Iloisia kierrätys- ja lajittelu-uutisia – Muovi kiertoon Urban Millissä! Positive recycling news – Plastic packages will be recycled at Urban Mill!

Iloisia kierrätys- ja lajittelu-uutisia!

Kiinteistömme on valittu pilottikohteeksi  Aalto CRE:n järjestämään muovipakkausten erilliskeräykseen. Tavoitteena on parantaa kierrätysastetta ja näin pienentää jätehuollon hiilijalanjälkeä sekä jätehuoltokustannuksia. Samalla myös lajittelu yksinkertaistuu.

Huomioithan, että muovipakkausten erilliskeräys muuttaa lajittelua:

Kiinteistön energiajäteastia säilytetään yritysmuoveja sekä puujätettä varten. Uudet jätejakeet, kuluttajamuovipakkaukset ja kartonki, lajitellaan jatkossa omiin astioihinsa.

Näiden keräyspisteet löytyvät talon sisältä taukotilojen yhteydestä. Kierrätettäviä muovipakkauksia ovat lähes kaikki muovin kuluttajapakkaukset, kuten eväsrasiat, kertakäyttöruokailuvälineet ja muovipussit. Paperisia etikettejä esimerkiksi jugurttipurkkien ympäriltä ei tarvitse poistaa, mutta huuhtelethan epäpuhtaudet muovipurkeista pienellä määrällä kylmää vettä.

Kartonkiin kuuluvat esimerkiksi kertakäyttökahvikupit ja kauppojen salaattibaarien kartonkiastiat.

Tarkemman lajitteluohjeen löydät keräysastian vierestä.

Keräyksen yhteistyökumppanina ovat L&T ja Fortumin muovinkeräyslaitos. Kierrätetystä muovista valmistetaan muun muassa kastelukannuja, kukkalaatikoita, ämpäreitä ja saaveja.

Pilotti kestää vuoden 2019 loppuun asti. Tarkoituksena on myöhemmin laajentaa kokeilu pysyväksi ratkaisuksi koko kampukselle.

Lisätietoja antaa: Aalto CRE/ Tanja Pietikäinen,

Positive recycling news!

Our building has been selected to take part in a pilot for recycling plastic packaging material organised by Aalto CRE. The aim is to encourage recycling, reduce our carbon footprint and minimise management costs. Sorting waste will be made easier as well.

Please note that the collection of plastic packaging waste will change how waste should be sorted:

The energy waste bin will remain for plastic waste from businesses and waste wood.  Two new waste bins will take the energy waste bin’s place: one for plastic packaging and one for recycling cardboard.

The bins are located inside the building near the break room. Most consumer packaging, such as lunch containers, disposable utensils and plastic bags, can be recycled. There is no need to remove, for example, the paper labels around yoghurt cups. However, please do rinse the packaging with a small amount of cold water, if there is any food residue etc. in them.

The cardboard recycling bin is intended for things like cardboard coffee cups or cardboard food containers from salad bars.

More detailed sorting instructions can be found near the waste bins.

The collection is organised in cooperation with L&T and Fortum’s Plastic Refinery. Recycled plastic is used to make watering cans and other plastic garden products, for example.

The pilot will be ongoing until the end of 2019. Later on, the aim is to extend the pilot to be a permanent part of waste management throughout the campus area.

Tervetuloa tutustumaan Suomen syvimpien reikien poraustyömaahan!

Avoimet ovet St1:n geotermisen pilottilämpölaitoksen poraustyömaalla Otaniemessä tiistaina 26.4. klo 13 – 18

St1 rakentaa Suomen ensimmäisen geotermisen pilottilämpölaitoksen Espoon Otaniemeen. Seitsemän kilometrin syvyisten lämpökaivojen poraaminen kallioperään on kohta alkamassa. Yleisöllä on 26.4. klo 13 – 18 ainutlaatuinen tilaisuus tutustua työmaahan ja paikalle rakennettuun jättikokoiseen porausjärjestelmään ennen töiden käynnistymistä (osoite: Sähkömiehentie 2, 02150 Espoo).

