Mahtava Espoo-päivä 29.8.2015 Urban Millillä! Parisataa innovaatiopuutarhuria paikalla!

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SocialBadge will support Espoo Day 29.8. to help visitors to find each other

We are glad to announce that connectivity of Espoo Day will be supported by SocialBadge – Helsinki based startup made by Aalto students.


SocialBadge is a mobile platform that helps you to share your online profile and explore people around. SocialBadge connects people in a very small distance – up to 50 meters. There are no extended areas, SocialBadge is for cases when you can meet person immediately. It allows you to:

  • share your online profile to nearby people (basic info, contacts and links to social media),
  • observe nearby people and interact with them.

We invite you to Urban Mill on 29 of August to experience SocialBadge and explore new people on PDP-Gala-2015_220515_print_Espoo Day. Several Espoo Day events will be arranged in Urban Mill, Design Factory and in the yards between the buildings from 10 am to 2 pm. Espoo Day is the biggest annual urban event in the city, the open day of 100+ free of charge events features a wide variety of activities for all ages ->

“We don’t believe in things like Tinder, when you can find person in 5 km. Even if you found a person, you have to make an appointment and wait for another day. We developed SocialBadge to give you opportunity to immediately meet an interesting person who is nearby.“

– co-founders of SocialBadge

Read more how SocialBadge works, how to install the app and prepare your profile right now to be ready to explore new people on the Espoo Day!

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