Aalto University Sustainability report 2021 has been published

”Science, technology and arts play an important role in solving global sustainability problems. Aalto University’s strength is its strong multidisciplinary approach to humanity’s greatest challenges, such as environmental crises. Aalto’s new sustainability report highlights some of the key sustainability actions taken by Aalto University in 2021.

Aalto’s most substantial sustainability impact arises from multidisciplinary research, teaching, and sustainable development solutions that apply research results in practice.

‘The time window for solving the biggest environmental crises that humanity is facing is getting narrower. Aalto and other universities play a key role in solving these crises. We must join forces more efficiently than before across school, university and organisational boundaries’, says Jussi Impiö, Head of Sustainability Solutions at Aalto University.

Aalto’s sustainability report 2021 summarises the key sustainable development actions taken at Aalto in the areas of research, teaching and societal impact, and on campus.

A sustainable society is not the outcome of scientific discoveries and technological innovations alone. We also need stability and a well-functioning economy.

Science and arts help us understand the complex world around us and challenge our ways of thinking. Together, they create new knowledge and perspectives which we need more than ever to solve complex global challenges.

‘Innovations must be understandable and acceptable to people. Arts and design help us achieve this’, Impiö says.”

DOWNLOAD THE REPORT: www.aalto.fi/sites/g/files/flghsv161/files/2022-04/Vastuullisuusraportti%202021%20VALMIS.pdf

Aalto Digital Creatives pre-incubator program: Open call for creative industry applications / projects – join info session 14.3.2022

From Aalto Startup Center:

💡 If you want to have the chance to further explore your creative ideas, join our INFO session on Monday 14th March, 15.00-16.00. Aalto Startup Center lounge, AGrid 1st floor, Otakaari 5, 02150 Espoo

We will be serving coffee and pulla! Register here 👉https://bit.ly/3CkRR0Q to secure your place

💎 Our pre-incubator program is aimed at digital creatives who have an idea that combines creativity with new technologies. You don’t need to have previous business experience to join the program! 

💛 For turning your unique idea into a sustainable entrepreneurial initiative, Aalto Startup Center’s business advisors and a strong-build innovation ecosystem will support you. 
➡️ Follow our social media accounts on LinkedIn and Instagram https://lnkd.in/gdaCS2uN , Facebook https://lnkd.in/g9UfBWtb and check out our website.  

💫 Apply NOW and until March 23rd here 🔗digitalcreatives.aalto.fi


The new pre-incubator program by Aalto Startup Center and Aalto Studios aims to strengthen the creative industries in innovation and entrepreneurial activities. The program targets projects where creativity is combined with new digital technologies.

Aalto University expresses its support to Ukraine

Letter from the President of Aalto University 2.3.2022:

Dear Aalto University alumni,

Aalto University expresses its support to Ukraine and its academic community. We agree with the position of the Finnish State and the EU, condemning Russia’s military operations.

Our thoughts and sympathy go to our Ukrainian alumni, employees, students and their loved ones. We have contacted all Ukrainian students at Aalto University as well as the Ukrainian members of the Aalto staff, in order to offer them support. We have also verified that no members of the Aalto community are currently in Ukraine either on work assignments or as exchange students.

We will adhere to the guidelines of the Finnish State on research, education and student exchange cooperation with Russia. We will also adhere to decisions made internationally, such as any changes to European exchange programmes. Until further notice, we will not enter into new agreements or launch new collaborative projects with Russia.

Regardless of the critical situation and our nationalities, we are all members of the Aalto community where every individual is equally important and valued.

With best regards,
Ilkka Niemelä

Webinar 19.1.2022: Decision support for reaching Net Zero


From Aalto Networking Platform:

Energy Modelling Series | Seminar 1/2022

Decision support for reaching Net Zero

19.1.2022 0930-1130

Jussi Nokkala | Director, Sustainability & Climate change leader | PwC Finland
Tommi Ekholm | Research professor, Climate change mitigation | Finnish Meteorological Institute
Kimmo Vilske | Partner, Energy utilities & resources leader | PwC Finland

In this event, we will review approaches to supporting decision making for reaching net zero carbon outcomes, focusing on marginal abatement cost curves (MACC). Jussi Nokkala from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) will consider how corporate approaches to climate change have shifted from climate reporting to climate reduction plans. He will then explain the MACC approach at PwC can support these carbon emissions reductions.

