Webinar 19.1.2022: Decision support for reaching Net Zero


From Aalto Networking Platform:

Energy Modelling Series | Seminar 1/2022

Decision support for reaching Net Zero

19.1.2022 0930-1130

Jussi Nokkala | Director, Sustainability & Climate change leader | PwC Finland
Tommi Ekholm | Research professor, Climate change mitigation | Finnish Meteorological Institute
Kimmo Vilske | Partner, Energy utilities & resources leader | PwC Finland

In this event, we will review approaches to supporting decision making for reaching net zero carbon outcomes, focusing on marginal abatement cost curves (MACC). Jussi Nokkala from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) will consider how corporate approaches to climate change have shifted from climate reporting to climate reduction plans. He will then explain the MACC approach at PwC can support these carbon emissions reductions.

Tommi Ekholm from the Finnish Meteorological Institute will then give a commentary on MACC methodology from an academic perspective and how this can be used to support policymaking for a net zero carbon future. After this overview of MACC from corporate and academic perspectives,

Kimmo Vilske from PwC will explain the concrete outcomes of corporate emission reduction plans, looking at resulting projects and transactions for low carbon energy systems. Overall the event will inform the audience on the tools to support decision making for a net zero future, their application in different contexts, and the resulting outcomes.

This event will be held as a Zoom webinar.  Register here. 

We look forward to seeing you online on January 19th

Hosted by: 

Prof Fabricio Oliveira, Systems Analysis Laboratory, Aalto University 

Dr Sam Cross, Manager – Energy, Aalto Networking Platform 

SystemsChange.now – Climate change as a systemic problem –course in periods III-IV 

Are you interested in climate change, and willing to learn about it from a systemic point of view? 

Aalto and three other universities are again organizing a multi-disciplinary course SystemsChange.now on how to apply systems thinking in the context of climate change,in periods III-IV, 2022. The course offers an introduction to systems analysis and mathemathical modelling, investigation of climate models, and study of human systems via a negotiation simulation. 

This master-level, 5 credits course is held as an online course 19.1.-23.3.2021 and co-hosted by teachers from four universities (Aalto, Helsinki, Tampere and Turku universities). The course is open for all students regardless their study background. SystemsChange.now is part of Climate University courses.  

Please find more information on the course below and register in Sisu by January 10th.  

Welcome to the course! 

SystemsChange.now 2022 team  More information on Aalto course: Sanna-Liisa.Sihto-Nissila@aalto.fi


Do you have an innovative idea within Sustainable nutrition – applications to Greenhouse idea accelerator are accepted until March 31.

Invitation by Lantmännen in co-operation with Urban Mill: 

How can we challenge the way we produce and eat food to resolve two of the world’s most urgent problems: climate change and increasing health issues?

We are facing major challenges, both in terms of the way we produce food and how we consume it. Our planet must feed a growing population, and at the same time sustainability challenges and health problems related to the food we put on our plates are increasing globally. A development that we at Lantmännen are convinced that we can change. Together.

Do you have fresh insight on sustainable nutrition to complement our expertise? An excellent idea for a new plant-based product? An unexplored solution for using manufacturing process sidestreams adding value to more healthier products? Maybe a business model to change consumer behavior towards more sustainable way? Or maybe a breakthrough insight for oat or wholegrain?  

Take the chance and apply to the Greenhouse now! Application period ends 31st of March 2021.

More information: http://www.lantmannen.com/research-and-innovation/The-greenhouse/

Do you have an innovative idea within Sustainable nutrition – apply to Greenhouse idea accelerator program!

Announcement from our partner network

We are looking for ideas in a wide range within Sustainable nutrition:

Do you have fresh insight on sustainable nutrition to complement our expertise? An excellent idea for a new plant-based product? An unexplored solution for using manufacturing process side streams adding value to healthier products? Maybe a business model to change consumer behavior towards more sustainable way? Or maybe a breakthrough insight for oat or wholegrain? Or…

Apply now to Lantmännen Greenhouse idea accelerator program – application time is until March 31st!

