Join 6th‭ ‬Global Future Center Summit Copenhagen‭ + ‬Malmo‭ + ‬Lund‭ 6-8th May 2018!

The theme of this Summit is Bridges: Co-Creating Impact Across Borders.

In this nomadic, three-day prototyping Lab, we will visit and experience several world class Future Centers and Innovation Centers to explore and co-create new ways to drive impact in diverse settings, using insights and learnings from the places we visit, the Future Center operating principles, and the multi-intelligence that you and other participants bring.

The Summit is like a pop-up prototyping lab, testing new ways of thinking and working, using real world challenges as an agenda, and real world locations as our playing field. Themes we expect to explore include:

  • How to leverage cross-cultural diversity, creativity and passion for societal change
  • How to use a visioning process to bring 2050 up close and personal
  • How to orchestrate cross border collaboration to deal with boundary-spanning issues
  • Wise places: How to create 3rdgeneration Future Centers which put knowledge into practice and strive to achieve wisdom

Each Future Center Summit is a journey, and for the first time this Future Center Summit will be a cross-border journey both geographically and metaphorically.

Download Summit flyer from here (pdf)

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