Tommi Ekholm from the Finnish Meteorological Institute will then give a commentary on MACC methodology from an academic perspective and how this can be used to support policymaking for a net zero carbon future. After this overview of MACC from corporate and academic perspectives,

Kimmo Vilske from PwC will explain the concrete outcomes of corporate emission reduction plans, looking at resulting projects and transactions for low carbon energy systems. Overall the event will inform the audience on the tools to support decision making for a net zero future, their application in different contexts, and the resulting outcomes.

This event will be held as a Zoom webinar.  Register here. 

We look forward to seeing you online on January 19th

Hosted by: 

Prof Fabricio Oliveira, Systems Analysis Laboratory, Aalto University 

Dr Sam Cross, Manager – Energy, Aalto Networking Platform 

SystemsChange.now – Climate change as a systemic problem –course in periods III-IV 

Are you interested in climate change, and willing to learn about it from a systemic point of view? 

Aalto and three other universities are again organizing a multi-disciplinary course SystemsChange.now on how to apply systems thinking in the context of climate change,in periods III-IV, 2022. The course offers an introduction to systems analysis and mathemathical modelling, investigation of climate models, and study of human systems via a negotiation simulation. 

This master-level, 5 credits course is held as an online course 19.1.-23.3.2021 and co-hosted by teachers from four universities (Aalto, Helsinki, Tampere and Turku universities). The course is open for all students regardless their study background. SystemsChange.now is part of Climate University courses.  

Please find more information on the course below and register in Sisu by January 10th.  

Welcome to the course! 

SystemsChange.now 2022 team  More information on Aalto course: Sanna-Liisa.Sihto-Nissila@aalto.fi


Espoon kaupunki kutsuu Robottibussiseminaariin to 25.11.2021 klo 9–12: näkökulmia liikenteen tulevaisuuteen

Robobussit Espoossa 31.10.2021 JOK_6160Espoo SDG logo

Aalto Design Factory, The Stage -tila, Betonimiehenkuja 5 C, Otaniemi, Espoo

Seminaarissa esitellään syksyn aikana Espoossa alkaneiden robottibussikokeilujen ja -selvitysten tuloksia sekä keskustellaan robottibussien tulevaisuudesta kaupunkiympäristössä. Robottibussikokeiluissa on selvitetty, miten automaattisen liikenteen tunnettuutta voidaan edistää, kuinka robottibusseilla voidaan parantaa joukkoliikenteen kustannustehokkuutta ja miten robottibussit vaikuttavat joukkoliikenteen esteettömyyteen. Lisätietoa robottibussikokeiluista löydät täältä.

Robottibussiseminaari – näkökulmia liikenteen tulevaisuuteen -tapahtuma on osa 6Aika: Vähähiilinen liikkuminen liikennehubeissa -hanketta.


8:30–9:00 Aamiaistarjoilu

9:00 Tervetulosanat

  • Visio ja kehityspolku: Mari Päätalo, Espoon kaupunki
  • Robottibussikokeilut ja selvitykset toteuttaneiden Ramboll Finland Oy:n, WSP Finland Oy:n, Roboride Oy:n ja Sitowise Oyj:n puheenvuorot.
  • Keskustelua
  • AutoMod-hankkeen terveiset: Kati Borgers, Espoon kaupunki

12:00 Tilaisuus päättyy. Mahdollisuus jäädä lounaalle verkostoitumaan ja jatkamaan keskustelua.

Ilmoittaudu mukaan tästä linkistä. Toivomme ilmoittautumisia 18.11.2021 mennessä.

Kutsun saa välittää eteenpäin. Ohjelmaa tarkennetaan lähempänä tapahtumaa. Mahdollisia lisätietoja tilaisuudesta saa allekirjoittaneelta tai Tuomas Kiuru: tuomas.kiuru@espoo.fi, +358 40 552 2646.

Lämpimästi tervetuloa mukaan!

