Intrusion detection in the 3D space demo at Urban Mill

The intrusion detection in the 3D space function provided by XTrust and built within the D-SenS project is shown as a live and permament demo till the end of august 2014 at the Urban Mill.

The intrusion detection in the 3D space application has been thought principally for asset protection, but its presence at the Urban Mill may sugggest different applications, for instance in the area of safety. Urban Mill brings togheter the research and innovation actors of built environment development, ubiquitous & responsive city ICT, urban services and urban life transformation.

XTrust is a consortium member of the EU funded project: ”Depth Sensing Systems for People Safety”. D-SenS is a research project founded by EU for the benefit of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). The D-Sens-project is aimed to provide a common technology platform together with some of the principal European research institutes. By developing more accurate and robust computer vision (CV) systems with the use of depth sensor in addition to regular cameras we aim to create some innovative but “market ready” applications.

The Project Objectives

Sensing in depth is going to be the next generation for machine vision applications. It is not just about detecting, tracking of a lot of different objects in changing environment.

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