Invitation to BA Service Design Project Course Final presentation on 6th of April

Photos: Service design concept of the digital mobility application for Otaniemi campus students. Authors: Decirée Bruce, Tuomas Jussila, Eero Pehkonen, Lauri Rinkinen, Irma Savolainen

You are kindly invited to the Final presentation of this year BA Service Design Project Course which will be on

6th of April at 9:00 in the Arabia Campus, at Hämeentie 135 C Helsinki, 8th floor, room 857  

This year the theme was Mobility as a Service where students were working on four different projects related to mobility for lead users, young families in suburban areas and students studying in Otaniemi.

The event will have the following timetable:

  • 9:00 Welcome and course introduction
  • 9:05 Group 1: Car sharing services for lead users (Tumps)
  • 9:35 Group 2: Mobility services for young families in Espoo (Easy Everything)
  • 10:05 Group 3: Mobility application for Otaniemi Campus students (OtaReach)
  • 10:35 Group 4: Future mobility services for lead users (Fumo) in SINCO Lab (8th Floor)
  • 11:05 Discussion
  • 11:15 Finnish

Each group will have 20 minutes for presentation and there will be 10 minutes for feedback.

You are more than welcome. Do not hesitate to forward this invitation to people that this event might be of interest.

Kind regards,

Dr. Helena Sustar, Course lecturer, Postdoctoral Researcher, Aalto University  School of Art, Design and Architecture, Department of Design


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