Invitation to online Synbio talk on Thursday March 25th, 2021: IGEM, Driving Innovation in Synthetic Biology

Invitation from Urban Mill’s partner network

An event for students, researchers, entrepreneurs, and companies interested in learning more about International Genetically Engineered Machine (IGEM Foundation), their portfolio of projects in the Nordics, and possible pathways for future collaboration in the field of synthetic biology.

Time & Location
25 Mar, 14:00 – 15:30 EET
Online Event

You are warmly welcome to our second Synbio Talk! – an event series taking place every month where we talk about different topics related to synthetic biology. Our aim with these events is to build a stronger synbio community in Finland and beyond as well as to strengthen collaboration networks in the field of synthetic biology.

For this Synbio Talk taking place on Thursday, March 25th at 14:00 (EET), we will introduce IGEM and present some of the projects disseminated in the Nordics during the last couple years as part of the IGEM Competition. This is a perfect opportunity for students in Finland interested in opening up IGEM teams at their universities and for companies or individuals looking to collaborate with students in the field of synthetic biology.


14:00 – 14:10   Welcome and Synbio Powerhouse News
Manuel Arias, Interdisciplinary Researcher at VTT

14:10 – 15:00   IGEM – What is it, how it works, and project portfolio in the Nordics Capon Lamelas, iGEM Alliance Project Manager and Regional Head (EMEA) at iGEM EPIC

15:00 – 15:20   Q&A

15:20 – 15:30   Wrap-up


For any questions regarding the event you can contact Manuel Arias from Synbio Powerhouse.

Kind regards,

Manuel Arias and Tuula Palmén – Synbio Powerhouse

Feel free to share this invitation with those among your network who might also be interested in attending.

From Espoo Innovation Garden: Finnish company launches a new solution to prolong the lifecycle of clothes

Lagoom startup team announces:

“The fashion industry is responsible for a significant amount of waste and exhausting resources. The fast-fashion phenomenon not only creates environmental damage and fair trade issues, but also a culture of overbuying and throw-away.

Right now we are working on a start-up – Lagoom App, a collaboration between Tavarapilvi Oy and gaIoTa Oy. We are a multidisciplinary team of people from different cultural backgrounds and professional expertise but we all share a commitment to sustainability. Our core team consists of Aalto University’s students who are passionate about innovation.

As a part of sustainable fashion solution we empower consumers to be more responsible and contribute more to a sustainable lifestyle, we created Lagoom App. is a completely new way of recycling clothes securely. The solution enables an easy and clever way of creating one’s own community, making managing, buying and selling clothes straightforward. ”Lagoom is the Tinder of second-hand clothes,” says founder Jaakko Isohanni.

To create impact, we ask for your support to spread the word to anyone who you think might be interested in our app. This will be a tremendous support to our project. We truly appreciate your support and are looking forward to hearing from you!

Please visit our website for further information or contact me via if you have any questions.

Best wishes,

Linh Nguyen
On behalf of the Lagoom Team”

Read Lagoom’s PRESS RELEASE:
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Tikkurila at Urban Mill 25.-26.4.2019 – Innovating More Sustainable Future

Cross-functional group of Tikkurila employees were gathered together at Urban Mill for a two-day bootcamp on the 25th and 26th of April. The sponsors of the Innovation Accelerator -program, Tikkurila CEO Elisa Markula and Senior VP of Offering Meri Vainikka, visited also Urban Mill and gave very interesting speeches to encourage us to innovate new sustainable processes, products and services.

Prior to the bootcamp we arranged a global idea competition and the most promising ideas out of 85 good ones were then chosen to be further developed in the bootcamp. There were six 4-6 member teams working on these sustainable topics and developing them into concepts. The work continues in 3 half-day workshops and on the 14th of June there is a pitching event where the winner innovation idea is chosen.

Urban Mill as a place was great for innovation and it was easy to work in teams as there where many places to gather up as a group. Thank you for your hospitality and hopefully we get to come there to innovate again!


Text and photos: Jutta Järvinen, Customer & Market Insight Director, Tikkurila Group
Logo: Tikkurila Oyj

Learn to cook Spanish dishes like the Michelin stars chefs!

HoxTeamCompany from Mondragon Team Academy – LEINN (MTA) in collaboration with Basque Culinary Center (BCC), a world-leading academic institution, in the innovation and investigation of gastronomy and nutrition, created by Michelin-starred chefs, offers a live course and tasting in group of Spanish cuisine with all included.

You will learn how to cook yourself the local dishes, the history and secrets that hide such a rich gastronomical culture. Furthermore, you will taste the unique and traditional Spanish flavours. The lessons will be given live by video conference and supervised by Spanish specialists.

