Urban Mill’s video greeting for Opening seremony of the Joint Lab for Intelligent Services Embedded in Everyday Life (ISEEL), Shanghai, China 27.11.2014

(sorry, narration dropped from the video, here’s it in text format)

Greetings from Urban Mill at Espoo Innovation Garden! I’m Kari Mikkelä, executive producer of our Open Innovation platform, co-creation community and ecosystem service.

We host Active Life Village and its Home as-a Service Platform demo site. Its part of our mission to accelerate urban innovations. We bridge physical and digital spaces. In our startup and prototyping network are more than 50 actors.

We partner with City of Espoo, Aalto University and Finnish Build environment business cluster. Thus more than 25.000 users, 4000 visitors, 1000 events, 500 pioneers and 100 digital tests have been active during the last 1,5 years. Active Life Village has been a perfect  partner for us.

We welcome new global actors to our ecosystem. Our doors are open for co-creation and joint business activities. Welcome to Urban Mill.


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