Kim Korn: ”If you do not plan on thriving forever, then you are going to fail eventually.”

Urban Mill’s collaborative partner Kim Korn writes about Self-regenerating enterprise on his new site:

”Nothing guarantees your company’s success, short-term or long-term, but most of what companies do today guarantees their eventual failure.

As an enterprise leader today, you need to create a self-regenerating enterprise if you expect it to sustain its vitality. And only regnerative managing produces regenerative enterprises. Only with regenerative managing can you respond effectively – with ongoing vitality – to the intense threats and abundant opportunities your organization faces. Adopt regenerative managing, your antidote for conventional management that will drive you to mediocrity every time its used.s leader today, your company faces an unparalleled combination of raging competition on the one hand and infinite possibility on the other. But if you are employing conventional managing practices, your company will not thrive in such conditions.”

Create Advantage offers seminars, workshops, and consulting engagements to help your organisation become capable of thriving indefinitely in today’s dynamic times.  Urban Mill is prepared to bring these possibilities to Finland too.

More importantly for you, at this moment, Kim’s site offers you a wealth of knowledge for managing effectively. Take a moment to learn how to quit fighting a loosing battle with managing with command & control to see how embracing meaning & orchestration brings the full potential of people to bear on thriving forever.

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