Russian delegation visited 10.-11.10. 2013 Innovation Garden

We got mail from St. Petersburg:

Thank you for your support!

I would like to thank all Urban Mill guys and especially Kari Mikkelä for help in arranging visit of our high level delegation from Russia. First of all thank’s for showing around Urban Mill, Startup Sauna and Design Factory – we really saw a lot of interesting and new things for us, and all members of our group were really impressed and liked the inspiring atmosphere that was in the air!

I’m also grateful for arranging meetings with top level authorities of Espoo and other assistance you provided, even if it wasn’t directly related to Urban Mill. It is very nice to have business with so open minded and helpful people and we will start to co-operate really close within next few months, because you really opened our eyes how we can combine our projects with possibilities you have in Otaniemi and get excellent results with creative approach.

Kind regards,

Kirill Rinne, Pras Group Ltd. (


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