Register now: EDU2020 Online Hackathon for Creatives and Startups 28-30 August 2020

Tomorrow Mon 10.8.2020 we will introduce 21 hackathon challenges provided by startups and design teams from Finland, Ukraine and Belgium! Please all creative minds register before 17.8.2020 to the virtual European Design Upgrade Hackathon 28.-30.8.2020 and help us to co-create solution concepts for those challenges! #EDU #edupgrade #creativeeurope #urbanmill #kfund #creativebrussels #espoo #kiev #brussels #sdg #EU

Globally open EDU2020 Online Hackathon for Creatives and Startups is organized by EDU: European Design Upgrade: Transnational Capacity Building consortia and co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

For more information about the EDU programme can be found

Preparatory Design programme online courses during June-July can be viewed from


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