Tomorrow 19th Oct: The annual ME310 Paper Bike Race at 16:00 at Alvarinaukio in Otaniemi

ME310 Aalto Paperbike Epic Race will be held on the 19th of October @ Alvarin Aukio. Everyone is invited to come and see our cool bikes!

The Paper Bike rally is a challenge given every year in the beginning of the ME310 – Global Design Innovation course taught at Aalto Design Factory.

Teams of 3-4 students are given two weeks to build a ”bike” (essentially any vehicle) made almost entirely out of paper products and compete in a given challenge.

This year, the challenge is an race where the teams face many of the hazards of cycling. The paper vehicles will go toe to toe around a track with varying obstacles, with the goal of completing the race in the last amount of time.

Students will first compete in qualifying heats to gather points to earn a place in the final, where they will then race one-on-one to decide the 2017 champion!

See you there to see some awesome designs and cheer the teams on!


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