Kutsu: Espoo-päivän tapahtumat Urban Millissä 29.8.2015 sekä yli sata muuta tapahtumaa ympäri Espoota


Perinteistä Espoo-päivää vietetään jälleen elokuun viimeisenä lauantaina 29.8. aamusta iltaan ympäri kaupunkia. Mukana on yli 100 erilaista tapahtumaa, joihin kaikkiin on vapaa pääsy. Tapahtumat tarjoavat Espoon kaupunki ja espoolaiset yhteisöt ja yritykset.

Kokonaisuudessa on mukana ihania kaupunkijuhlia, vuosittaisia suosikkeja ja paljon uutuuksia. Tutustu koko tapahtumatarjontaan Espoo-päivän nettisivuilla ja poimi suosikkisi.

Urban Mill & Design Factory on yksi Espoo-päivän tapahtumapaikoista

PDP Gala 2015_220515_print_35_30972Tule tekemään itse! Opi design-menetelmiä! Kokeile uutta! Tapaa suunnittelijoita. Onnistu yhdessä. Vie tuotokset kotiin. Experimenting at Otaniemi Innovation Alley! Työpajoja, kilpailuja ja tekemistä lapsille, nuorille ja perheille. Mahdollisuus tutustua yritysten ja tiimien tekemiin protoihin, demoihin ja näyttelyihin. Katso tästä tarkemmat tiedot Espoo-päivän tapahtumista Urban Millissä ja Design Factoryssa klo 10-14

Katso kaikki Otaniemen Espoo-päivän tapahtumat tästä:

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Aalto School of Engineering engages staff and students in spatial redesign of it’s spaces

Aalto School of Engineering is hearing out its staff before embarking on a round of spatial redesign. The work consists of interviews, an online survey and two spatial workshops. The first workshop was held at Urban Mill Urban Cave on 18 August.

Aalto ENG WS 2015-08During the first workshop the participants, consisting of School of Engineering staff members, gave their views and ideas on the future needs for office work, teaching and special lab spaces. Initial survey results were also presented to the participants.

The second workshop will be held in October and has still some seats open for participants. This workshop will deepen the discussion on ENG’s future spaces by introducing spatial scenarios and working with the topic through group work. Especially ENG’s students are welcome to join.

For more information, please contact Riikka Manninen riikka.j.manninen (at) aalto.fi

Text: Riikka Manninen and Maria Viitanen; Photo: Maria Viitanen

Aalto ENG MKT-laitos

In collaboration with Aalto Built Environment Laboratory, abe.aalto.fi.

ABE Logo_2c_keski

Aalto Built Environment Lab (ABE) kokosi asiantuntijoita keskusteluun kaavoituksesta ja kaupunkikehittämisestä

Aalto Built Environment Lab (ABE) järjesti keskiviikkona 25.3.2015 keskustelutilaisuuden kaavoituksesta ja kaupunkikehittämisestä. 3D-cavessa Urban Millissä järjestetty tilaisuus kokosi rakennetun ympäristön ammattilaisia yrityksistä, kaupungeilta, etujärjestöistä ja yliopistoista. Osallistujat esittivät näkemyksiään kaavoitusjärjestelmän kehittämistarpeista, lainsäädännön ajanmukaisuudesta, uusista työkaluista ja työskentelytavoista. Keskustelu oli vilkasta ja jatkotoimenpiteitä suunnitellaan.

ABE-kaavoitustilaisuusTeksti ja kuva: Maria Viitanen (ABE)

Lisätietoja Aalto Built Environment Labista ja sen toiminnasta: aija.staffans(at)aalto.fi; http://abe.aalto.fi/en/


Aalto Built Environment Laboratory (ABE) on Aalto-yliopiston Insinööritieteiden korkeakoulun tutkimus-, kehitys- ja opetushanke. ABE:n tarkoituksena on tutkia uusia digitaalisesti tuettuja ja vuorovaikutteisia suunnittelumenetelmiä.

Land use planning course closing in Urban Mill: students featured mixed and flexible usage of spaces and a “24/7 life” in Otaniemi

Aalto University News 08.01.2015 at http://information.aalto.fi/en/current/news_archive/2015-01-08-002/


Students follow a presentation on the Otaniemi area during an earlier lecture of the course. (Photo: Mikko Raskinen)

”The Land Use Strategies and Planning Cooperation course, arranged this year as a part of the SASUI (Systemic Architectures for Sustainable Urban Development) research project, culminated in student presentations on 3rd December in Aalto Built Environment Laboratory (ABE) Space in Urban Mill. The topic of the presented project works was the Otaniemi area in Espoo. Commenting on the work in the audience were also the representatives of Espoo city planning office. The course is organized by YTK Land Use Planning and Urban Studies Group.

During the course, one of the students’ tasks was to prepare normative and explorative scenarios depicting the future of the Otaniemi area. In strategic planning, a normative scenario describes a future with desirable outcomes, and an explorative scenario a future with undesirable outcomes. Both scenarios should present credible trajectories. For example, an explorative scenario depicts a trajectory that is likely to unfold if identified threats are not adequately responded to.

