Learn to cook Spanish dishes like the Michelin stars chefs!

HoxTeamCompany from Mondragon Team Academy – LEINN (MTA) in collaboration with Basque Culinary Center (BCC), a world-leading academic institution, in the innovation and investigation of gastronomy and nutrition, created by Michelin-starred chefs, offers a live course and tasting in group of Spanish cuisine with all included.

You will learn how to cook yourself the local dishes, the history and secrets that hide such a rich gastronomical culture. Furthermore, you will taste the unique and traditional Spanish flavours. The lessons will be given live by video conference and supervised by Spanish specialists.

The course will be composed of three individual lessons:

  • 1st lesson 5th of February: Spanish paella
  • 2nd lesson 12th of February: Andalusian gazpacho and fried squid rings
  • 3rd lesson 19th of February: Rice with milk and Cod omelet

All the lessons will be from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

Get your tickets by clicking here!

The classes are arranged by HoxTeamCompany a young entrepeneur team from Spain collaborating with the world leading gastronomical university Basque Culinary Center.

The course is supported by Urban Mill and Sepon koulu (primary school)

30 Spanish students from Mondragon Team Academy (MTA) are forming on the degree of Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (LEINN). The students have their home base in Urban Mill in Espoo Innovation Garden during the weeks in Finland.

As part of their degree, they will be spending a month and a half in Finland, learning about the Finnish market and economy in order to create a bridge between both countries and have a social impact. As well as, in order to learn more about its educational methodology, innovation processes and entrepreneurship.

Pack-Age Gala @ Aalto Design Factory on Friday 14.12.

Invitation from Aalto University:  Welcome to see Aalto’s talented students from Pack-Age minor presenting their package concepts and prototypes for the public on Friday 14.12.2018 at 13.00-18.00 at Aalto Design Factory Stage, Betonimiehenkuja 5C, Espoo.

Keynote presentations about innovative use of materials:
– Creative Anna Glansén (SE) Tomorrow Machine
– Professor Pirjo Kääriäinen, Aalto CHEMARTS
– Doctoral Candidate of Arts, Taneli Luotoniemi, Aalto Math&Arts

Event is open and free for everybody.

Event page in Facebook: www.facebook.com/events/342126343244197/

Preliminary schedule
13.00 Dean opening words
13.15 Markus what is P-A
13.30 Fiskars
14.00 Aalto EE
14.30 Foodhub
15.00 Luke

quick coffee and salty snacking

15.30 Anna Glansen
16.00 Pirjo Kääriäinen
16.30 Taneli Luotoniemi
17.00 stands, mingling & interviews
18.00 official party over

Call open to Crystal Flowers in Halls of Mirrors: Mathematics meets Art and Architecture up to 15th Dec !

Dear all,

please note the forthcoming  Crystal Flowers course (MS-E1000, 10cr) at Aalto Math&Arts (http://matharts.aalto.fi/ ) starting in Jan 2019 !

During the course student groups will build a prominent, mathematically themed art exhibition targeted to a wide audience in collaboration with EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art.

Through the art projects students deepen their understanding of various geometric and topological phenomena, and find new interpretations of them.

The contents of the course set up an ideal foundation for digital technologies such as CAD, 3D printing, game design and VR.


Please also note that motivation letters are expected by Dec 15th through MyCourses !

More info : kirsi.peltonen@aalto.fi



Kristallikukkia peilisaleissa –kurssi – MS-E1000 Crystal Flowers in Halls of Mirrors: Mathematics meets Art and Architecture – on avoin kaikille kandiopiskelijoista tohtorikoulutettaviin, matematiikan ja tekniikan aloista taiteisiin ja kemiasta liiketoimintaan. Kurssille otetaan korkeintaan 50 opiskelijaa motivaatiokirjeiden perusteella, ja haku on auki 15.12. saakka. Kurssi on 10 opintopisteen suuruinen, ja se järjestetään joka toinen vuosi.

