Avaamme asteittain toimintaamme – myös tapahtumatilamme ovat varattavissa

We are gradually opening up our operations – our event spaces are also bookable

Kumppaneillemme, jäsenillemme, asiakkaillemme, ystävillemme; For our partners, members, customers, and friends;

Tervetuloa takaisin sorvin ääreen ja Otaniemeen!

Aallon kampusta ollaan asteittain avaamassa vaikka syksyn koronatilanteeseen liittyy paljon epävarmuutta, eikä pandemia ole vielä tuolloin kokonaan ohi: https://www.aalto.fi/fi/aalto-yliopisto/tietoa-koronaviruksesta

Urban Mill on yksi keskeisistä yhdessätekemisen paikoista Otaniemessä. Sovellamme Aalto-yliopiston antamia linjauksia koronavirukseen liittyen ja jatkamme 16.8.2020 asti itsepalvelumoodissa. Tämä tarkoittaa sitä, että tila on siihen asti auki vain asiakkaillemme / avaimen haltijoiden organisaatioille ja heidän vierailleen.

Tilamme ovat normaalisti varattavissa. Katso palveluhinnasto: https://urbanmill.org/palvelut/ . Tilojen käytössä tulee kuitenkin noudattaa yliopiston ja viranomaisten antamia ohjeita ja suosituksia.

Tarvitsetko fyysistä etäyötilaa?

Urban Millistä voit vuokrata fyysisen etätyöpisteen tehostamaan työskentelyäsi ja jäsentämään paremmin työtäsi ja vapaa-aikaasi. Meillä on tarjolla rajattu määrä etätyöpisteitä suuressa hallitilassame. Ne sijaitsevat turvallisen välimatkan päässä toisistaan ja ovat räätälöitävissä tarpeitesi mukaan. Tilassa on maksuton WLAN-yhteys.

Samassa taloudessa asuvalla toisella henkilöllä on myös etätyöpisteen käyttöoikeus (yksi avain / talous). Lisäksi pienille tiimeille on tarjolla on muutama erillinen pientila, mm. yksi lukittava toimistohuone erillisessä toimistosiivessä.


  • Etätyöpiste yhdelle henkilölle / taloudelle, käytettävissä 24/7: 150 euroa / kk + ALV 24 %
  • Kiinteä pientila 2-3 hlö tiimille, käytettävissä 24/7: 350 euroa / kk + ALV 24 %

Sijainti: URBAN MILL INNOVATION PLATFORM, Betonimiehenkuja 3 E, 02150 ESPOO

Tiedustelut: varaukset@urbanmill.fi

Read in Enlish: Lue loppuun

From Espoo Innovation Garden: Finnish company launches a new solution to prolong the lifecycle of clothes

Lagoom startup team announces:

“The fashion industry is responsible for a significant amount of waste and exhausting resources. The fast-fashion phenomenon not only creates environmental damage and fair trade issues, but also a culture of overbuying and throw-away.

Right now we are working on a start-up – Lagoom App, a collaboration between Tavarapilvi Oy and gaIoTa Oy. We are a multidisciplinary team of people from different cultural backgrounds and professional expertise but we all share a commitment to sustainability. Our core team consists of Aalto University’s students who are passionate about innovation.

As a part of sustainable fashion solution we empower consumers to be more responsible and contribute more to a sustainable lifestyle, we created Lagoom App.

Lagoom.app is a completely new way of recycling clothes securely. The solution enables an easy and clever way of creating one’s own community, making managing, buying and selling clothes straightforward. ”Lagoom is the Tinder of second-hand clothes,” says founder Jaakko Isohanni.

To create impact, we ask for your support to spread the word to anyone who you think might be interested in our app. This will be a tremendous support to our project. We truly appreciate your support and are looking forward to hearing from you!

Please visit our website for further information or contact me via linh.nguyen@lagoom.app if you have any questions.

Best wishes,

Linh Nguyen
On behalf of the Lagoom Team”

Read Lagoom’s PRESS RELEASE:
Lue loppuun

Musical Midsummer Greetings from Espoo Innovation Garden: The legendary RWBK performs on Celebration with Otaniemi startups, creatives and sustainability professionals on June 11

The first ever virtual Summer Celebration with Otaniemi startups, creatives and sustainability professionals was a refreshing dive into Espoo Innovation Ecosystem scene.

The event was arranged on June 11 in Zoom, produced and broadcasted from Urban Mill, in the heart of Espoo Innovation Garden at Aalto University campus. It attracted 170 participants to learn and discuss about collaboration,

Retuperän WBK, the legendary Voluntary Fire Brigade Band, technology student orchestra from Aalto University in Espoo performed in the event bringing a touch of culture for us all in our innovation ecosystem!

