Out of Sight generates interest in Art and Design in Otaniemi area..

”Imagine a group of friends looking at a blank wall through their smartphones, discussing the art piece. It can start conversations with fellow metro users. Out of Sight is a virtual gallery on your metro station. Out of Sight generates interest in Art and Design in Otaniemi area and can present up and coming talents of Aalto.”

We are excited to present Out of Sight, an ongoing virtual reality gallery, where works of art from EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art, and Aalto University students are exhibited.

The exhibition runs from 22nd to 31st of May. Exhibition is part of Taidelinja, HKL’s culture festival, open to all.

How to see Out of Sight?

First of all you need to download the Arilyn app. You’ll find it in the App Store and in the Google Play store. Links can be found below. Great, now you have the tool to view the art pieces.

Now head up to the Metro station. You can pick any station in Helsinki but for the best experience, go to Kamppi or Central Railway Station. You’ve arrived to the station, now you can start looking for art!

One thing you need to know is where are the “targets” that transform into art with your Arilyn app. You’ll find images of all the targets here on our website. In addition we have put stickers on the floors of the stations. Find a target or a sticker and you’re almost ready.

When you’re in front of a target, open Arilyn and just point your camera towards the target. It will take a couple of seconds for Arilyn to work it’s magic. Congratulations! You’ve now found your first hidden treasure on the station. Now go look for the next one!

If you want to see Out of Sight in action before you go test it yourself, check the video above.

Check out the website at outofsight.fi

Background info: http://www.espooinnovationgarden.fi/en/espoo-innovation-garden/student-team-designs-virtual-art-gallery-for-aalto-university-metro-station/