Join EDU Talks about Radical Creativity at DDW in Zoom today 22.10. at 12:30 (Finnish time)

European Design Upgrade (EDU) Day at Dutch Design Week DDW 2020

LIVE STREAM NOW: EDU Talks about Radical Creativity!
Today 22.10.2020 in Zoom at 12:30 (EETS)


12: 30-14: 00 EDU TALKS. Radical Creativity. How can we break the borders?

Some potential debate points
• What is Radical design?  Everything needs to become Radical?
• What is Boundary crossing Creativity?
• Building bridges between countries and people – how to implement it in design communities?
• How to co-create over boundaries (social, economical, technological, cultural, environmental, political or legal)?
• How does serendipity take place in virtual collaborations?
• Creative Collaboration within multidisciplinary and multicultural teams?
• Creative Solutions for Global challenges – synchronous and asynchronous cocreation?
• Creativity within the universe – leaving the earth?



As part of the European Design Upgrade (EDU) initiative, Urban Mill in collaboration with KFund and Creative Brussels organized an Online hackathon on 28-30th of August, 2020. EDU programme included three stages starting with online courses from mid-June onwards, leading to a hackathon at the end of August, after which, the best teams received an opportunity to get visibility during Dutch Design Week in October, 2020.

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