Watch, listen and enjoy RWBK from our Youtube channel !

With the very best Midsummer regards

Urban Mill staff

Starting today 16.6.2020: EDU Online Summer Lectures – Join and Learn!

European Design Upgrade (EDU) project open online lectures start today.

You have the opportunity to join the webinar program on our youtube channel

If you want to be active during the lecture and interact with speakers, use the permanent ZOOM link:

ZOOM: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84394669082?pwd=SGE1Q2xibHN2bllTUCt1WWV5eHVxUT09#success

Our educational platform  is available for thee selected participants of the Contest.


Block 1. Philosophy & Concept of Design

16.6. No Creativity and Innovation without Strategy! Alain Heureux, Belgium

17.6. Philosophy of creativity and entrepreneurship. Lauri Järvilehto, Finland

18.6. Will the globalization swallow the uniqueness of local design? Victoria Yakusha, Ukraine

19.6. What if? We look at the urgent challenges of the near future and imagine fictional worlds and scenarios around them. Daria Tsapenko, Ukraine

Block 2. Ecosystem and innovation

22.6. The power of ecosystems: the role of creative industries in promoting innovation in cities and regions. Marlen Komorowski, Belgium

26.6. Crucial innovations & technologies to improve the city ecosystem. Alex Prykhodko, Ukraine

29.6. Art of Co-Creation. Matti Hämäläinen, Finland

6.7. Innovation environment as a service. Jarmo Suominen, Finland

7.7. Modern design technologies for patisserie art creation. Dinara Kasko, Ukraine

8.7. Orchestration of innovation ecosystems. Kari Mikkelä, Finland

Block 3. Design strategies making society sustainable

10.7. Emerging Resilient Economy. Timo Järvensivu, Finland

13.7. Business Modelling for a better design. Omar Mohout, Belgium

15.7. Systemic Design Thinking. Kristel Van Ael, Belgium

Block 4. Human centered design for the better future

17.7. Senses & meditation. Human-centered innovations. Dilnoza Shaumarova, Belgium

20.7. The meaning of “Human being”. The evolution of humanism in society. Anastasia Mikova, Ukraine/France

You can find all online EDU lectures during this summer and other project information also from our EDU site: https://edupgrade.design/en/courses/lectures/

Background: European Design Upgrade (EDU) is launched for a community of designers from Ukraine, Belgium, and Finland. Participants of the project will be able to implement their unique concepts and present them at the international level.

Business, culture and fun in Summer Celebration with Otaniemi startups, creatives and sustainability professionals on June 11

The first ever virtual Summer Celebration with Otaniemi startups, creatives and sustainability professionals was a refreshing dive into Espoo innovation ecosystem scene.

The event was arranged on June 11 in Zoom and broadcasted from Urban Mill, in the heart of Espoo Innovation Garden at Aalto University campus. It attracted 170 participants to learn and discuss about collaboration in the Otaniemi innovation ecosystem. The recording can be watched on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTlAD5KCmaM&t=1s

The celebration began with a musical performance by Retuperän WBK, the legendary Fire Brigade Band of technology students from Aalto University.

This was followed by breakout sessions and discussions by the leaders of the City of Espoo, Aalto University, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK. These are the key institutional players shaping the success of Espoo Innovation Garden, already the biggest Innovation hub in the Northern Europe.

In 2018 the City of Espoo was nominated the most intelligent city in the world. Mayor Jukka Mäkelä emphasized that the point is not to be the most intelligent city but to be the most intelligent community.

“That means that we have to do it together with our citizens, but also it is very important for to the city of Espoo to collaborate with Aalto University, research centers like VTT and with the companies. Collaboration is the key word” he continued.

Keynote speakers were Jyri Engeström, Partner & Co-Founder at Yes VC and Patrick Shulist, Assistant Professor of Sustainability in Business in Aalto University.

Watch Jyri Engeströms presentation from here (pdf).

The celebration ended with artistic performances by aerial artist Ilona Jäntti and RWBK student orchestra.

The whole event was streamed on Start North’s Youtube channel for everybody to experience. You can watch the recording of the event from here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTlAD5KCmaM

Watch, listen and enjoy the artistic performances recorded in the event:

Virtual networking platform Deal Room was offered 11.-12.6.2020 for all participants to make virtual 1-1 meetings with other participants before and after the celebrations in Zoom. Over 200 persons registered to this platform, which was also the place where to register to the celebrations and for startups and innovation enablers to set up their virtual booths.

The event was organized by Urban Mill, the City of Espoo, Business Espoo, 6Aika Ecosystems of Growth project, EDU programme, Aalto Startup Center, VTT and Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK in collaboration with Start North, Innovation House Finland, Crazy Town and Otaniemi startup communities.

