Aalto University expresses its support to Ukraine

Letter from the President of Aalto University 2.3.2022:

Dear Aalto University alumni,

Aalto University expresses its support to Ukraine and its academic community. We agree with the position of the Finnish State and the EU, condemning Russia’s military operations.

Our thoughts and sympathy go to our Ukrainian alumni, employees, students and their loved ones. We have contacted all Ukrainian students at Aalto University as well as the Ukrainian members of the Aalto staff, in order to offer them support. We have also verified that no members of the Aalto community are currently in Ukraine either on work assignments or as exchange students.

We will adhere to the guidelines of the Finnish State on research, education and student exchange cooperation with Russia. We will also adhere to decisions made internationally, such as any changes to European exchange programmes. Until further notice, we will not enter into new agreements or launch new collaborative projects with Russia.

Regardless of the critical situation and our nationalities, we are all members of the Aalto community where every individual is equally important and valued.

With best regards,
Ilkka Niemelä


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