Espoo Innovation Garden book published: Orchestrating Regional Innovation Ecosystems

Download the book from this page or pick up a printed book for free from Urban Mill. See instructions below.

OIE-Book-cover-2The 378-page book published by Aalto University, Laurea University of Applied Science and Built Environment RYM Oy, gives a snapshot of developments in Espoo Innova­tion Garden—state-of-the-art at the time of publication. It shows in 27 articles what’s happening at this moment —through the work of the authors—but also points to the future, as their work continues within the Energizing Urban Ecosystems re­search program.

This book is a must for anyone interested in understanding how Espoo Innovation Garden functions as an orchestrated regional innovation ecosystem. It is a good illustration of how ecosystems work in practice, presenting the results of many months of cross-border and interdisciplinary teamwork, which is now ready to be shared with a wider public. It is a commendable journey, with many lessons for innovators across Finland and Europe to inspire journeys of their own.

“Orchestrating regional innovation ecosystems is an emerging science—and an art. So it is important to research its secrets, learn how they work and why, and thus come to understand how to better maintain and improve them. That is what the many authors of this book—researchers, practitioners, businesspeople and politicians—have done. We must continue to learn how orchestrating these ecosystems creates opportunities for business, universities and local government, and enhances the quality of life of our citizens. The work accomplished here is exemplary and has much to offer to other regions in Europe.”

– CARLOS MOEDAS, EU Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation


PICK UP A PRINTED BOOK FROM URBAN MILL, which is one of the cases described in the book. Location: Betonimiehenkuja 3E, Otaniemi, 02150 Espoo, FINLAND (Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm)  See Map

Read the foreword of the book written by Jukka Mäkelä, Mayor of the City of Espoo and Ossi Savolainen, Regional Mayor of Helsinki-Uusimaa Region:

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Kim Korn & Urban Mill: Regenerative Managing arrives to Finland!

Interesting week ahead!

Kim Korn arrived on Sat to Urban Mill and we will arrange several events together around the theme of Regenerative Managing during this week.

The digitalizing world requires constant focus on creative destruction and exploration – in other words, enterprise regeneration. The newly created Regenerative Managing framework enables organizations to seize this opportunity.

A one-day semi-open workshop will be held tomorrow, on April 21st. Create Advantage Inc. (USA) and Urban Mill offer an experimental workshop for pioneering organizations interested in learning about becoming regenerative and self-sustaining themselves. We have a group of 20+ multi-talented pioneers co-creating the managing and workshop concept further with Kim.

Later this week we’ll visit some of our stakeholders and start managament development dialogue with them, including EIT ICT Labs Lunch on Fri 24.4. 12-13.

Next autumn we’ll open up outcomes of this week to a wider audience. Stay tuned! We’ll tell more during the week.

And why are we doing this?

WHY Conventional Management Does Not Work

Business leaders using conventional management, leadership, and governance find themselves fighting a war on two fronts—one outside their company to be competitive against the ongoing creative destruction, the other inside their company to counteract the pernicious tendency of their company to become mediocre.

Conventional management—known by its hallmark of command & control—could effectively direct large, far-flung enterprises in times of stability. But it has always failed to tap the innovation and self-transformation power inherent in organizations that preserve and perpetuate them.

No matter how much we augment, tweak, and alter conventional management, its core principles will hold both management and employees in its restrictive grip and fail time and time again.

Why Regenerative Managing Does Work

Regenerative managing—a way of managing that continually regenerates your company—serves as the antidote for conventional management, leadership, and governance.

Unlike the structure and rigidity command and control brings an organization, this new way of managing brings flexibility and emergence. Regenerative Managing brings inspiration and fosters collaboration to meet employees’ innate needs, which enable them to thrive, and therefore their organization. With the new hallmarks of meaning & orchestration as its foundational underpinnings, this new way of management produces both operationally effective and self-rejuvenating companies and organizations.

EUE – välitulosseminaari 27.11.2014 klo 9-12 Urban Millillä

Hyvät EUEn joukot,
Tervetuloa välitulosseminaariin 27.11.2014 klo 9-12 Urban Millin Caveen.

Aamupäiväsessiomme aikana tutustumme erityisesti BBE-työpaketin sisältöihin ja mukana on muutakin: ekosysteemi-case tulee Ruotsista ja kuulemme matkakuulumiset USAsta, lisäksi Urban Millin uusimmista kertoo Kari Mikkelä.
Ohjelmassa olevat puheenvuorot ovat 20 min.

Knots in ecosystem: Campus – Metro- Hospital

Why should discussion about socio-ecological systems and ecosystem services matter in area branding – case Albano, Stockholm? – Katri-Liisa Pulkkinen

A business model perspective on multiple interacting business organizations in a shopping center – Karlos Artto

An analysis of a service station chain – a business network  perspective – Tuomas Ahola

USA roundtrip Boston and New York

– Sharing network experiences – Eelis Rytkönen ja Aija Staffans

Framework for Innovation Orchestration Research – Case Urban Mill: Context, Platfom, Co-creation & Orchestration –  Kari Mikkelä

Open floor

Huom! Kieli joustava englanti

Open floor esitelmiä ja puheenvuoroja otetaan mielellään vastaan! 10 minuttia kuumimpia välituloksia yritysten ja tutkijoiden suulla – tervetuloa!

Jotta osaamme varata riittävästi pullaa, niin ole ystävällinen ja ilmoita tulostasi kuittaamalla tähän viestiin
Jakakaa kutsua eteenpäin yrityksissänne sekä kumppaneille. Ilmaiseen seminaariin on aina ilo tulla ja sitä on ilo markkinoida.

Mukana on ulkomaalaista verta: toiveena on, että esitysmateriaali olisi englanniksi ja voimme sitten puhua sujuvasti kaikkia mahdollisia kieliä niin, että kaikilla on mukavaa!

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