Brand new Aalto Artificial Intelligence Society (AAIS) calls for members, partners and sponsors

A number of students interested in artificial intelligence (AI) gathered to Urban Mill last week to discuss how to promote and develop the know-how of AI within Aalto University. The students found it important to set up an association to support the aims.

The founding meeting of Aalto Artificial Intelligence Society, in Finnish Aallon Tekoälyseura, was held in Urban Mill on Feb 6th.

The purpose of the association is to unite Aalto University students and other people interested in artificial intelligence and to promote artificial intelligence especially within the student communities. In addition, the association supports its members’ interest in artificial intelligence and the development of it.

The society plans to organise excursions, study circles, courses, hackathons and competitions, collect and transmit information on artificial intelligence, and collaborate with other associations and implement various projects related to the subject area.

AAIS now calls for more members as well as partners and industrial sponsors who would like to get in contact with AI students and collaborate and support the development of AI in the Aalto ecosystem.

For more information, contact: Perttu Yli-Opas,, +358 44 9765 669,

The new society is registered as a local association member of Urban Mill Innovation Platform.


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