Some tastings from Korn & Pine: The Typology of Human Capability – Meet Kim live in Espoo Innovation Garden at 21.4.2015

Urban Mill arranges a workshop with Kim Korn Tue 21.4.2015 in Espoo Innovation Garden. The initial workshop theme is ”Regenerative Managing in Businesses, Public Organisations and NGOs”.

We take 2-3 complementary groups to this pioneering and concpet creating workshop and refine the final content according to the profile of participants. If you are interested about this first wave possibility in Europe, please contact us asap:

Here are some pre-tastings from Korn & Pine:

A New Guide to Rethinking the Potential for Digital Experience Offerings

Kim C. Korn and B. Joseph Pine II

”To create significant advances in customer value in today’s increasingly turbulent world requires constant focus on innovation. The two-phase management process involves discovering new ways of creating such value through creative exploration, and then exploiting those discoveries in the crucible of the marketplace. In the digital era, the exploration of value creation has benefited from many ingenious new ideas – customer experiences, mass customization, co-creation of unique value, design thinking, open innovation and others. Nowadays the reach of digital technology exceeds our grasp, opening new vistas of human experience, and commercial opportunity.”

To further the exploration of the fusion of human experience and digital technology, we offer another innovation framework that can be used to identify new customer value and develop potential new business models. This framework, the Typology of Human Capability, illuminates the potential uses for technology across four dimensions of human experience. Viewing value creation possibilities with this typology can help companies tap the infinite possibility inherent in today’s digital technology. Understanding this linkage between technology, human capability, and value creation can also boost a firm’s creative capabilities.”

Read the whole article from here.


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