City of Espoo is a finalist in the Earth Hour City Challenge -competition

Press release from the City of Espoo, Finland  26 January 2015

City of Espoo is a finalist in the Earth Hour City Challenge -competition

The Energy Information Service took Espoo to the finals of WWF’s international Earth Hour City Challenge competition. The Energy Information System is a web service that helps property owners to identify renewable energy sources for buildings. In the Energy Information Service, the user – such as a resident, property manager, renewable energy equipment supplier, property owner or real estate investor – can compare the costs of different energy forms and production possibilities within their own property.

The goal of the competition is to determine the pioneer cities in fighting climate change. The competition especially emphasised the cities’ ability to guide investments into sustainable targets. The role of cities in fighting climate change is central since over 70% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions are generated in cities.

“With the help of the Energy Information Service, we want to distribute impartial information on changing the heating method to renewable energy – easily and effortlessly! We hope that this application will improve awareness among Espoo’s property owners on the heating method choices and increase the demand for renewable energy solutions in our area,” says Energy Engineer Niina Laasonen.

Approximately one fifth of properties within Espoo are heated with electricity or fossil fuels. The share of electricity and fossil fuels in heating housing is up to 30%.

Since 2008, Espoo’s climate change action plan has led to some exciting sustainable developments. But Espoo is always looking to improve. To meet its ambitious 2030 target – reducing carbon intensity by 39% – the city is now working on options for renewable energy sources.

Further information on the Energy Information Service

The winning city will be announced April 9th

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