See the whole programme              See program flyer


Urban Mill myöntää alennuksia palvelumaksuista koronan takia vaikeuksissa oleville yrittäjäasiakkailleen

Urban Millin tiedote 7.5.2020

Urban Millin tapahtumatilatulot putosivat koronapandemian johdosta nollaan maaliskuun alun jälkeen. Vuokraisäntämme Aalto-yliopistokiinteistöt Oy ymmärsi tilanteemme ja tuli ystävällisesti vastaan kahden kuukauden vuokranalennuksen muodossa.

Haluamme kanavoida saamaamme tukea tiloissamme toimivan yrittäjäyhteisön hyväksi. Urban Millissä toimivat yritykset voivat saada alennusta kuukausimaksuistaan, mikäli niiden maksukyky on koronakriisin johdosta heikentynyt. Alennusten piirissä ovat ne yritykset, joilla on sopimus Urban Mill co-working-paketista (oma huone tai tila Urban Millissä). Alennus koskee huhti- ja toukokuun kuukausimaksuja.

Lisätietoa Urban Millin palveluista antaa tuottaja Lars Miikki, puh. 040-5036630.

Aalto-yliopiston kestävän kehityksen raportti 2019 on julkaistu – Sustainability Report of Aalto University 2019 published

Tänään julkaistussa raportissa Aalto-yliopiston vastuullisuudesta ja kestävän kehityksen toiminnasta raportoidaan tutkimuksesta, opetuksesta, yhteiskunnallisesta vaikuttavuudesta sekä kampuksen ympäristövaikutuksia ja yliopiston toiminnan välillisistä vaikutuksista.

Kestävä kehitys nousi vuoden 2019 aikana entistä keskeisempään rooliin Aalto-yliopiston uutta strategiaa valmistelevan työn myötä. Koko yliopistoyhteisö on tulevan strategian myötä sitoutunut rakentamaan kestävää tulevaisuutta. Helmikuussa 2018 Aalto-yliopisto allekirjoitti ensimmäisenä yliopistona Suomessa yliopistojen kansainvälisen kestävän kehityksen tavoitteiden (Sustainable Development Goals) SDG Accord -sitoumuksen, jossa se sitoutui edistämään YK:n kestävän kehityksen tavoitteita osana opetusta, tutkimusta, innovaatiotoimintaa ja kampuskehitystä. Yliopisto kuuluu kansainväliseen yliopistojen kestävän kehityksen verkostoon (International Sustainable Campus Network, ISCN).

The document published today reports on Aalto University’s work to support sustainable development and responsibility through research, teaching, and societal impact activities and on the environmental effects of Aalto University’s campus and how its own actions play an indirect role in those effects.

Sustainable development acquired more prominence at Aalto University in 2019 through the work of preparing the new Aalto strategy. With the adoption of the new strategy, the whole university community commits to building a sustainable future. Aalto University was the first Finnish university to endorse the UN Sustainable Development Goals Accord, which it signed in February 2018. In so doing, Aalto pledged to promote the UN goals of sustainable development through its teaching, research, innovation and campus development. Aalto University is a member of the International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN).

Aalto sustainability reporting

English: https://www.aalto.fi/en/sustainability/sustainability-reports
Suomeksi: https://www.aalto.fi/fi/kestava-kehitys/kestavan-kehityksen-raportit
På svenska: https://www.aalto.fi/sv/hallbarhet/rapporter-om-hallbar-utveckling

Delicode Ltd introduces a corona risk estimator for retail stores

Julius Tuomisto

Urban Mill based computer vision and machine learning agency Delicode Ltd CEO Julius Tuomisto explains here how the company configured its computer vision people tracking service into a solution for preventing the corona disease from spreading in retail stores.

– The pandemic is hitting brick and mortar particularly hard and therefore also impacts companies (such as ourselves) providing technological solutions for retail.

We turned one of the basic features of our Signals computer vision people sensing and tracking service – the capability to count incoming traffic – in to a (SARS-CoV-2) risk estimator for our retail customers.

For example the German government currently proposes that a distance of 1,5m should be maintained between individuals, which (with simplification) would mean that a store of 900m2 can at maximum hold ca. 100 people in it, for everyone to, in theory, be able to maintain a safe distance to each other.

With Signals devices at store entry points by entering values for the max allowance and an estimate of the average dwell time in the store, the manager will have an estimate of the amount of people in the store, how many people can still enter the store safely or when the next window to enter the store will be at in case the max threshold has been passed. Resulting data is offered as embeddable HTML5 widgets and push messages to employees’ mobile devices.

