Innovators from Germany experienced Urban Mill and invite to join Smart City Co-creative Network meetups in Berlin

“Last week we accidentally stumbled into Urban Mill (while visiting our design thinking colleagues at Design Factory) to find ourselves in a future vision of our own young startup in Berlin.

We -Tassilo & Mehdi- from SechsGrad do and spark user-centric innovation for smart city projects. Since november we are free to work for ourselves full-time, and our network is constantly expanding, as every week we host an open workshop on a different smart city topic.

So when Lars Miikki received us and showed us around at Urban Mill, we experienced how this approach can lead to such an awesome place of co-creation.


Not only did we gain a lot of self-confidence for our own project from that conversation, but also could enjoy the Finnish way of being friendly, open and efficient at the same time. Kiitos, Lars! We hope and work for future cooperation. And if anyone interested in smart cities and human-centered innovation comes to Berlin, you are most welcome to join one of our meetups:

All the best,

Tassilo Weber & Mehdi Javadi”


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