Product Design Gala 2015, 22.5.2015 at Design Factory & Urban Mill

Are business, design, engineering or innovations close to your heart?

If yes, or even if this is not the case (yet), you are more than welcome to join the annual Product Design Gala and fall in love with the results of our interdisciplinary Product Development Project -teams!

The teams have been working hard for the whole year to complete their design challenges given by industrial companies and other collaborating parties. In the public exhibition, you’ll have the possibility to get familiar with the teams as well as with their amazing prototypes. So save the date and see you in May!

This year the teams were sponsored by the following companies: ABB, Airbus, Audi, City of Espoo, Comnet/Ericsson, Fortum, GE Healthcare, Innovamo, KONE, Konecranes, Lindström, Norpe, Stalatube, Unicef, Valmet and Wärtsilä.

In addition, we have three student teams working on their own ideas and pursuing their dreams: All Terrain Skateboard, Yonder and Duckter.

09.00 Doors open – the exhibition starts!
13.00 Couple of chosen presentations @Stage
17.00 The exhibition ends.

More details concerning the Gala and this year’s projects, you’ll find from the PdP website –


All you need is Love, Design, Business and Engineering!


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