Kurssi on ainutlaatuinen mahdollisuus käsillä tekemiseen ja näyttelyn rakentamiseen moniosaavissa ryhmissä – tieteitä unohtamatta.

Spanish Students from Mondragon Team Academy Arrived to Urban Mill!


We are the lovely Spanish student LEINNers, 31 young entrepreneurs running our junior businesses here until 9th of November!!!

We come from MTA, a global community of team entrepreneurs piloting what radically transforming we could offer to companies, universities and young people in Finland and in Otaniemi.

Meet us at our booth in Urban Mill, which is our home base during our activities here in Finland!


Nuoret ideoivat Urban Millillä

Pohjois-Tapiolan lukion yrittäjyysleiri järjestetään Urban Millillä torstaina 30.08.2018.

Lukiolaiset kokoontuvat Urban Milliin koko päiväksi miettimään uusia liikeideoita ja tulevaisuuden bisnesmahdollisuuksia. Lukiolaiset tekevät erilaisia tehtävärasteja tiimeissä, verkostoituvat keskenään ja pääsevät miettimään omia yrittäjävalmiuksiaan.

Tapahtuma on avoin kaikille yrittäjyydestä ja bisneksen pyörittämisestä kiinnostuneille pohjislaisille. Kiinnostus on ollut suurta ja ilmoittautuneita osallistujia on yli 50.

Leiripäivä on aloitus Pohjois-Tapiolan lukiossa järjestettävälle Vuosi yrittäjänä -kurssille, joka on Nuori Yrittäjyys ry:n ohjelma.

Erika Ripatti Pohjois-Tapiolan lukio
erika.ripatti (at) espoo.fi

Welcome to Product Design Gala 2018 @ Aalto Design Factory and Urban Mill on May 18th!

PRODUCT DESIGN GALA | FRIDAY 18.5.2018 9:00-17:00
Aalto Design Factory & Urban Mill
Betonimiehenkuja 5C & 3E, Otaniemi, Espoo, Finland

For 21 years PdP has brought students of engineering, design, and business together to tackle industry problems and develop state of the art solutions to real problems. At the Final Product Design Gala you’ll get to witness and experience these awesome products.

So come and fall in love with the results of our interdisciplinary Product Development Project teams in the Product Design Gala on 18.5. at Aalto Design Factory & Urban Mill!

The 12 student teams from Aalto University and our partner universities have been working hard for the last 8 months, to complete their design challenges given by industrial companies and other collaborating parties. In the public exhibition you will have a chance to hear about the teams’ accomplishments and process, as well as to get familiar with the people themselves together with their amazing prototypes.

This year the teams are sponsored by the following companies: AALTO EXPLORER, ABB, ERICSSON, KONE, KY, MURATA, ORTHEX, RESTEL, SAAB, SAFERA, TRENOX, and VALTRA. In addition, the Aalto teams have been collaborating with students from the following universities: Munich University of Applied Sciences, Pace University in New York, Jefferson University in Philadelphia, Porto Polytechnic, Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, University of Tartu, University of São Paulo, Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne,

For more details concerning the Gala and this year’s projects, please visit: http://pdp.fi/

You can find more information about the teams and their solutions also from PdP Gala 2018 Mobile Service: http://tag.urbanmill.org/tag/16952


 “All you need is Love, Design, Business, and Engineering.”

HAMK’s master students learning from business experts at Urban Mill

On a sunny Friday 27.4.2018, Urban Mill got visitors from Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK), when its students from the Master’s degree programme in Business Management and Entrepreneurship spent the last contact day of their spring semester in Otaniemi.

During the day, the students had the pleasure of listening to lectures from experts from very varied fields of business. Lars Miikki from Urban Mill was kind enough to tell the story and mission of the Urban Mill Innovation Platform (Public-Private-People-Partnership), and Mikael Virkki came to give a lecture about the global operations of Business Finland. Teijo Räsänen and Tommi Gustafsson from Innotiimi International Ltd Oy talked about their company, change leadership and the many different styles of leadership with real life examples, and Perttu Karjalainen from Entocube gave a lecture about the global environmental problems the food industry causes, and gave an introduction into a possible solution: edible insect farming.