Want to hear more and meet our Greenhouse crew? Join the digital info session in Teams:

  • 4.3.2021 at 9-10 CET or
  • 10.3.2021 at 11-12 CET

Send e-mail to greenhouse@lantmannen.com to join the info!

The theme of this year’s Greenhouse program is Sustainable nutrition. How can we challenge the way we produce and eat food to resolve two of the world’s most urgent problems: climate change and increasing health issues?

The Greenhouse is Lantmännen’s accelerator focused on innovations within food and agriculture – from field to fork. We support up-and-coming entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs and help them turn their ideas into profitable and sustainable long-term businesses. The program consist of six digital workshops and project team work in May-June. All the Greenhouse workshops in 2021 will be digital, so you will be able join from anywhere in the world. The program culminates in Dragons’ Den with Lantmännen top management in September.

The program has been organized since 2014 with the total of 79 projects, and this year’s program being already the 11th. Participating in the program is free of charge. As an entrepreneur, you will keep all intellectual property rights to your ideas when you join The Greenhouse. In the program we are using Microsoft Teams as the collaboration platform, complemented with other digital tools. Recommended project team is 2-4 persons.

Learn more and apply In Lantmännen Greenhouse website: https://www.lantmannen.com/research-and-innovation/The-greenhouse/

Important dates and facts:

  • 31.3.: application period closes
  • 16.4.: project selection
  • May-June: six digital workshop days and project team work
  • 24.8. and 31.8.: preparing for Dragons’ Den
  • Beginning of September: Dragons’ Den with Lantmännen top management

The team behind the Greenhouse

Lantmännen’s Greenhouse is run by Nina Tuomikangas and Jakob Söderström. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or thoughts regarding the Greenhouse!

Nina Tuomikangas, Project Manager Innovation, Lantmännen R&D, +46 10 556 10 56, nina.tuomikangas@lantmannen.com

Jakob Söderström, Innovation Manager, Lantmännen R&D, + 46 10 556 10 59, jakob.soderstrom@lantmannen.com

Zero Emission Day 21.9.2018 at Aalto University

Via Aalto Sustainability Hub:
Highschools of Espoo and CLC has organised an event celebrating the global Zero Emissions Day. It will take place in Aalto, Otakaari 1 on 21st of Sept. The event is open also for people interested in this urgently important topic, not only the higschool students. Feel free to spread the call!

Aika: Perjantai 21.9.2018 klo 9:30-11:30
Paikka: Aalto-yliopisto, sali U2, Otakaari 1, Espoo

09.30 Ilmoittautuminen & pieni tarjoilu
10.00 Espoon kaupungin tervehdys, YK:n SDG-edelläkävijyystyön vetäjä Elina Wanne
10.05 Petteri Taalas, pääsihteeri, WMO: Videotervehdys liittyen ilmaston nykytilaan
10.20 Jouni Keronen, toiminnanjohtaja, CLC: Mitä kansalainen voi tehdä päästöjen vähentämiseksi
10.30 Satu Vainio, toiminnanjohtaja, From Waste to Taste ry: Rumat porkkanat ja sinkkubanaanit – miten hyvä ruoka ei joudu hukkaan
10.40 Miguel Naranjo, UN Climate Change: The role of the United Nations in citizen engagement
10.55 Nuorten paneeli – Nollapäästöpäivän kilpailun voittajatöiden esittely
11:15 Nollapäästöpäivän kilpailun palkintojen jako, Ilkka Niemelä, rehtori, Aalto-yliopisto ja Miguel Naranjo, YK
11.30 Tilaisuus päättyy

Tilaisuus on suunnattu Espoon lukiolaisille sekä kaikille aiheesta kiinnostuneille. Kutsua saa mielellään välittää eteenpäin.