Minna Salaspuro
projektikoordinaattori, vähäpäästöinen ja älykäs liikenne
040 636 8978

Espoon kaupunki
Kestävän kehityksen osaamiskeskus

Launch event for the 5G Mökki Network and Workshop on 14 October

Published: by Aalto University 5.10.2021

Photo: Aalto University / Matti Ahlgren

Mark Wednesday 14 October 2021 from 13:00 to 15:00 (EEST) on your calendar and participate online! See the exciting event programme and register here.

What is Mökki?

Come and hear more about the new learning environment that will change the world. You can also come up with ideas and participate in designing content and programmes for Mökki that can help many people. Mökki has been developed to quickly take the latest knowledge and expertise to where it is needed – or better: Mökki helps create interaction between different actors in order to learn and develop something new. Mökki has been created to promote sustainable development. New technologies will also play a role in future learning environments and development.

Mökki means a variety of things. Mökki is still in its fledgling stages. Come and help it grow. It may lead you to new and incredible pathways. Come and leave your own mark on Mökki!

5G Mökki is a place to:

  • enjoy yourself and do what you want
  • drop by, experience things, find new interests
  • meet people you know and new people from your own campus, and other campuses and companies
  • learn quickly about 5G and other new technologies, and apply them immediately
  • gain insights and invent something new
  • present demos, projects and campaigns, and hold quick info sessions.

More officially 5G Mökki:

  • is a new tool for bringing and creating fast-paced information and content for universities and companies. It encourages people to develop their knowledge and expertise related to new technologies, such as 5G, AI, VR/AR, Blockchain, and helps companies and other organisations to deploy the new knowledge quickly and flexibly.
  • connects universities/universities of applied sciences, companies and other organisations more closely, in direct and immersive interaction.
  • offers companies an easy and fast way to find new technology experts and to launch development projects.

With the help of Mökki, companies and other organisations gain a competitive advantage and enhance their productivity through the latest technology. This, in turn, encourages the employment of new experts and successful career and entrepreneurship paths.

The Mökki concept is based on the work of a number of leading technology professionals and top companies and universities.

The first 5G campuses in the world are Nokia Corporation Garage, Espoo, Aalto University Design Factory, Espoo; Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK), Hämeenlinna; South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (Xamk), Kouvola and Mikkeli; Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Vantaa. The Mökki network is currently expanding nationally and internationally.

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Urban Mill muuttaa Design Factoryyn 1.10.2021 – Urban Mill moves to Design Factory on October 1, 2021

Kiitämme kaikkia jäseniämme, yhteistyökumppaneitamme, ja asiakkaitamme upeista vuosista 2013 – 2021, jotka olemme saaneet jakaa kanssanne Urban Mill –yhteistoimintatilassa Betonimiehenkuja 3:ssa. Näistä vuosista voisi kirjoittaa tuhansia tarinoita. Ja tarinoita tullaan vielä kokoamaankin! Vaikka yhteinen luomuksemme, Otaniemen rouhein innovaatiopaja, alueen yhteinen ”olohuone” siirtyy nyt historiaan, uutta luova yhteisömme ja sen henki eivät poistu mihinkään. Ne ponnistavat edelleen Otaniemen innovaatiokujalta tulevaisuuteen uuden monipaikkaisen ja hybridin palvelumallimme tukemana ja siivittäminä. Vuoden lopulla juhlistamme sekä mennyttä että tulevaa järjestämällä innovaatiokujalla Get together – tilaisuuden kaikille nykyisille ja entisille mylläreille, joten pysy kuulolla!

We would like to thank all our members, partners, and customers for the wonderful years 2013 – 2021, which we have been able to share with you at the Urban Mill co-working and co-creation platform at Betonimiehenkuja 3. Thousands of stories could be written about these years. And we promise to collect these stories later! Although the roughest innovation space & “living room” in Otaniemi, co-created by all of us together, is now going down in history, our innovative community and its spirit will not go away. They will continue to strive from Otaniemi Innovation Alley to the future, supported and driven by our new multi-location and hybrid service model. At the end of the year, we will celebrate both the past and the future by organizing a Get together event for all current and former millers at Otaniemi Innovation Alley, so stay tuned!

