BioGarage Opening 27 Sep at Aalto Design Factory!

Invitation sent by SynBio Powerhouse:

BioGarage Opening
27 Sep, 13:30 – 17:00
Aalto Design Factory Stage
Betonimiehenkuja 5 C, Otaniemi, Espoo


The new BioGarage at Aalto Design Factory offers students, young researchers and everybody interested the opportunity to test wild ideas and experiment freely using synthetic biology and related technologies in a GMO-lab environment.

Open-minded and cross disciplinary science is key to unlocking the potential that nature has to offer. Engineering biology enables the sustainable use of waste streams and CO2 as a carbon building blocks for synthesis of materials, food, fuels, chemicals and medicines.

Join us to hear how grassroot science can foster innovation and start-up creation! Our inspiring keynote speakers are:

You will also have the opportunity to visit our lab space and see a live demonstration of DNA by this year’s iGEM teams.

BioGarage is a Synbio Powerhouse initiative sponsored by Jenny ja Antti Wihuri Foundation. Other supporters include Aalto University, VTT, Sitra Fund.


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