Ilmoittautumiset https://goo.gl/forms/zhFZQPRRSNDMmCd23

twitter: #NollaPäästöPäivä

Global Zero Emissions Day on September 21, 2018

The Global 24 hour Moratorium on the use of Fossil Fuels

Zero Emissions Day is coordinated in Finland by CLC, Climate Leadership Council. Aalto University is among the members.

Participants of EU’s Climate-KIC Pioneers into Practice program: working in Urban Mill is a journey of inspiration

We are Pia Liepe and Kai-Ti Wu, 2015 pioneers from the EU Pioneers into Practice program who is working with the Department of Real Estate, Land use Planning and Geoinformatics in Aalto University. The experience working in the Urban Mill could be seen as a journey of inspiration. We ourselves have very good experience in sharing our own knowledge using the space and facilities. We would definitely encourage more interdisciplinary events to be held in Urban Mill.

The open spaces and facilities for open discussions were very user friendly, during the one month work in Aalto Uni, we were very lucky to get inspired from this innovative co-working, meeting space. We would share our experience working in the Urban Mill in three different occasions:

Tutoring in the System Thinking 1 Masters Class from the program of Creative Sustainability:

USERXP1The Urban Mill is a great place to put together students from different disciplines to work together. The 3D Theatre (Urban Cave) could contain 30 students with enough space to stand up and stretch themselves and it also provides a lot of space for private group tutoring events. Presentations could be clearly presented throughout the room.

Participating in the Helsinki Uusimaa Regional Pioneers into Practice Workshop

USERXP2On 15th of October the Pioneers into Practice workshop was held in the Urban Mill. 15 Pioneers from all around the world working in the Helsinki region met together in Urban Mill for the workshop. The program’s regional councils presented the horizon of Helsinki’s low carbon development strategy and encouraged the pioneers to work together for a solution. We had a pleasant experience working with the facilities provided in the space and was able to come up with creative presentations. The group in the picture was presenting their solution with the scene of doing sauna together. Which fits to the context to be a proud Finnish style of communication!

Text and photos:

Kai-Ti Wu – kaitiwu@pik-potsdam.de , Pie Liepe – liepe@stud.uni-heidelberg.de

#coworking #UrbanMill #PiP2015 #AaltoUni

Climate-KIC is EU’s main climate innovation initiative, see http://www.climate-kic.org

Pioneers into Practice is Climate-KIC’s professional mobility programme. Low Carbon Economy professionals from education, research, enterprise and administration join and put into practice their expertise to create new products and services in the field of the climate change. See http://www.climate-kic.org/programmes/pioneers

City of Espoo is a finalist in the Earth Hour City Challenge -competition

Press release from the City of Espoo, Finland  26 January 2015

City of Espoo is a finalist in the Earth Hour City Challenge -competition

The Energy Information Service took Espoo to the finals of WWF’s international Earth Hour City Challenge competition. The Energy Information System is a web service that helps property owners to identify renewable energy sources for buildings. In the Energy Information Service, the user – such as a resident, property manager, renewable energy equipment supplier, property owner or real estate investor – can compare the costs of different energy forms and production possibilities within their own property.

The goal of the competition is to determine the pioneer cities in fighting climate change. The competition especially emphasised the cities’ ability to guide investments into sustainable targets. The role of cities in fighting climate change is central since over 70% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions are generated in cities.

“With the help of the Energy Information Service, we want to distribute impartial information on changing the heating method to renewable energy – easily and effortlessly! We hope that this application will improve awareness among Espoo’s property owners on the heating method choices and increase the demand for renewable energy solutions in our area,” says Energy Engineer Niina Laasonen.

Approximately one fifth of properties within Espoo are heated with electricity or fossil fuels. The share of electricity and fossil fuels in heating housing is up to 30%.

Since 2008, Espoo’s climate change action plan has led to some exciting sustainable developments. But Espoo is always looking to improve. To meet its ambitious 2030 target – reducing carbon intensity by 39% – the city is now working on options for renewable energy sources.

Further information on the Energy Information Service

The winning city will be announced April 9th

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