All of the subjects were very interesting and got a lot of discussion going on among the students. None of the lecturers was spared from sharp questions. The students got real treats, since Perttu from Entocube brought some tastings from their own production: crickets! How yummy! For lunch, the students visited the beautiful Fat Lizard restaurant and bar, which was conveniently in a walking distance. There they enjoyed a company introduction and a buffet – and also some more crickets.

At the end of the day, the students had a workshop, where they discussed the day’s topics and presented their own ideas and thoughts about change management and modern trends in food industry.

All of the students enjoyed the day at Urban Mill greatly, and the facilities got many praises for their innovative and refreshing atmosphere. The students were impressed also on the fact that the surrounding Otaniemi is full of companies with the same start-up mindset as Urban Mill. Lars Miikki mentioned at least Urban Mill’s neighbours at Otaniemi Innovation Alley: Startup Sauna and Aalto Design Factory with all its innovative students. Such a creative place!

Thank you for the awesome day, Urban Mill!

Text and photos: Terhi Tammivirta, Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK).

Spanish Students from Mondragon Team Academy @ Urban Mill: WE WANT YOU TO MEET US!

This previous week just two young startups came to our Hub: Neemboo and 840 projects.

35 Spanish students from Mondragon Team Academy (MTA) are forming on the degree of Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (LEINN). The students have their home base in Urban Mill in Espoo Innovation Garden during the weeks in Finland.

As part of their degree, they will be spending a month and a half in Finland, learning about the Finnish market and economy in order to create a bridge between both countries and have a social impact. As well as, in order to learn more about its educational methodology, innovation processes and entrepreneurship.

For them to join our lovely community with a good step, they have decided to prepare an event for them to present us their learnings, by doing different projects they have and are working on since September. This Event will be taking place on Friday 23rd February at Urban Mill from 13:00 to 15:00 that will include a Spanish Food tasting for all the people that attend it. To be sure you get your place on this great event, you can confirm the attendance in here: https://goo.gl/forms/FivMwSfaMKvmgLli1

840 Projects

840 Projects mainly focus in the development of sustainable products that tries to fix the damage of one of the problems that has a big impact in the world right now, Over Consumption. For this, they have been working in projects like:

AATMA that means soul in Hindi, is a project that creates unique handbags that are made of recycled clothes that have a personal story that comes from the users of those cloths.

SadBoysClub have high quality hoodies with a exclusive and unique drops of limited new designs. This focuses more into everyone having their own unique style and at the same time feel that they are part of a community.


Neemboo is basically a close entrepreneurial enterprise of project management willing to learn more things everyday. They believe in innovative ways of helping people to change what they are used to, to motivate them to leave their comfort zone.

Closer and Hoop, with a sustainable style, are representing the authentic and simple design of comfortable accessories. They make sure that women’s empower is taken into account as well as equality and justice between all of us.

EXEX, with a brand new concept of exclusive experiences and products. It is platform that gives light to rural entrepreneurs that hold up great stories within them. It makes the customer feel this experience and focus on why they buy, making the world a more human place.

We encourage you to come and visit them! Do not hesitate to contact them:

840 Projects
+358 414722020

+358 46 5506376

Opiskelijoiden Water Hackathonin tuloksena vesiteemaisia verkkokarttasovelluksia

Water Hackathon -viikonloppu järjestettiin 27.-28.1. CGI:n tiloissa Helsingin Pitäjänmäessä ja se kokosi yhteen tietotekniikan, geoinformatiikan sekä vesi- ja ympäristötekniikan opiskelijoita. Viikonlopun aikana opiskelijat syventyivät tiimityöskentelyn kautta vastaamaan erilaisiin Suomen vesivarantoihin liittyviin haasteisiin. Tiimien työskentelyn tukena oli mentorien järjestämiä työpajoja sekä virkistäytymistä.

