Try Mindfulness meditation in Urban Mill at PDP Gala 4.9.2020

Announcement for PDP Gala 2020 visitors from Urban Mill ecosystem actor network: Experience how mindfulness practices make difference in the state of your mind and learn how mindfulness can support your team.

4 different practices á 30 min: 11:00, 11:30, 12.00, 12:30

Urban Mill, Betonimiehenkuja 3E, Otaniemi, Espoo, Finland

An innovative mind and good communication work best when there is just a moderate amount of stress, when one feels him/herself safe. This is something that you can improve with mindfulness-meditations. You may practice these meditations privately or as a team.

Well experienced, professional mindfulness teacher Erja Lahdenperä, Helsinki Mindfulness will guide these meditations.

Fri 4.9.2020 – 4 different exercises

At 11.00 Body and breathing.
Calming down the nerve system, helping brains to become more open and observative. You might notice that you are finding solutions more easily.

At 11.30 Meditation of the sounds.
Opens the mind to observe the ”bigger picture”, perhaps also a different point of view.

At 12.00 Body and breathing with the difficult sensations in our body
One learns how to be with the problematic moments. Staying there calmly gives you an opportunity to notice the way out instead of pretending that the difficulty doesn’t exist.

At 12.30 Body scanning
Helps to calm down and to become close to yourself. Helps to improve emotional intelligence and gives a way to recognize the hints of intuition.

Be at the place in time because we will close the door when we start.

You may come only for one meditation or you may like to try them all.

Give yourself, your body, brains and heart this experience. You will notice the difference.

See you at PDP Gala!