Webinar: Virtual Power Teams – how to deliver faster!

Join this new webinar produced by Webakatemia.fi in collaboration with Urban Mill:

Peter Ivanov is an International Manager, Bestselling Author and Virtual Teams Expert. His method “Virtual Power Teams” – “The 10 Big Rocks” is proven in practice and has won multiple corporate awards.

9.5.2019 at 10:00 – 11:30

Build Virtual Power Teams and deliver Outstanding Results!

Virtual, remote or dispersed teams are everywhere – starting with a large global teams. Often projects with dispersed teams struggle with delays or even sometimes completely fail. International investments at risk of intercultural issues.

For who?

Senior Managers of Virtual Teams, HR Managers, L&D Managers, Project Managers, Team Leads, Coaches and Consultants and Entrepreneurs willing to extend their skills to leading virtual, remote and distributed teams. Ideal Add to existing Agile and Scrum certifications.

Course will be held in English. Lecturer Peter Ivanov is online. If you will attend webinar at Urban Mill, Otaniemi Espoo, you may ask your questions also in Finnish.

Webinar hosting by Mr Kari Mikkelä, Producer at Urban Mill.

All registered will get recorded webinar and course materials to their email afterwards.

For more information, prices and to register: https://webakatemia.fi/koulutus/virtual-power-teams-how-to-deliver-faster/


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