ISJ Special Issue on Smart Cities

Dear all,

We were inspired by the World Bank Smart City Guidebook initiative and related session during the European Network of Living labs summer school in Manchester*, therefore, together with EnoLL Laurea promoted researchers and practitioners to write about Smart Cities and related issues (e.g. eHealth or other eServices and solutions), and surprisingly many friends responded.

We are now proud to introduce the results to you. The ISJ special issue on Smart Cities has been published. You can find the whole publication behind this link . The ENoLL Guidebook together with the World Bank will follow later this year.

Articles introducing Uusimaa and Oulu smart city cases and related research will support us when promoting our own cities and smart solutions in Brussels and elsewhere. Also, trough the ISJ Smart Cities publication we get a chance to learn from others and we don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Based on cities’ challenges, it is our joint aim to improve services for citizens in a cooperative manner. Whenever useful we aim to improve these services through fruitful collaboration with international partners. Given that Finland lives from export, joint international RDI projects are economical means to help Finnish companies to gain access into and benefit from the European and global markets.

”With this special issue on Smart Cities Laurea, together with the European Network of Livingiabs (ENoLL) wants to support those developing their cities and regions or serving their citizens, public, organizations and firms both in Europe and elsewhere. Moreover the purpose of this ISJ number is to provide reference material for the Smart City Guidebook and extended material for the Guidebook users. The Guidebook will be published in 2014 by the World Bank and ENoLL. The contributions in this unrefereed special issue stem from both academics and practitioners in companies and public organizations both within and outside the ENoLL community.”

With best regards

Guest Editor Tuija Hirvikoski
Director at Laurea
European Network of LivingLabs council member

Click to access ISJ_vol%203_no%204_web_Smart%20Cities.pdf


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