First Catchbox pre-order done by Urban Mill! Order your own now!

Catchbox is a professional wireless microphone. The device communicates with a receiver (included) that can be connected to any sound system. To avoid unwanted noises when being thrown around, internal electronics sense the motion of the cube and switch off the audio when it is caught, thrown,or dropped.


The Catchbox got started more than one year ago at Aalto University, Finland. After seeing countless lectures and conferences where it was difficult to ask audience members questions, the founders decided something had to be done.  Product developers at heart, the team set about to create the world’s first throwable microphone that could be easily passed from one audience member to the next, making events more engaging and fun!

To develop the product, the company went through countless iterations, testing early prototypes at over 100 events, including large conferences and lectures.  After seeing which features, technologies, and form factors worked the best, the final design has finally been chosen and Catchbox is now ready for Pre-Orders. Order now, the first batch is only 500 units!

If you want to test the Catchbox before ordering, come and test it at an Urban Mill event.


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