SocialBadge will support Espoo Day 29.8. to help visitors to find each other

We are glad to announce that connectivity of Espoo Day will be supported by SocialBadge – Helsinki based startup made by Aalto students.


SocialBadge is a mobile platform that helps you to share your online profile and explore people around. SocialBadge connects people in a very small distance – up to 50 meters. There are no extended areas, SocialBadge is for cases when you can meet person immediately. It allows you to:

  • share your online profile to nearby people (basic info, contacts and links to social media),
  • observe nearby people and interact with them.

We invite you to Urban Mill on 29 of August to experience SocialBadge and explore new people on PDP-Gala-2015_220515_print_Espoo Day. Several Espoo Day events will be arranged in Urban Mill, Design Factory and in the yards between the buildings from 10 am to 2 pm. Espoo Day is the biggest annual urban event in the city, the open day of 100+ free of charge events features a wide variety of activities for all ages ->

“We don’t believe in things like Tinder, when you can find person in 5 km. Even if you found a person, you have to make an appointment and wait for another day. We developed SocialBadge to give you opportunity to immediately meet an interesting person who is nearby.“

– co-founders of SocialBadge

Read more how SocialBadge works, how to install the app and prepare your profile right now to be ready to explore new people on the Espoo Day!

How SocialBadge works

To connect people SocialBadge uses Bluetooth technology, that’s why distance is so small, however users could be sure that the person s/he found through app is really nearby. SocialBadge-kuva2To start using SocialBadge you have to install the app ( iOS or Android ), register through the Facebook and enter your basic information. You can also connect your social media profiles from your profile page (see the screenshot).

After you have done it, it’s now possible to share your profile with people nearby. Your profile consists of basic information you have entered and links to social media you have connected. By turning on/off the sliders on your profile page you choose what information you would like to share with people nearby.

To discover new people around, go to Discover tab and then you will see the people who is right here and right now. You can observe their profiles and write them a message (or just wink to raise their attention) if you, for example, would like to meet right now. The history of your winks and messages can be found on Feed tab.

Screenshots of the app


The profile’s settings page: It’s being opened when you launch app for the first time. After that you can open it by pressing “Edit info” button on Profile tab. Fill in your contacts and connect networks. It is the easiest and fastest way to share your information.


Your profile page: Here you can manage information you would like to share with nearby people. It is as easy as 1+1, if the switcher is on (green), the selected contact or social network will be visible for the others.


SocialBadge-kuva5Discover tab: Here you can see who is around you. To look on someone’s profile in details, just tap on the name or photo. If you don’t want to share your profile, you can press “pause” button (green). In this state other people can’t see you, but you also can’t see them.

SocialBadge-kuva6Public profile page: Other people’s profiles will look something like that for you. When you click the buttons (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter) you will be redirected to the user’profile in that social Network.


SocialBadge-kuva7When you press “wink” button, you can include up to 140 symbols to a message (i.e. “let’s meet near the entrance, I would like to talk about dogs!”). Otherwise you can just click “wink” button again to get someone’s attention (s/he will receive message like “Steve winks you ;)”)


Install the app and prepare your profile right now to be ready to explore new people on the Espoo Day!



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Roman Filippov ( )


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