Introducing the most compact last mile transport solution, come and try it in Otaniemi!

Download our app beforehand in your smartphone by the name “Samocat sharing”

Samocat sharing, located at Urban Mill is delivering the most compact last mile transport solution.

Next time for your ride from Bus stop to home or vice versa, check around your corners and maybe you will find a cool kick scooter stand 😊

Walking is good but kick scootering saves time as well as the body gets the necessary workout too 😊

Currently operating around Aalto University in Otaniemi with six stations. Please drop by to test the service.

Our application is the main source of interaction with our service. Please download: “Samocat Sharing” from app store and play store.

For more information

Happy Kick scootering…

Samocat                                                                             Photos: Samocat Sharing


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