Tervetuloa työmaalle!

Suosittelemme saapumista julkisella liikenteellä.



Welcome to visit the construction site of geothermal deep heat!

Open House at St1’s geothermal pilot heat plant construction site at Otaniemi on Tuesday the 26th of April at 1 – 6 pm. Address: Sähkömiehentie 2, 02150 Espoo.

St1 is building Finland’s first pilot heat plant running on geothermal energy at Otaniemi, Espoo. The drilling starts soon – seven kilometres into the bedrock of Espoo – deeper than ever before in Finland.

Now there is a unique opportunity to see the construction site and the giant drilling system before the drilling starts.

We recommend to come by public transport.



Product Design Gala tomorrow 22.5.2015 at Design Factory and Urban Mill!

Date – 22/05/2015

Presentation Day 21.5. 2015 video stream from 10 am to 5 pm:

Aalto Design Factory & Urban Mill

Welcome to the Product Design Gala 2015!

Are business, design, engineering or innovations close to your heart? Would you be interested to see what an interdisciplinary team can accomplish in a year together with industry partners and university mentors?

We welcome you to fall in love with the results of our interdisciplinary Product Development Project -teams in the Product Design Gala on May 22th at Aalto Design Factory & Urban Mill!

The student teams from Aalto University have been working hard for the whole year to complete their design challenges given by industrial companies and other collaborating parties. In the public exhibition you’ll have the possibility to get familiar with the teams as well as with their amazing prototypes.

This year the teams were sponsored by the following companies: ABB, Airbus, Audi, City of Espoo, Comnet/Ericsson, Fortum, GE Healthcare, Innovamo, KONE, Konecranes, Lindström, Norpe, Stalatube, Unicef, Valmet and Wärtsilä.

In addition, we have three student teams working on their own ideas and pursuing their dreams: All Terrain Skateboard, Yonder and Duckter.


Schedule of the day
09.00    Doors open – the exhibition starts!
13.00    Selected presentations @Stage
17.00    The exhibition ends.

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Projects 2015


Team Sisu (GE Healthcare)

In intensive care unit patient’s critical parameters, like the pulse and ECG are being constantly monitored. However, a vast amount of cables is needed and these cables hinder the work of nurses. GE Healthcare is tackling this problem by developing wireless patient monitoring. Team Sisu has helped GE by designing the battery management system. By following the user-centric design process, we defined the system requirements from the nurse’s point of view and went through iterative prototyping cycles to develop a best charging solution for challenging hospital environment.

m_cubed (Konecranes)

m_cubed aims at eliminating the stress felt by nurses and hospital logistics employees. The material flow in hospitals is almost immeasurable and delivery of goods and restocking is part of daily routines. For various parties it means that their valuable time is used inefficiently. Team m_cubed introduces a solution for logistics of the future in order to minimize haste, frustration, time and money spent. The automated system includes a fully functional delivery and auditing for material flow inside the hospital. The system is based on world-leading technology by Konecranes, ensuring quality, convenience and reliability.

KIDE (Norpe)

We are busier than ever. Due to this, demand for convenience food is on the rise and now is the time to respond to this demand. Team KIDE designed and built a prototype of the next generation plug-in cabinet for convenient retailing of refrigerated food products. We want to offer a base for the creation of a wider convenience concept for a variety of food retailing solutions. We offer convenience in every part of the chain, starting from the storeowners to machine operator and maintenance worker, all the way to the end customer, you.

Team Konstructor (KONE)

Constructing high-rise buildings is demanding. Problems related to different construction site flows (e.g. material, people and waste) tend to multiply as a building gets higher. Thus in our rapidly urbanizing world, the efficiency of vertical transportation at high-rise construction sites is becoming ever more important. Team Konstructor believes that empowering construction workers to make smarter decisions within the vertical transportation system of a construction site, is the key to easing many of the current problems. Our concept is a “smart panel” providing workers with real-time information on the elevator system and a straightforward platform for communication. It has the potential to transform the way elevators are being used at construction sites today – eventually allowing workers to wait less and work more.