The course will be composed of three individual lessons:

  • 1st lesson 5th of February: Spanish paella
  • 2nd lesson 12th of February: Andalusian gazpacho and fried squid rings
  • 3rd lesson 19th of February: Rice with milk and Cod omelet

All the lessons will be from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

Get your tickets by clicking here!

The classes are arranged by HoxTeamCompany a young entrepeneur team from Spain collaborating with the world leading gastronomical university Basque Culinary Center.

The course is supported by Urban Mill and Sepon koulu (primary school)

30 Spanish students from Mondragon Team Academy (MTA) are forming on the degree of Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (LEINN). The students have their home base in Urban Mill in Espoo Innovation Garden during the weeks in Finland.

As part of their degree, they will be spending a month and a half in Finland, learning about the Finnish market and economy in order to create a bridge between both countries and have a social impact. As well as, in order to learn more about its educational methodology, innovation processes and entrepreneurship.

Spanish Students from Mondragon Team Academy Arrived to Urban Mill!


We are the lovely Spanish student LEINNers, 31 young entrepreneurs running our junior businesses here until 9th of November!!!

We come from MTA, a global community of team entrepreneurs piloting what radically transforming we could offer to companies, universities and young people in Finland and in Otaniemi.

Meet us at our booth in Urban Mill, which is our home base during our activities here in Finland!

Spanish Students from Mondragon Team Academy @ Urban Mill: WE WANT YOU TO MEET US!

This previous week just two young startups came to our Hub: Neemboo and 840 projects.

35 Spanish students from Mondragon Team Academy (MTA) are forming on the degree of Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (LEINN). The students have their home base in Urban Mill in Espoo Innovation Garden during the weeks in Finland.

As part of their degree, they will be spending a month and a half in Finland, learning about the Finnish market and economy in order to create a bridge between both countries and have a social impact. As well as, in order to learn more about its educational methodology, innovation processes and entrepreneurship.

For them to join our lovely community with a good step, they have decided to prepare an event for them to present us their learnings, by doing different projects they have and are working on since September. This Event will be taking place on Friday 23rd February at Urban Mill from 13:00 to 15:00 that will include a Spanish Food tasting for all the people that attend it. To be sure you get your place on this great event, you can confirm the attendance in here:

840 Projects

840 Projects mainly focus in the development of sustainable products that tries to fix the damage of one of the problems that has a big impact in the world right now, Over Consumption. For this, they have been working in projects like:

AATMA that means soul in Hindi, is a project that creates unique handbags that are made of recycled clothes that have a personal story that comes from the users of those cloths.

SadBoysClub have high quality hoodies with a exclusive and unique drops of limited new designs. This focuses more into everyone having their own unique style and at the same time feel that they are part of a community.


Neemboo is basically a close entrepreneurial enterprise of project management willing to learn more things everyday. They believe in innovative ways of helping people to change what they are used to, to motivate them to leave their comfort zone.

Closer and Hoop, with a sustainable style, are representing the authentic and simple design of comfortable accessories. They make sure that women’s empower is taken into account as well as equality and justice between all of us.

EXEX, with a brand new concept of exclusive experiences and products. It is platform that gives light to rural entrepreneurs that hold up great stories within them. It makes the customer feel this experience and focus on why they buy, making the world a more human place.

We encourage you to come and visit them! Do not hesitate to contact them:

840 Projects
+358 414722020

+358 46 5506376

Länsi-Suomi suuntaa rahoitusta kokeilukulttuurin mukaiseen toimintaan – haku 1.3. mennessä

Haussa uusia ratkaisuja, jotka tarttuvat kahteen yhteiskunnalliseen aiheeseen:

  • Maahanmuuttajat voimavarana ja kasvun mahdollistajana
  • Tasa-arvoa lisäävät menetelmät työttömien miesten työllistymisen edistäjinä

Länsi-Suomen rakennerahasto ELY on varannut 1.3.2017 päättyvässä ESR-haussa 500 000 euroa hankkeisiin, jotka tarttuvat etenkin näihin aiheisiin kokeilemalla kehittämisen keinoin.

Tämä erityinen  kokeilukulttuuri-osio on suunnattu pienille hankkeille, jotka testaavat uusia ratkaisuja käytännössä ja oppivat tuloksista. Mukaan voivat osallistua myös tahot, joille ESR-hankkeet ja -rahoitus eivät ole entuudestaan tuttuja, kuten yritykset ja pienet järjestöt. Hae mukaan 1.3. mennessä.

”Länsi-Suomen alue” tarkoittaa tässä tapauksessa Etelä-Pohjanmaan, Keski-Pohjanmaan, Keski-Suomen, Pirkanmaan, Pohjanmaan, Satakunnan ja Varsinais-Suomen maakuntia.

