Inspiring evening on Fear of Failure in Urban Cave – with IDBM Klubi and IMPROVment

What’s stopping you from making your coolest ideas happen? What can improve teach you about innovation, team work or failure? What happens in our mind when we are afraid of failing – or once we think we failed?

With the lead of Jani Turku from IMPROVment, a bunch of students from the multidisciplinary International Design Business Management program spent an inspiring evening at Urban Mill on January 15 discussing and experiencing the fear of failure by mechanisms of improvisation and creativity It was an evening with a lot of laughing, great discussions and relaxed atmosphere!

Most participants had not been at Urban Mill before and were excited to see the space, too.

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The event was organized by IDBM Klubi ry in collaboration with Jani Turku from IMPROVment and Urban Mill. IDBM Klubi ry ( is an organization for International Design Business Management ( students, alumni and other like-minded people.

Jani Turku is an IDBM alumnus, Certified Applied Improvisation Practitioner and Business Coach. His company IMPROVment ( helps organizations to boost productivity, creativity and individuals’ skills by offering an opportunity for experiential learning in an interactive, safe, fun and lively atmosphere.

The space for the event was sponsored jointly by Urban Mill and TEK Uusimaa regional office, which pilot new community space services in Otaniemi.


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