Aalto student’s extraction experiment at Urban Mill – 70 kilograms of urban honey yielded!

Aalto Test Site is a student community started by the students at Aalto University. The aim of the community is to give a space for students to experiment with different projects. One of the projects that started this year is the beekeeping project, where students want to increase the presence of bees as pollinators in urban environments.

Urban Mill offered to be a part of the project by offering the use of their spaces for the students to the honey extraction. Since the beehives are in the Otaniemi campus, the Urban Mill was a great place for the students to do the honey extraction process. This also opened the opportunity for another student beekeeper to join the efforts to do the honey extraction at the same time.

The honey extraction workshop was opened to the community around it and it was joined by a total of 10 people. During the process, the participants learned how to uncap the capped honey frames, how to put the honey frames in the extractor and how to do the extracting. At the end of the day, the result of the workshop was 70 kilograms of honey extraction.

Read more about The Test Site: http://acs.aalto.fi/category/test-site/

Text: Art Maloku
Photos: Festa Isufi

Welcome to annual Design Factory Bootcamp – Pitch & Lunch on Fri April 13th

Invitation from Aalto Design Factory:

Dear colleagues & friends of ADF,

Design Factory Bootcamp, the annual event that brings together universities interested in learning about the Design Factory-model, is approaching again. We hope you join us for the DF Bootcamp Pitches & Community Lunch. So come and meet the DF Bootcamp Class of 2018 and hear them pitch their Design Factory-related experiments. Your feedback, as always, is highly appreciated and encouraged

Fri April 13th @ Aalto Design Factory
11:30 – 12:30

12:30 – 14:00

Community Lunch

Sign-up by March 30th at https://goo.gl/forms/NcSvlsiOpUkTAWAJ3

On behalf of the Bootcamp team

Viljami Lyytikäinen (Viltsu)
Design Factory Global Network
Aalto University

DF Bootcamp is a week-long intensive hands-on experience of the DF-concept. The participating institutions from the around the world spend a week living, breathing and experiencing the Aalto Design Factory. With the help of DF experts, lectures and workshops they will plan their own experiments related to interdisciplinary teaching & learning.

More info about the DF Bootcamp: https://www.dfbootcamp.aalto.fi

Urban Living Labs: Engagement, Exploration, Experiments, Evaluation and Entrepreneurs!

Shake up an Urban System:  Disruption – Tranformation – Sustainability!
A short (7 mins) film introducing Urban Living Labs looking at 5 key criteria – engagement, exploration, experiments, evaluation and entrepreneurs. Visit www.urbanlivinglabs.net for more information.

Share your knowledge through the WIKI on Urban Living Labs!
A wiki dedicated to gathering, developing and sharing knowledge and experiences of urban living labs – sites devised to design, test and learn from social and technical innovation in real time and real places. We hope the wiki develops over time into a resource and inspiration on urban living labs. We have engaged researchers and practitioners to contribute to the wiki.