Aalto Global Impact and Aalto Sustainability Hub invite to Asian Studies Days 2018, Oct 17-18 at A Grid

Asian Studies Days 2018

Tackling sustainability challenges of runaway urbanization and water shortages

What can be done to make future megacities sustainable? How to guarantee resources like access to water for tens of millions urban dwellers? Asian Studies Days takes on sustainable development challenges of urbanization in Asia on October 17–18 at Aalto University.

The Finnish University Network for Asian Studies has organized Asian Studies Days annually since 2010. The event provides a national platform for discussions and networking in Asian studies. It brings together a wide community of people from the academia, business, public administration and civil society with a shared interest in Asia. In 2018, the Asian Studies Days will be arranged at Aalto University by Aalto Global Impact and Aalto Sustainability Hub. FinCEAL Plus project provides financial support for the event.


Please register to Asian Studies Days 2018 through this Webropol link.

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