Enroll for Aaltoes Demo Down Workshop day and Competition at Startup Sauna 30.1. & 31.1.

  • WHAT: Aaltoes Demo Down
  • WHERE: Startup Sauna, Betonimiehentie 3 D, Espoo
  • WHEN:
    • 30.1 Workshop for startups from 17.00-21.00
    • 31.1 Main event:
      • Doors open at 18.00 Competition begins at 18.30
      • Food, Drinks and Networking from 20.00 till 22.00
  • WHO: Early stage startups and everyone wanting to learn about them
  • WHY: Cos Finland’s startup ecosystem needs something for early-stage startups! COST: FREE!

Have you ever thought telling about your fresh business idea to someone or are you interested in hearing about them? Well you’re in luck as Aaltoes is launching a new pitching evening in January. Startup Sauna will transform into an arena for innovative new ideas on 31st of January with four judges and an explosive crowd evaluating your demo.

Workshop day (30.1)

To help our startups prepare for the main event, Will Martin will host a workshop the day before (Monday 30.1) to give enough time for polishing pitches and working on stage presence. Each startup will receive expert guidance on how to make the most of their three-minute time to shine (e.g. overcoming stage fright, handling the judg…es and networking after the competition).

Our honorable panel of judges includes, for example, the seasoned Mike Bradshaw from Solu Machines and investor Jakob Storå from Superhero Capital. They will determine who wins private consulting from the judges to boost their company further and learn a thing or two.

Food, drinks and networking will also be served after the competition. We only have room for eight startups to present their idea and receive valuable feedback for their product so apply quickly and prepare your three-minute pitch!

Startups enroll in (Deadline Thursday 26. January): https://goo.gl/forms/ukF9UVc51OLAxLfN2

For more information contact:

  • ville.kamppari@aaltoes.com
  • niko.porkholm@aaltoes.com
  • ville.v.vuorenmaa@aaltoes.com
  • kaarlo.kohonen@aaltoes.com


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