Open Finland 2014 exhibits the ties of open data

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16.4.2014 12.40

Next autumn, the Prime Minister’s Office and its cooperation partners will organise a major event focusing on open data and its uses. The “Open Finland 2014” event will be held in Wanha Satama, Helsinki, on 15–16 September.

Open Finland 2014 is to present the opportunities that open data provides for citizens and organisations, businesses, sciences, research, learning and for better decisions and smoothly running central and local government administration.

The event will seek answers to the following question: ”Why is it important to have and use open data?” The event will also provide concrete examples and tools in answer to the question: ”How can we make use of open data?”

By opening up data resources, we can increase transparency and the openness of activities. Open data is freely available, reusable, refinable and distributable.

The event supports the objectives of the Government Report on the Future, which focuses on well-being based on sustainable growth. The Finnish society provides countless opportunities for setting up open data businesses and creating crowdsourcing-based services. The public sector can boost sustainable development through the open-minded promotion of agile and experimental activities.

The main partners of the Prime Minister’s Office in the organisation of the event: Ministry of Transport and Communications, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of the Environment, Aalto University, Centre for Open Source Software (COSS), open ministry, Forum Virium Helsinki, Finnish National Archives, National Land Survey of Finland, Open Knowledge Finland, Sitra, Finnish Youth Co-operation – Allianssi, Tekes, Consultative Committee for Public Information and Finnish Information Society Development Centre – Tieke. The event is produced by Tapahtumantekijät.

Opportunities and success stories

The event will bring together businesses, civil society organisations, researchers, administration and decision-makers. The participants will be challenged to take up open data, explore crowdsourcing and promote openness and opportunities for applying open data. The aim of the event is to gain exposure to the opportunities provided by the use of open data, share Finnish success stories and create new open data opportunities. The programme will consist of international and national addresses, discussions, open workshops and videos about expertise, challenges and opportunities.

The exhibition stands will provide information on open data from all sectors of society. Through the event website,, you may propose success stories from Finland to be taken up in the addresses, videos and stands.

Registration will begin at the end of April via the event website. The programme will be published in May and updated between June and August after the themes of the addresses and exhibition stands have been confirmed.

Open Finland 2014 on the internet

Open Finland 2014 website:
Twitter: #avoin2014

Inquiries: Timo Lankinen, chair of the project steering group, Permanent State Under-Secretary, tel. +358 295 160 300 and Anne Miettinen, Ministerial Adviser, anne.miettinen(at), tel. +358 295 160 196, Prime Minister’s Office

Open Finland 2014 website
More information about the project and contact details
Government report on the Future ”Well-being based on sustainable growth”


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