Helsinki ranked as 9. in the Future of Urban Mobility 2.0 Study

Arthur D. Little, the Global Management Consultancy,
launched its “Future of Urban Mobility” lab in 2010 and in
2011 released its first global study highlighting the
mobility challenges cities face on a worldwide basis. This
report introduced the first Arthur D. Little Urban Mobility
Index, which assessed the mobility maturity and
performance of 66 cities worldwide, and triggered high
interest within the mobility industry and in the media on a
global scale.

January 2014 sees Arthur D. Little release the second
version of the “Future of Urban Mobility” study, including
an updated version of the Urban Mobility Index, with an
extended scope of 84 cities worldwide as well as an
extended set of criteria. The index finds most cities are
still badly equipped to cope with the challenges ahead
indicating there is still significant potential for

Arthur D. Little highlights what is holding cities back, and,
together with its partner the UITP – the International
Association of Public Transport – identifies three strategic
directions for cities to better shape the future of urban
mobility. The study also describes 25 imperatives to
consider when defining sustainable urban mobility
policies and case studies of cities demonstrating good

Helsinki ranked as 9. out of 84 worldwide cities

Helsinki: 53.2 points, 9 out of 84 worldwide (ex aequo with
London), 7 out of 19 in Western Europe

The world’s most dense cycle-lane network can be found in
Helsinki, which has a total of 1,000 km of segregated bike
lanes, or 4,678km per thousand square kilometers of city
area. One innovation, the 1.3 km Baana pathway for cyclists
and pedestrians, was used by 320,000 cyclists in one sixmonth
period in 2012. The city also boasts a high penetration
of its HSL Travel Card at 0.9 cards per capita, with the result
that Helsinki has a low concentration of both NO2 and PM10.

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