Terveisin / with Best Regards

Kari, Lars, Marjukka, Tomi ja muu Myllyn väki!


Palvelumallimme muuttuessa siirrämme kotipesämme pihan yli naapurimme ja pitkäaikaisen yhteistyökumppanimme Aalto Design Factoryn tiloihin. Uusi osoitteemme on 1.10.2021 lähtien:

Urban Mill Innovation Platform
Betonimiehenkuja 5 C
02150 Espoo

Siirrymme uuteen palvelumalliin, koska se vahvistaa mahdollisuuksiamme keskittää voimavaramme entistä paremmin kumppaneidemme ja asiakkaidemme palvelemiseen strategisella painopistealueellamme, joka on edelleen Creative Sustainable City.

Muutoksen taustalla on myös koronapandemia, joka pakotti meidät muuttumaan, sillä kokoontumisrajoitusten myötä oman ison kohtaamistilan operointi ja ylläpito ei enää ollut taloudellisesti kestävällä pohjalla. Business Finlandin myöntämä koronarahoitus mahdollisti uusien palvelujen kehittämisen ja pilotoinnin 2020-2021.


  • Välitämme Otaniemi-Keilaniemi innovaatioekosysteemin tuottamaa tietoa ja osaamista alueen ulkopuolelle. Fasilitoimme alueen osaajien ja alueen osaamista tarvitsevien toimijoiden yhteisten kehityshankkeiden syntyä sekä fyysisesti että digitaalisesti.
  • Tuemme asiakkaitamme virtuaalitapahtumien järjestämisessä, tuotamme avointa sisältöä yhdessä kumppaniemme kanssa, järjestämme hybridivierailuja alueelle ja fasilitoimme toiminnastamme kumpuvien uusien virtuaalitiimien syntyä ja työskentelyä.
  • Tavoitteenamme on kertoa kattavasti alueen moninaisista mahdollisuuksista, parantaa alueen tutkimus-, kehitys- ja kokeilutoiminnan globaali tarjoutuvuutta ja edistää näin erityisesti kestävää kehitystä tukevien ja luovaa osaamista hyödyntävien uusien yritysten ja yhteisöjen syntyä.

Toivomme, että uusi konseptimme palvelee myös sinua ja organisaatiotasi. Ota yhteyttä ja kerro olisiko sinulla jo jotain tarpeita mielessäsi?

Kari Mikkelä, +358 50 500 4048, kari.mikkela@urbanmill.fi
Lars Miikki, +358 40 503 6630, lars.miikki@urbanmill.fi

HUOM! Muutoksen myötä olemme luopuneet omien tapahtumatilojen operoinnista ja ylläpidosta Betonimiehenkuja 3 E -kiinteistössä. Voit tehdä aikamatkan ”vanhan” Urban Millin tiloihin alla olevasta linkistä, joka vie yhteistyökumppanimme Aalto-yliopiston Mittauksen ja mallinnuksen instituutin (MeMo) viime joulukuussa tekemään Urban Millin virtuaalimalliin: https://modus3djournal.fi/demot/urban-mill/ tai selailemalla Dutch Design Week 2020 esittelyämme: https://www.thinglink.com/video/1377992839434076161.


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Aalto students adding to the biodiversity of Otaniemi – Honey extracted at Urban Mill on Sunday

Honey harvest Sunday 🍯! The Test Site’s little workers finished their part for the season and the produce is ready. We spent a couple of hours at the Urban Mill on 22.8.2021 doing the honey harvesting.

The Test Site Honey started off as part of a project at the ”How to change the world” course about 2 years ago. The project spun off to the Test Site adding to the biodiversity of the area 🌺. The garden group at the site planted plenty of flowers for the bees to pollinate so we have high hopes for some delicious honey 💛.

As the new school year is about to start, we are planning on setting up a stand at the Test-Site where you can fill your own jar. Follow Aalto Test-Site on Instagram for the latest announcements: https://www.instagram.com/aaltotestsite/

Text: Festa Isufi
Photos: Senni Alho

Invitation: Smart Urban Energy – Discover Otaniemi! 10.6.2021

To whom?
– Urban Energy Ecosystem actors
– To accelerate Urban Energy Ecosystems Services uptake
– Strengthen collaboration within and with Otaniemi innovation ecosystem

Join the event to discuss this hot topic together with industry experts, researchers, entrepreneurs and policy makers. In the event you will also hear some of the latest findings from novel Smart Energy research. The event is free of charge.

