First warning for the Product Design Gala: Friday 22nd May 2015

Kalevi Ekman, Aalto Design Factory:

Dear Partners, Colleagues, Friends,

first warning for the Product Design Gala 2015!

On Friday 22nd  May, doors are open 9am-17pm at Design Factory & Urban Mill.

Free entrance – everyone is welcome. Share the invitation!

You will get familiar with learning projects of AT Skate, ABB, ACE, Airbus, Audi, Comnet and Ericsson, Espoo, Fortum, GE, Kone, Konecranes, Lindström, Norpe, Stalatube, Togapix, Unicef, Valmet, Wärtsilä, and Yonder.

Prototypes, teams and sponsor representatives are all present. (detailed programme tba)

Mark in your calendar – or we will miss you!

BR, Eetu



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