Aalto Built Environment Laboratory (ABE)

Urban Mill’s core partner ABE is a new cross-disciplinary research facility that collects and connects the built environment related top-level research and education in Aalto University.

ABE specializes in immersive modeling and simulation technologies, model-based processes and digital decision sup­porting systems in the fields of architecture, engineering and construction, as well as in land use planning and real estate.

The strength of ABE will be its user-centric and boundary-crossing approach towards research and development. Such facility allows faculties with similar interests to challenge traditional ways of thinking and approach future challenges with state-of-the-art methods and tools.

ABE*s objectives are also strongly linked to the interdisciplinary research topics of Human-centric living environment and Digitalization in the Aalto University Strategy, as well the sustainable campus development in the Otaniemi area.

ABE team operates Urban Cave’s  immersive virtual reality environment (cave automatic virtual environment, CAVE), built by Satavision Oy.

Researchers: Senior Research Fellow Aija Staffans, professor Pentti Kujala, project manager Antti Kauppi, post doc researcher Sari Tähtinen
Funding: Aalto University, School of Engineering


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