Funzi Future Pack launched! Four high-quality free mobile courses that equip the users with the skills needed during the crisis and for building a better future thereafter.

Dear Funzi community,

During these challenging times of uncertainty, we want to reach out and let you know that we are committed to our mission, to you – our learners, and the incredible community that has supported us, more than ever before. We are facing extraordinary times, but we are optimistic that together we will overcome the challenges and come out stronger.

Since 2015, Funzi has delivered the calming message of information and learning to millions of mobile users in many types of crises in collaboration with governments, the UN system, and third sector organizations. Our capability to deliver effective and motivating learning to all connected devices is unique. And hence, it is our responsibility to contribute to the fight against #covid19. Our intent is to do this on a systems-level globally while being locally relevant everywhere.

We have today launched the Funzi Future Pack. You can find it at It consists of four high-quality free mobile courses that equip the users with the skills needed during the crisis and for building a better future thereafter.

Get that future (created in collaboration with UNESCO): creating an understanding of the importance of our active role in building our futures.

Sustainable world (created in collaboration with UNDP & UNA Finland): increasing awareness of the challenges we are facing and how to make more sustainable choices after the crisis that will have a lasting impact.

Founder 101: inspiring entrepreneurial mindset and initiatives to lead the change for a brighter future.

Get that Job: enhancing livelihoods through job-seeking skills that enable users to discover their career path and become better versions of themselves at work.

We hope that the Funzi Future Pack can help bring solace during this difficult time. We hope that it will help you feel a little more connected to yourself and to the world around you. We hope that it will shed a glimmer of light so that you will meet tomorrow more hopeful about the possibilities.

Funzi is built for those who want to create a better future, to acquire the skills they need to build their dreams. And serving them is our purpose. Always.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay curious.

Your team at Funzi

Funzi Future Pack

Welcome to VIRTUAL Smart Otaniemi Open Doors Day!

Application form: SmartUp Accelerator 2020 (Smart Consumption)

Are you working on solutions to reduce the environmental impact and resource consumption of the things we do in our daily lives, as part of a startup/SME based in Finland?

Are you working on for example on:

– Sharing economy solutions
– Reducing/eliminating food waste
– Circular economy solutions
– Awareness raising/nudging solutions

Apply to the 2020 edition of the one-of-a-kind SmartUp Accelerator to get help in propelling your business! You’ll receive tailored support from amazing mentors and partners, take part in an expenses-paid bootcamp in Berlin and get connected to potential clients and investors.

Application is open until February 12.


Aalto University announces: Has the Circular Economy-bug bit you?

Via Aalto Sustainability Hub:

”Are you looking for a multidisciplinary and hands-on experience course on how to (Re)design processes, products and services in the value chain?

Do you want to know how to create an environmentally sustainable business model out of unforeseen problematics?

Then our course Circular Economy Design Forum (CHEM-E6215) is the right place to be. During 6-weeks you will define in and international and multicultural environment a problematic, propose a solution and build your own business case to solve it.

Have you been into a real recycling facility or know the real cost of recycling operations? You are in luck because we have a visit Kuusakoski Oy recycling operations in a day-long excursion!

Enrollment already started, Don’t miss your place!

For more information, please contact:

Prof. Rodrigo Serna,
Omar Velazquez

Aalto University, Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering”

Iloisia kierrätys- ja lajittelu-uutisia – Muovi kiertoon Urban Millissä! Positive recycling news – Plastic packages will be recycled at Urban Mill!

Iloisia kierrätys- ja lajittelu-uutisia!

Kiinteistömme on valittu pilottikohteeksi  Aalto CRE:n järjestämään muovipakkausten erilliskeräykseen. Tavoitteena on parantaa kierrätysastetta ja näin pienentää jätehuollon hiilijalanjälkeä sekä jätehuoltokustannuksia. Samalla myös lajittelu yksinkertaistuu.

Huomioithan, että muovipakkausten erilliskeräys muuttaa lajittelua:

Kiinteistön energiajäteastia säilytetään yritysmuoveja sekä puujätettä varten. Uudet jätejakeet, kuluttajamuovipakkaukset ja kartonki, lajitellaan jatkossa omiin astioihinsa.

Näiden keräyspisteet löytyvät talon sisältä taukotilojen yhteydestä. Kierrätettäviä muovipakkauksia ovat lähes kaikki muovin kuluttajapakkaukset, kuten eväsrasiat, kertakäyttöruokailuvälineet ja muovipussit. Paperisia etikettejä esimerkiksi jugurttipurkkien ympäriltä ei tarvitse poistaa, mutta huuhtelethan epäpuhtaudet muovipurkeista pienellä määrällä kylmää vettä.

Kartonkiin kuuluvat esimerkiksi kertakäyttökahvikupit ja kauppojen salaattibaarien kartonkiastiat.

Tarkemman lajitteluohjeen löydät keräysastian vierestä.

Keräyksen yhteistyökumppanina ovat L&T ja Fortumin muovinkeräyslaitos. Kierrätetystä muovista valmistetaan muun muassa kastelukannuja, kukkalaatikoita, ämpäreitä ja saaveja.

Pilotti kestää vuoden 2019 loppuun asti. Tarkoituksena on myöhemmin laajentaa kokeilu pysyväksi ratkaisuksi koko kampukselle.

Lisätietoja antaa: Aalto CRE/ Tanja Pietikäinen,

Positive recycling news!

Our building has been selected to take part in a pilot for recycling plastic packaging material organised by Aalto CRE. The aim is to encourage recycling, reduce our carbon footprint and minimise management costs. Sorting waste will be made easier as well.

Please note that the collection of plastic packaging waste will change how waste should be sorted:

The energy waste bin will remain for plastic waste from businesses and waste wood.  Two new waste bins will take the energy waste bin’s place: one for plastic packaging and one for recycling cardboard.

The bins are located inside the building near the break room. Most consumer packaging, such as lunch containers, disposable utensils and plastic bags, can be recycled. There is no need to remove, for example, the paper labels around yoghurt cups. However, please do rinse the packaging with a small amount of cold water, if there is any food residue etc. in them.

The cardboard recycling bin is intended for things like cardboard coffee cups or cardboard food containers from salad bars.

More detailed sorting instructions can be found near the waste bins.

The collection is organised in cooperation with L&T and Fortum’s Plastic Refinery. Recycled plastic is used to make watering cans and other plastic garden products, for example.

The pilot will be ongoing until the end of 2019. Later on, the aim is to extend the pilot to be a permanent part of waste management throughout the campus area.