Team Satisflying (Airbus)

We, the Team Satisflying set off to tackle hand luggage management on short-haul flights. The challenge is grand: there is great demand for ever better and more versatile solutions to conveniently store luggage and fit passengers in a highly technical and very limited space. The journey has been long and full of hardship, yet rewarding and filled with learning. In the end it’s all about people and finding clever ways to affect passenger behavior. Our demonstration at Urban Mill enables you to experience what might be the future of a smarter and more satisflying air passage.

Duckter (new venture)

Ducter is a product designed for hunting training without ammunition. Attached to the gun it calculates distance and velocity of the aimed object. With the help of a camera, it indicates how well the shot would hit the target. The result is shown in the LCD display, in order to help hunters to improve their aiming skills. No more those frustrating situations when one misses the target but apparently does not understand why. So whether you are a current or potential hunter, now is the time for Duckter, the best personal trainer for hunting!

TeaMetro (City of Espoo)

Our goal is to create a memorable and superior user experience at the new Aalto University metro station. The Aalto metro station will attract new businesses, services, and generate the buzz of a living city to the area. We want to give the visitors to Otaniemi an experience; that they have entered an innovative and exhilarating location, where science, art and economy blossom in a multinational environment. Our concept will bring the community together, be a catalyst for conversation, and offer a beautiful, innovative, and constantly changing visual experience to the Aalto station user.

Driven11, (Wärtsilä)

Driven11 is all about boosting the power plant construction work. Our product is a task assignment and instruction giving system used on a tablet. At the moment, many of the challenges faced by Wärtsilä power plant construction sites are related to communication. Same tasks are assigned many times and instructions aren’t updated or understood correctly. This happens because the workers come from different backgrounds and there is no efficient way of sharing tasks and giving instructions. With the help of our product, the construction work is made smoother and more effective, which will save a lot of time and money.


Ideators (Stalatube)

Stainless steel is an often misunderstood material and its advantages stay in the shadows even though it has several benefits, which shine like the stainless steel itself. By being 100% recyclable, having a low lifetime costs and excellent material properties that can withstand harsh environments, stainless steel is a really ecological and cost-effective alternative to be considered. Since October 2014 onwards, Ideators have been ambassadors of stainless steel. We have developed a modular wind measurement mast, which appropriately showcases the different benefits of using stainless steel hollow sections.

Into The Box (Valmet)

Shipping paper machine rolls to the other side of the world is common in paper machine industry. However, transporting such large objects is expensive, requires heavy machinery, and firm enclosure for safe travel. The task of the project “Into the Box” is ambitious – decreasing shipping costs of paper machine rolls into one third by replacing open top containers with standard containers in paper machine logistics. For reaching this objective, we have developed a solution for loading and unloading heavy objects into the standard containers. Our device is cost efficient, electricity free, and can be operated by one person. It is safe and reliable to operate also in coarse conditions.

Bouycast (Comnet & Ericsson)

In our world, connectivity is all around us. When we are immersed in nature it is hard to stay connected. The objective of Bouycast is to provide you connectivity even in the most extreme conditions. The solutions provide the capability to drop messages, images, and tags on a self-sustainable router, which holds your message until it reaches its destination. It arrives as an eco-friendly DIY kit, so you can build your own device. The modularity of the devices allows you the freedom to customize the final outcome. With Bouycast, you can have your own network wherever you want.

Walulululu (Unicef)

Have you ever stepped in dog poo? The students in Ugandan primary schools step in poop and pee every time they visit a dry toilet – without shoes! That’s where they catch infections, get sick and start missing school. Together with the locals, Team Walulululu has developed a product that makes the dry toilets easier to clean, creating a safer and healthier environment for the children. It’s all about participation and empowerment!

Yonder (new venture)

Nature is a place for adventures and exploration. But it’s no fun without the right gear. Yonder is a try-out service for high-quality outdoor gear. We provide an easy access to the most innovative and durable outdoor products. You can test them in real conditions and find the right ones for your needs. We encourage smart spending, sustainability and discovering nature in a fun way. We believe everyone should have an easy access to the outdoors – to balance today’s busy lives in the city by having awesome adventures in the wild. Our mission is to lower the barrier between man and nature.


