Aalto School of Engineering engages staff and students in spatial redesign of it’s spaces

Aalto School of Engineering is hearing out its staff before embarking on a round of spatial redesign. The work consists of interviews, an online survey and two spatial workshops. The first workshop was held at Urban Mill Urban Cave on 18 August.

Aalto ENG WS 2015-08During the first workshop the participants, consisting of School of Engineering staff members, gave their views and ideas on the future needs for office work, teaching and special lab spaces. Initial survey results were also presented to the participants.

The second workshop will be held in October and has still some seats open for participants. This workshop will deepen the discussion on ENG’s future spaces by introducing spatial scenarios and working with the topic through group work. Especially ENG’s students are welcome to join.

For more information, please contact Riikka Manninen riikka.j.manninen (at) aalto.fi

Text: Riikka Manninen and Maria Viitanen; Photo: Maria Viitanen

Aalto ENG MKT-laitos

In collaboration with Aalto Built Environment Laboratory, abe.aalto.fi.

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