Kaikille ESR-haun kokeilukulttuuri-osiosta kiinnostuneille järjestetään hankkeiden hakemisen sekä toteuttamisen tueksi tapahtumia ja sparrausta. Katso lisää erilliseltä sivustolta

Tule 10.2.2017 Tampereelle kuulemaan lisää

Toiminnan käynnistää Tampereella järjestettävä kaikille avoin info- ja sparraustilaisuus 10.2.2017, klo 10-13 – tule mukaan! Osallistuminen on erityisen hyödyllistä, jos suunnittelet osallistumista tähän käynnissä olevaan hankehakuun. Ilmoittaudu Tampereen tilaisuuteen tästä.

Tulossa on myös hakijakohtaista sparrausta ja muuta toimintaa, joka tehdään hanketoimijoiden vertaisoppimista ja -tukea edistävän Temaattiset Torstait -toiminnan hengessä.

Tätä kutsua saa levittää!


ESR-hankehaku ja kokeilukulttuuri-osio: Antti Hänninen, Keski-Suomen ELY-keskus, 0295 024 661, sekä Länsi-Suomen ESR-yhteyshenkilöt

ESR TL 5 hankehakijat, osallisuustyö: Tanja Hirschovits-Gerz, Sokra / THL, 029 5247 954, sekä Veera Laurila, Sokra / THL, 029 524 6644,

Tapahtumat ja sparraus: Mikko Korpela, 0400 499 242,

Finnish & Estonian Public Service Top Executives Boot Camp at Urban Mill: Innovation needs government – Government needs innovation

Finnish and Estonian public sector leaders workshopped intensively in a two day boot camp held 3-4 March at Urban Mill in Aalto University Campus area in the heart of Espoo Innovation Garden.


Virpi Einola-Pekkinen, Head of development of Ministry of Finance in Finland blogs here about the ongoining cross border co-operation in management development between Finland and Estonia:

The idea of a joint development program for Public Service Top Executives derived from a situation where Estonian and Finnish government institutions responsible for executive development recognized the similarities in the core challenges their Top Executives were facing as well as the expectations they had to meet. In a context where we are facing the challenges of the “New Normal” characterised by slow economic growth, high unemployment, higher volatility and level of uncertainty, Estonia and Finland need to prepare for new challenges by maximising their limited human and financial resources and accelerating innovation in public service.

Whole-of-Government Approach is needed in both countries

According to the OECD public governance reviews of Estonia (2011) and Finland (2010), one of the key challenges for public administration of both countries is to achieve a single government approach and work together with a society as a whole. The future success depends largely on the ability to tackle cross-ministerial challenges. Hence, strategic planning and finding innovative approaches in everyday work should cross the areas of responsibility.

WP_20150303_001However, cutting the traditional administrative and sectorial boundaries and replacing them with collaborative bridges with other organisations, requires a change in organisational culture and guides the leaders of public administration to work in new ways. A whole-of-government approach requires a new level of cooperation and collaboration across the public administration as well as between other stakeholders. Public sector needs its leaders to initiate the desired changes, come up with new ways of cooperation and together create a culture that would make innovation happen. As the whole-of-government approach is set as a priority both in Estonia and Finland, also the current development program aims to encourage the horizontal co-ordination and collaborative leadership in the process of innovative policy design and implementation.

Lue loppuun

Call for Companies is Open –– Peloton Smart Retro Acceleration Program

Have you got a product or a service for the urban dwellers?
Can you make our cities radically smarter, more sustainable and attractive?
Here’s a fast way to develop and find partners to test and hit the market.

Peloton Smart Retro Acceleration Program is for companies and teams with innovations that can change the way we live in the cities. The part-time program offers a unique access to corporate and public partnerships, mentors, user communities and spaces in urban testbed areas. The programme runs from 4th December 2014 to end of May 2015. The application for startups and entrepreneurs is open until 30th of October – apply now! Find out below what Peloton Smart Retro Acceleration program has to offer.

Urban Mill Open Innovation Platform Orchestration Model

Urban Mill Orchestration model was presented and discussed at ”Aalto – Nonaka Workshop: Ba & Flow in Regional Innovation Ecosystems” at Design Factory 22.8.2014.

Workshop was organized by EUE programme members in collaboration with Professor Ikurijo Nonaka and CKIR at Aalto University.  Worksghop introduced e.g. the Energizing Urban Ecosystems EUE Research School concept.

Kari Mikkelä presented their ongoing EUE research. Urban Mill Service Concept properties were reflected within the  ”Value Orchestration Platform for Business and Communities” framework introduced by prof. Kyoichi Jim Kijima.


Other topics included:

  • Professor Ikurijo Nonaka: Recent thinking and experiences on Ba & Flow
  • Markku Markkula: Special focus on the Espoo Innovation Garden as a EU forerunner. The ecosystem described and analyzed from different perspectives

Whole programme here:  Aalto-Nonaka WS 22.8.2014 programme