Kim Korn & Urban Mill: Regenerative Managing arrives to Finland!

Interesting week ahead!

Kim Korn arrived on Sat to Urban Mill and we will arrange several events together around the theme of Regenerative Managing during this week.

The digitalizing world requires constant focus on creative destruction and exploration – in other words, enterprise regeneration. The newly created Regenerative Managing framework enables organizations to seize this opportunity.

A one-day semi-open workshop will be held tomorrow, on April 21st. Create Advantage Inc. (USA) and Urban Mill offer an experimental workshop for pioneering organizations interested in learning about becoming regenerative and self-sustaining themselves. We have a group of 20+ multi-talented pioneers co-creating the managing and workshop concept further with Kim.

Later this week we’ll visit some of our stakeholders and start managament development dialogue with them, including EIT ICT Labs Lunch on Fri 24.4. 12-13.

Next autumn we’ll open up outcomes of this week to a wider audience. Stay tuned! We’ll tell more during the week.

And why are we doing this?

WHY Conventional Management Does Not Work

Business leaders using conventional management, leadership, and governance find themselves fighting a war on two fronts—one outside their company to be competitive against the ongoing creative destruction, the other inside their company to counteract the pernicious tendency of their company to become mediocre.

Conventional management—known by its hallmark of command & control—could effectively direct large, far-flung enterprises in times of stability. But it has always failed to tap the innovation and self-transformation power inherent in organizations that preserve and perpetuate them.

No matter how much we augment, tweak, and alter conventional management, its core principles will hold both management and employees in its restrictive grip and fail time and time again.

Why Regenerative Managing Does Work

Regenerative managing—a way of managing that continually regenerates your company—serves as the antidote for conventional management, leadership, and governance.

Unlike the structure and rigidity command and control brings an organization, this new way of managing brings flexibility and emergence. Regenerative Managing brings inspiration and fosters collaboration to meet employees’ innate needs, which enable them to thrive, and therefore their organization. With the new hallmarks of meaning & orchestration as its foundational underpinnings, this new way of management produces both operationally effective and self-rejuvenating companies and organizations.

Some tastings from Korn & Pine: The Typology of Human Capability – Meet Kim live in Espoo Innovation Garden at 21.4.2015

Urban Mill arranges a workshop with Kim Korn Tue 21.4.2015 in Espoo Innovation Garden. The initial workshop theme is ”Regenerative Managing in Businesses, Public Organisations and NGOs”.

We take 2-3 complementary groups to this pioneering and concpet creating workshop and refine the final content according to the profile of participants. If you are interested about this first wave possibility in Europe, please contact us asap:

Here are some pre-tastings from Korn & Pine:

A New Guide to Rethinking the Potential for Digital Experience Offerings

Kim C. Korn and B. Joseph Pine II

”To create significant advances in customer value in today’s increasingly turbulent world requires constant focus on innovation. The two-phase management process involves discovering new ways of creating such value through creative exploration, and then exploiting those discoveries in the crucible of the marketplace. In the digital era, the exploration of value creation has benefited from many ingenious new ideas – customer experiences, mass customization, co-creation of unique value, design thinking, open innovation and others. Nowadays the reach of digital technology exceeds our grasp, opening new vistas of human experience, and commercial opportunity.”

To further the exploration of the fusion of human experience and digital technology, we offer another innovation framework that can be used to identify new customer value and develop potential new business models. This framework, the Typology of Human Capability, illuminates the potential uses for technology across four dimensions of human experience. Viewing value creation possibilities with this typology can help companies tap the infinite possibility inherent in today’s digital technology. Understanding this linkage between technology, human capability, and value creation can also boost a firm’s creative capabilities.”

Read the whole article from here.

Kim Korn: ”If you do not plan on thriving forever, then you are going to fail eventually.”

Urban Mill’s collaborative partner Kim Korn writes about Self-regenerating enterprise on his new site:

”Nothing guarantees your company’s success, short-term or long-term, but most of what companies do today guarantees their eventual failure.

As an enterprise leader today, you need to create a self-regenerating enterprise if you expect it to sustain its vitality. And only regnerative managing produces regenerative enterprises. Only with regenerative managing can you respond effectively – with ongoing vitality – to the intense threats and abundant opportunities your organization faces. Adopt regenerative managing, your antidote for conventional management that will drive you to mediocrity every time its used.s leader today, your company faces an unparalleled combination of raging competition on the one hand and infinite possibility on the other. But if you are employing conventional managing practices, your company will not thrive in such conditions.”

Create Advantage offers seminars, workshops, and consulting engagements to help your organisation become capable of thriving indefinitely in today’s dynamic times.  Urban Mill is prepared to bring these possibilities to Finland too.

More importantly for you, at this moment, Kim’s site offers you a wealth of knowledge for managing effectively. Take a moment to learn how to quit fighting a loosing battle with managing with command & control to see how embracing meaning & orchestration brings the full potential of people to bear on thriving forever.

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