Register here: https://discover-otaniemi-june2021.in.howspace.com

Smart Urban Energy  Discover Otaniemi!
10.6.2021 at 14:00 – 17:00 (EEST)
Zoom & Howspace



  • Pasi Laitala, Director of Sustainable development at City of Espoo
  • Janne Laine, Vice President, Innovation, at Aalto University
  • Erja Turunen, Executive Vice President, Smart industry and energy systems at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
  • Jari Jokinen, CEO, Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK


  • CO2 emission reductions with sector coupling of electricity and district heat, Matti Lehtonen, Professor, Power Systems and High Voltage Engineering at Aalto University
  • Aalto Center for Autonomous Systems and Aalto Autonomous Car, Ville Kyrki, Associate Professor, Intelligent Mobile Machines, Aalto University
  • Practical tools to solve the last mile challenge of decarbonisation, Antti Arasto, Vice President, Industrial energy and hydrogen at VTT


  • Helena Sarén, Head of Smart Energy at Business Finland and Chairperson at Nordic Energy Research
  • Ecosystems: from Value Creation to Value Capture, Sari Kola, Entrepreneur and co-author of Ecosystem Handbook, Innovaatiotohtori.fi


  • Aalto Works Bloc: low-carbon heating and cooling system, Antti Säynäjoki, Development Manager, Aalto University Campus & Real Estate
  • How to build sustainable and resilient energy networks, Simo Säynevirta, Vice President, Digital Lead, ABB
  • LuxTurrim5G ecosystem for Smart Urban Energy, Juha Salmelin, Ecosystem Leader at Nokia
  • Sustainable Energy Positive & Zero Carbon Communities (SPARCS): Elina Wanne, Development manager, Sustainability, City of Espoo


  • City of Espoo • Tampereen kaupungin kasvupalvelut • Oulu Startup Incubator Oy • EnergyVaasa • Lappeenranta Greenreality


  • Smart Otaniemi 2.0, hosted by Sanna Öörni, Co-Creation Manager at VTT and Tatu Koljonen, Executive in Residence at Aalto University
  • Sustainable City of Espoo – Building ecosystems together, hosted by Mari Päätalo, Development Manager, Sustainability, City of Espoo
  • Aalto EIT Services, hosted by EIT experts and project managers Zoltan Javor and Petri Allekotte
  • Aalto Startup Center’s Ecosystem, Marika Paakkala, Head of Aalto Startup Center 
  • TEK – Community of  Professionals, hosted by Jussi-Pekka Teini, Engineering Sustainability at Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK


  • Introduction by Samuel Cross, Manager for Energy, Aalto Networking Platform
  •  Clean Heat Otaniemi challenge
    • Books like it Hot! Tony Salomaa, M.Sc. student, Aalto University
    • SolarVenue – Heat in the moment, Doctoral student Tero Koivunen, M.Sc. Irina Safonova, and M.Sc. student Abhishek Dahiya, Aalto University
  • Helsinki Energy Challenge – Beyond Fossils, Tomi J. Lindroos, Senior scientist, VTT



FACILITATORS: Sami Kazi, VTT and Elina Wanne, City of Espoo

With this event, free of charge, we want to get you access to new knowledge, practical experiences, contacts and collaboration opportunities. Not to forget new creative insights it may trigger!

Register here: https://discover-otaniemi-june2021.in.howspace.com

Event page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/285711793340634/

The event is jointly organized by City of Espoo, 6Aika: Ecosystems of Growth-project, Business Espoo, Enter Espoo, Aalto University, Aalto Networking Platform, Aalto Startup Center, Aalto EIT Services, Aalto Design Factory, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Smart Otaniemi, Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK, Urban Mill Innovation Platform and CRESCENDO@CC project. Producer: Urban Mill Innovation Platform, Otaniemi, Betonimiehenkuja 3E, 02150 Espoo, Finland.

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