Aalto University.  Worksghop introduced e.g. the Energizing Urban Ecosystems EUE Research School concept.

Kari Mikkelä presented their ongoing EUE research. Urban Mill Service Concept properties were reflected within the  ”Value Orchestration Platform for Business and Communities” framework introduced by prof. Kyoichi Jim Kijima.


Other topics included:

  • Professor Ikurijo Nonaka: Recent thinking and experiences on Ba & Flow
  • Markku Markkula: Special focus on the Espoo Innovation Garden as a EU forerunner. The ecosystem described and analyzed from different perspectives

Whole programme here:  Aalto-Nonaka WS 22.8.2014 programme