Kick scooter sharing pilot concludes on a high note in Otaniemi by Samocat Sharing

Samocat Sharing Oy, with the introduction of Kick-scooter sharing system, the ”most compact public transport” want to add another option for users in their transportation choices by solving the last mile problem. The research focused on understanding stakeholders’ collaboration, required business model and user behavior & experience over a three-month pilot in Otaniemi, Espoo Innovation Garden in Finland.

The Pilot kicked off in the beginning of September 2017 and ended in November 2017. The results of the pilot are now published in a report found here:

Samocat sharing Oy, an international start-up with Russian roots are developing the kick-scooter sharing system as an ideal last mile public transport for urban areas. Samocat sharing consists of a dynamic team of individuals experts in varied fields operating from Moscow, Russia and Espoo, Finland.

City of Espoo, ACRE (Aalto University Campus and Real Estate, TEKES (Tekes, 2017) and Aalto University student union (AYY) are partners with Samocat. Urban mill is the workspace provider with logistics and networking support. Helsinki business hub (HBH) is the consultants who worked from the beginning throughout the pilot.

Focus group for the pilot have been Aalto University students, staff and Corporate employees around Otaniemi area. Six locations around Aalto University campus was set up for the pilot.

Read more about the team’s conclusions:

Mobility as a service is positively altering the transport behaviour of users.
Elements such as digitised services, secure payments and combination of multiple
transport providers in one platform gives user an easy and powerful medium to fulfill their transport needs. Due to this, use of personal vehicles in on a lower side and ride sharing, car pooling, bike sharing and more use of public transport can be seen across countries.

Samocat sharing kick scooter service being the newest member of MaaS adhere to
all these qualities with adding important features such as compactness and
uninterrupted multimodal transport.

Three month pilot for Samocat sharing was the first opportunity to test the system in real conditions but most importantly it was the direct interaction with the end users so we can take the learnings forward and build the most user centered public transport. Continuous user engagement helped us modify our mobile application exactly according to user needs as well as helpline calls and feedback emails will help us modify our overall system to get higher user satisfaction for next version.

Seeing the enthusiasm of the users and their desire to have many more stations
around the Aalto campus and other parts of Helsinki capital region is our greatest

We are working hard to build our electric kick scooter system which is expected to be out at the end of this year. Electric version will help users reach their destination
faster and cover longer distances.

We are actively looking for sponsors and investors to build 40+ station who could
use our kick scooters and stations for advertisement and help us cover our
operations cost up to some extent.

For more information:
Anant Shiv, Operations Manager
Samocat Sharing Oy, Espoo, Finland

Text and photos: Samocat Sharing Oy


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