Aalto Sustainable Business Club elects new board for 2020

A successful year for Aalto University’s Sustainable Business Club ended in the Fall meeting and elections on Monday 09.12.2019. The election ensured that the club will continue to be active in engaging members with sustainability-themed events for the coming year.

The meeting took place in Urban Mill, where the existing board met alongside candidates for the next board. 8 people attended the meeting, with another 2 board candidates leaving video applications for board member positions in their absence.

Aalto SBC would like to thank Urban Mill for their kindness in hosting the event, and congratulate the newly-elected board!

You can follow all upcoming events and activities of the Sustainable Business Club on the following Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AaltoSBC

More information: Matthew Hill, Aalto SBC Vice President, matthew.hill@aalto.fi

Text and photo: Aalto SBC


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