Team Sharium (Audi)

Sharing & Premium are certainly not the typical match. Team Sharium is all about bringing these two together and defining the bright future of premium car sharing. Our focus is on solving the hardware challenges of a premium car sharing vehicle. The goal has been to find the best ways to design the hardware in a premium way, while the nature of usage is changing. Multiple users and their personal needs, customizing, durability, premium feel and the variety of usage purposes have been the guiding stars of our concept development. Sharium is presenting the new way of premium driving – come and share the experience with us!

Everywear (Lindström)

Think about construction workers who commute between different working locations – their locations can change several times per month! Nowadays the mobile workforce has become a growing industry trend. This creates difficulties in managing their workwear. That is why Lindström asked Team Everywear to develop a new service concept to meet the requirements of mobile customers. The key to success was to define our customers and to understand their needs. Based on these factors, we created a concept to better serve the mobile workers. Our team focused on a clearly defined customer segment and how they could get clean workwear easily – everywhere.

Supear (Fortum)

Did you forget your keys at home today? Now it’s too late to notice, isn’t it? With Item Reminder the probability of such irritation is so close to zero as it can be. Using it is simple: attach tags to your essentials like your keys or wallet. When leaving home, Item Reminder lets you know if you actually have them. It is especially designed for urban apartment dwellers and their hectic lifestyle. Item Reminder does not feel like yet another piece of technology in your home: it is a smooth part of your daily routines, just like putting on your shoes. Forget the extra stress, Item Reminder’s got your back.

Conn Artists (ABB)

Many modern ships utilize Azipod propulsion systems. Unlike the traditional thruster units, they can rotate 360 degrees with the advantage of higher degree of energy efficiency and maneuverability of the ship. Our mission is to make the conning of Azipod powered ships even easier and more precise. This covers optimizing the quantity and display of information on the bridge, implementing fine and accurate commands and the simultaneous control of multiple Azipods. Finally, the introduction an ergonomic, intuitive and beautiful interface was a strong motivator for this great team. We are proud to demonstrate a new ship control and console interface that will be revolutionary.

AT Skate

Team AT Skate has worked on different approach to skateboarding. AT Skate’s goal was to combine electric skateboards and off-road mountainboards. It’s hard to find rigid structures and electrics in small size that are compatible for rougher use. After all, the goal is to make the board light and safe to use. Solution brings together composites, aluminium alloy, high voltage and off-the-shelf electronics. What’s even better, our team went for two different approaches, first for more complex prototype and later for simpler one to make sure that all possibilities were used.

Togapix (Innovamo)

Togapix’s mission is to link world of art exhibitions with digital world so that anyone with Internet connection and mobile phone can access the art and feel more connected to it. First, we help people to plan a visit to an art exhibition. Second, an engaging, interactive experience is created for the visitors. Finally, while they are leaving, visitors can take the best memories with them. The visitor can simply tap NFC tags placed next to artwork in an exhibition with their mobile to get additional information. Moreover, the application’s functionality includes searching for latest exhibitions, matching with visitors’ interests, sharing the favorite art with friends, and connecting with artists.


ME310 is an academic year long productand service development course, concentrating in practice-based learning.

Master level engineering, design and business students from Aalto University form a global team together with students from an international partner university.

Following the Stanford design process, the interdisciplinary team takes on a real-life design innovation challenge, brought forward by corporate sponsors.

As a result, after extensive research, prototyping and user testing the team proposes a system level solution which is demonstrated and presented with a functional proof-of concept prototype at the Stanford Design EXPE in June.

Team DataSam – Tracking assets in hospitals, Team Bosch – Services for autonomous vehicles, Team EMN – Charging solutions for electric buses

Suomen syvin reikä sopii hyvin Espoo Innovation Gardeniin!

15.5.2015 Jukka Mäkelä

Otaniemeen porataan kaksi lämpökaivoa, jotka ulottuvat 7 km syvyyteen, ja joiden avulla on tarkoitus tuottaa uusiutuvaa geotermistä lämpöä. Hanke on erinomainen esimerkki siitä tutkimus-, kehitys- ja innovaatiotoiminnasta, mitä me Suomeen, Otaniemeen ja Espoo Innovation Gardeniin tarvitsemme.

