Hacking at Otaniemi Innovation Alley on Espoo Day 29.8.2020

Experience moments in virtual EDU Hackathon Studio at Urban Mill

Espoo-päivän tapahtuma
Lauantai 29.8.2020 klo 13-15
Urban Mill, Betonimiehenkuja 3 E, 02150 Espoo

Koe kansainvälisen European Design Upgrade (EDU) -hankkeen virtuaalisen Hackathon for Creatives and Startups -tapahtuman inspiroiva ilmapiiri Urban Milliin Hackathonstudiossa. Pääset mm. seuraamaan isoilta näytöiltä miten designerit, suunnittelijat, taiteilijat ja yrittäjät laativat uusia konsepteja ja ideoita rajat ylittävissä kansainvälisissä tiimeissä. Tutustu samalla Urban Millin luovuutta ja innovaatioita ruokkiviin tiloihin ja palveluihin!

Hackathon-studio sijaitsee Urban Millin Cave-tilassa

The event is produced by Urban Mill Innovation Platform in collaboration with European Design Upgrade (EDU) programme co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

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Lisätietoa EDU Hackathonista ja -kurssista

European Design Upgrade: transnational capacity building

Concept https://edupgrade.design/en/

We have launched a new international project — European Design Upgrade (EDU) for a community of designers from Ukraine, Belgium, and Finland. Participants of our project will be able to implement their unique concepts and present them at the international level.

Many of the past creations which are now considered commonplace were bold discoveries at the time. Today, the need for design has grown more than ever. There is a demand for new sources of energy and food, the modern ways for the organization of urban life, the creation of new materials, and waste recycling require contemporary solutions. Polluted water and air, the emergence of new diseases, the loneliness of people in the information flow, the rapid development of digital technologies are difficult but important tasks to tackle for our society.

We see a huge potential in the evolution of creativity and design in our country. That is why the K.Fund, together with its Ukrainian partner GoLOCAL, Finnish partner Urban Mill and the Belgian Creative Brussels, launched the European Design Upgrade educational initiative.