Stay home if you can, but stay safe if you cannot. Signals is available internationally through Delicode’s partner Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions.
#brickandmortar #retailtech #staysafe

Sustainability news from Aalto University – March 2020

Forwarded to Urban Mill Network:

Here once again the monthly collection of sustainability related news from aalto.fi. Take care of yourself, the people around you and the environment!

Emma Sairanen, ASH Trainee

How are you today?
During these challenging times, it’s important to take care of yourself and your colleagues. https://www.aalto.fi/en/news/how-are-you-today

Finnish researchers join forces to investigate the airborne transmission of coronavirus
The project includes fluid dynamics physicists, virologists and biomedical engineering specialists. The researchers are using a supercomputer to carry out 3D modelling and believe that the first results will be obtained in the next few weeks.

New material developed could help clean energy revolution
Researchers developed a promising graphene–carbon nanotube catalyst, giving them better control over hugely important chemical reactions for producing hydrogen fuel. https://www.aalto.fi/en/news/new-material-developed-could-help-clean-energy-revolution

New scanner can improve the detection of cancer tissue and brain disease diagnoses
Researchers aim to have the technology ready for hospital use and commercialisation by the end of next year. https://www.aalto.fi/en/news/new-scanner-can-improve-the-detection-of-cancer-tissue-and-brain-disease-diagnoses

Water knowledge has a central role in the mitigation of climate change
World Water Day 2020, on 22 March, is about water and climate change – and how the two are inextricably linked. https://www.aalto.fi/en/news/water-knowledge-has-a-central-role-in-the-mitigation-of-climate-change

AaltoSDG application development in spring 2020
The AaltoSDG mobile application is actively developed throughout 2020 based on feedback from the users and Aalto community. The goal for the app is to improve visibility of Aalto University’s SDG work as well as engage users to participate in the SDG work by taking human size actions. The next development sprint is starting soon and the next update will be published in May. https://www.aalto.fi/en/news/aaltosdg-application-development-in-spring-2020

Not a drop wasted – AaltoCell™ fibres utilised in a new circular economy project
With funding totaling €240 000, the project aims to make more efficient use of food industry side streams. https://www.aalto.fi/en/news/not-a-drop-wasted-aaltocelltm-fibres-utilised-in-a-new-circular-economy-project

From birch to poppies –  fabric for Marimekko’s shirt dress
The yarn spun from Ioncell® fibre is stronger than its commercial equivalent and performed excellently in the printing process and washing tests. The chemicals used to make the fibre were completely recycled too. https://www.aalto.fi/en/news/from-birch-to-poppies-how-the-fabric-was-created-for-marimekkos-unique-shirt-dress

Capital of the campus nature
Nature enhances the economic value of an area and contributes to the wellbeing of people. Aalto University campus’s natural capital and ecosystem services were mapped in 2019, in a survey prepared by Ramboll Finland Oy. https://www.aalto.fi/en/news/capital-of-the-campus-nature

Funzi Future Pack launched! Four high-quality free mobile courses that equip the users with the skills needed during the crisis and for building a better future thereafter.

Dear Funzi community,

During these challenging times of uncertainty, we want to reach out and let you know that we are committed to our mission, to you – our learners, and the incredible community that has supported us, more than ever before. We are facing extraordinary times, but we are optimistic that together we will overcome the challenges and come out stronger.

Since 2015, Funzi has delivered the calming message of information and learning to millions of mobile users in many types of crises in collaboration with governments, the UN system, and third sector organizations. Our capability to deliver effective and motivating learning to all connected devices is unique. And hence, it is our responsibility to contribute to the fight against #covid19. Our intent is to do this on a systems-level globally while being locally relevant everywhere.

We have today launched the Funzi Future Pack. You can find it at funzi.mobi/go/futurepack It consists of four high-quality free mobile courses that equip the users with the skills needed during the crisis and for building a better future thereafter.

Get that future (created in collaboration with UNESCO): creating an understanding of the importance of our active role in building our futures.

Sustainable world (created in collaboration with UNDP & UNA Finland): increasing awareness of the challenges we are facing and how to make more sustainable choices after the crisis that will have a lasting impact.

Founder 101: inspiring entrepreneurial mindset and initiatives to lead the change for a brighter future.

Get that Job: enhancing livelihoods through job-seeking skills that enable users to discover their career path and become better versions of themselves at work.

We hope that the Funzi Future Pack can help bring solace during this difficult time. We hope that it will help you feel a little more connected to yourself and to the world around you. We hope that it will shed a glimmer of light so that you will meet tomorrow more hopeful about the possibilities.

Funzi is built for those who want to create a better future, to acquire the skills they need to build their dreams. And serving them is our purpose. Always.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay curious.

Your team at Funzi

Funzi Future Pack