Water Hackathonin loppuhuipennus oli kurssin lopputilaisuus 2.2. Suomen ympäristökeskuksen isännöimänä Helsingin Töölössä. Tilaisuudessa poikkitieteelliset opiskelijaryhmät esittelivät työnsä tuloksia lyhyen pitchauksen kautta. Lopullisissa verkkokartoissa yhdistettiin innovatiivisesti erilaisia avoimia aineistoja, joita mm. Suomen ympäristökeskus tarjoaa.

Toggle Muikkus -ryhmän sovellus YourDayOut oli sekä tuomariston että yleisön suosikki. Sovellus tarjoaa käyttäjille mm. keinon löytää lähin uimaranta, jossa veden lämpötila, näkyvyys ja levätilanne sopivat uimakäyttöön. Hack Flood -ryhmän sovellus Floodwatch tarjoaa käyttäjille mahdollisuuden havaita tulvariskialueet tiestöllä, ilmoittaa tulvahavainnosta suoraan kartalle sekä seurata ajantasaista tulvatilannetta. G3-ryhmän sovelluksen Hydromapin avulla voi tarkastella Suomen järviä ja kuinka niiden olosuhteet ovat muuttuneet vuosien aikana vedenpinnan korkeuden, veden laadun, lämpötilan ja jäänpaksuuden suhteen. Vanda People -ryhmän Bypass Visualizer -sovellus näyttää missä ajassa jätevesilaitoksista ohitse päästettävän jäteveden konsentraatio laskee vesistöverkostossa.

Water Hackathon -kurssi järjestettiin yhteistyössä Aalto-yliopiston, Suomen ympäristökeskuksen, CGI:n ja Karttakeskuksen voimin.  Kurssi avattiin 19.1. vesi-, ohjelmointi- ja paikkatietoteemoihin orientoivalla luennolla Urban Millissä -> lue uutinen avauksesta.

Lue lisää ryhmien tuotoksista osoitteesta: http://www.karttakeskus.fi/water-hackathon/


Professori Henrik Haggrén

Teksti ja kuvat: Satu Räty, Laserkeilaustutkimuksen huippuyksikkö (SA), Rakennetun ympäristön mittauksen ja mallinnuksen instituutti, Rakennetun ympäristön laitos, Insinööritieteiden korkeakoulu, Aalto-yliopisto

Water Hackathon -kurssilla opiskelijat kehittävät Suomen vesivarantoihin liittyviä ratkaisuja

Aalto-yliopisto järjestää yhteistyössä Suomen ympäristökeskuksen, CGI:n ja Karttakeskuksen kanssa ainutlaatuisen Water Hackathon -kurssin, jossa opiskelijat kehittävät poikkitieteellisissä tiimeissä Suomen vesivarantoihin liittyviä ratkaisuja. Opiskelijat edustavat Aalto-yliopiston tietotekniikan, geoinformatiikan sekä vesi-ja ympäristötekniikan pääaineita.

Ratkaistavat ongelmat liittyvät esimerkiksi vesitilanteeseen, tulviin, veden laatuun, valuma-alueisiin ja vesistön käyttäjien palautteeseen. Opiskelijoiden käytössä on useita ohjelmistoja ja mm. Suomen ympäristökeskuksen tarjoamaa avointa dataa. Tiimit saavat kurssin aikana mentorointia alan ammattilaisilta, joista osa on itse ollut mukana voittamassa viime vuosina järjestettyjä avoimia hackathoneja.

Kurssi avattiin pe 19.1. vesi-, ohjelmointi- ja paikkatietoteemoihin orientoivalla luennolla Urban Millillä. Itse hackathon-viikonloppu järjestetään 27.-28.1. Lue lisää Water Hackathonista osoitteesta: http://www.karttakeskus.fi/water-hackathon/


Professori Henrik Haggrén