Among other things, the students’ normative scenarios featured the idea of mixed and flexible usage of spaces and a “24/7 life” in Otaniemi. In contrast, in the explorative scenarios, sticking to one purpose per space led into an area without activities in the evenings and nights. The threat of global warming inducing weather uncertainties and rises in the sea level in the coastal Otaniemi was also a part of one explorative scenario. The students utilized the three screen system of ABE Space to show the visualizations of the scenarios.

In a discussion following the presentations, Espoo city representatives asked questions and the students reflected on what they had learned during the course. One student pointed out that from strategic perspective it feels hard and even unfruitful to consider one area in isolation as it is strongly affected by global and local trends. Despite the challenges, the point of view of looking things from a strategic long term perspective was deemed important.

A closing statement by the organizing teacher Raine Mäntysalo was that creating such scenarios together with different stakeholders would be beneficial for any planning process. This would perhaps motivate the stakeholders to work on reaching the normative scenarios together. This in turn, would shift the regulative perspective of city planning into a perspective of common mobilization.

Aligning interests through a dialogue between the stakeholders of an area and co-design in city planning are exactly something Aalto Built Environment Laboratory aims to facilitate and study.

More information on the course and the SASUI project: Kaisa Schmidt-Thomé.”

Invitation: ”Otaniemi Walks” 3D installation by Elisa Andretti on 21st of October in Urban Mill

”Otaniemi Walks” is an immersive 3D installation by Elisa Andretti. It is presented on 21st of October in the CAVE room at Urban Mill 16:00 – 19:00. The installation investigates the role of nature in the future urbanity of Otaniemi and Aalto Campus. The event will be filmed, as the interaction with people and their ideas is part of the experiment. The installation is presented by Aalto Built Environment Lab (ABE), which aims to facilitate co-operation in developing built environment. Please sign up to Maria Viitanen (maria.viitanen@aalto.fi). You can find more details about ”Otaniemi Walks” on Urban Mill Blog  OWinvitation

Otaniemi Walks! !

Finally “Otaniemi Walks” starts to look as it should!


Yesterday we had the pleasure to run the first – accidental – test on Mr Lars Miikki at Urban Mill. In the past weeks, each time he would drop by ABE Cave he would always find us in some awkward stage of our experiments, typically wandering around the blinding white screens with our glasses on. This time we asked to wear the 3D glasses himself and have a preview. It was a joy to see an “outsider” react to the installation, move around it and give us a feedback.

“Otaniemi Walks” makes use of hand drawing in a 3D space. Lars wanted immediately to draw something himself, to see it animated inside the giant floating aquarium. I gave him my sketchbook, and few seconds later I got back a funny looking character signed with Lars’ artist name (he explained, he used to draw satyrical illustrations as a student). I will make it into a cameo for the “Square Scene” I am animating right now. It has been a long process, which started with interviews, and endless walks in Otaniemi, to understand changes that this part of the city and campus is going through.

Otaniemi campus is a fortress of heritage buildings, immersed in powerful natural settings; it has strong borders and a multiplicity of actors involved in a complex planning process.

From interviews, and my own experience as observer and campus student, nature emerged as a common ground, with a potential for facilitating the ongoing discussion and decision making towards sustainable strategies. Given the abundance of plans, visualizations, and architectural materials on the Otaniemi arena, I thought of contributing with something else, that would not offer ready solutions but could possibly inspire dialogue.

Everybody can relate to nature, and everybody has at least once in life held a pencil to draw. That is why I was so pleased with Lars’ reaction – he immediately responded to the installation, and he did it in an unexpected way.

There is still a lot of work to do, until “Otaniemi Walks” is open to the public, in a couple of months. The process entails a lot of hand drawings, animated into movies, which are themselves animated as a multitude of little actors in 3D space, by using Unity software (traditionally used by game developers).

“Otaniemi Walks” is a Master’s Thesis in Creative Sustainability, Urban Design, funded by the Energizing Urban Ecosystems Programme, and supervised by Aija Staffans, Trevor Harris, Sari Tähtinen, and Antti Kauppi. Antti is taking care of all the coding and technical aspects to make it possible; Sari is supporting me on the aesthetic and theoretical sides, and made me acquainted with the art of Yoshitaka Amano, one of the best discoveries of the year. Aija and Trevor are supporting me with their trust and imagination, which made this whole experience a great joy.

Going back to work now. To quote Aija: “Ahkeruus on ilomme – laiskuus intohimomme”! ! !

Elisa Andretti, Architect, MSc Candidate in Creative Sustainability, Urban Design at Aalto University

Kaupunkilaiset älykkään kaupungin tekijöinä

Aalto-yliopiston YTK:n johtava tutkija Aija Staffansin puheenvuoro Mapitan kesäpäivillä 2014.