Energiayhtiö St1 on aloittanut Suomen ensimmäisessä geotermisen energian lämpölaitoshankkeessa luotausporaukset. St1 tavoite on rakentaa luotausporausten perusteella Fortumin Otaniemen lämpölaitoksen alueelle geotermisen pilottituotantolaitoksen, jonka arvioidaan valmistuvan vuonna 2016. Teollisen mittakaavan geolämpölaitoksen arvioidaan tuottavan parhaimmillaan jopa 40 megawatin teholla geotermistä lämpöä. Fortum tulee ostamaan lämmön kaukolämpöverkkoonsa ja pystyy kattamaan sillä jopa 10 % kaukolämmön tarpeesta Espoon alueella.

Uusiutuva geoterminen energia tuotetaan poraamalla maahan kaksi lämpökaivoa, jotka ulottuvat seitsemän kilometrin syvyyteen. Vettä syötetään toisesta reiästä alas, ja veden kuumennuttua maaperässä se nousee toisesta reiästä ylös. Geotermisessä lämmöntuotannossa ei käytetä lainkaan polttoaineita, joten laitos ei tuota ilmakehään päästöjä. Luotausreikä avaa myös uusia tutkimusmahdollisuuksia.

Puhdas geolämpö on uusi päästötön mahdollisuus suomalaisten lämmöntuotantoon. Kestävän kehityksen arvot ovat keskeisesti mukana Espoon kaupungin strategiassa, jonka mukaan kaupunki toimii ilmastonmuutoksen torjunnan edelläkävijänä ja pyrkii pienentämään asukkaidensa hiilijalanjälkeä. Espoo on ylpeä saadessaan olla edelläkävijä Suomessa myös puhtaan geolämmön tuotannossa ja hyödyntämisessä. Syvältä maan uumenista saatava geoterminen kaukolämpö soveltuu hyvin tiiviisti asuttuihin kaupunkikeskuksiin – uudenlainen moderni lämmöntuotantovaihtoehto toimisi erinomaisesti vaikka koko metropolialueella.

Hanke on erinomainen esimerkki siitä tutkimus-, kehitys- ja innovaatiotoiminnasta, mitä me Espoo Innovation Gardeniin ja Länsimetron kasvu- ja kehityskäytävään toivomme. Finnooseen avattu lämpöpumppuvoimala tuottaa jo kaukolämpöä ja vähentää kivihiilen polttamista 150 000 tonnia vuodessa, VTT:n Bioruukki synnyttää uusia kestäviä innovaatioita, ja kohta Otaniemi lämpiää geotermisella energialla. Fossiilisten polttoaineiden käyttö vähenee myös liikenteessä. Länsimetro mahdollistaa päästöttömän joukkoliikenteen, ja Espoo Innovation Garden kutsuu kaikki toimijat kehittämään metroon sopivaa, älykästä ja päästötöntä lähi- ja liityntäliikennettä. Espoo Innovation Garden kutsuu myös kaikki toimijat mukaan kehittämään uutta osaamisintensiivistä liiketoimintaa, ja luomaan uusia työpaikkoja.

Uusiutuva geoterminen energia tuotetaan poraamalla maahan kaksi lämpökaivoa, jotka ulottuvat seitsemän kilometrin syvyyteen.
Uusiutuva geoterminen energia tuotetaan poraamalla maahan kaksi lämpökaivoa, jotka ulottuvat seitsemän kilometrin syvyyteen. Kaupunginjohtaja Jukka Mäkelä kuvassa keskellä.
Energiayhtiö St1 aloitti Suomen ensimmäisen geotermisen energian lämpölaitoshankkeen luotausporaukset
Energiayhtiö St1 aloitti Suomen ensimmäisen geotermisen energian lämpölaitoshankkeen luotausporaukset. Kaupunginjohtaja Jukka Mäkelä kuvassa oikealla.